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HELLO: Sassy Is Here

Hey there..

It's been so very long since I've been here and I'm very ashamed of myself that I let my beautiful, amazing, patient blog readers down 😑😑

So much has happened and by the Grace of God I have been able to survive it all. He gave me the strength to pull through and still see reasons to live and smile. So on that note.. I want to come back doing what i love... Writing!

Motherhood is the hardest thing ever! And I applaud strong women who have been able to keep their respective jobs and still run their homes perfectly. Marriage is a different ball game on it's own, God have mercy 😂. I want to come back but who will be here to read? Do I still have any follower(s)? I'm so sad I messed it all up and my sweet followers gave up on me 😔.

Well I wish wherever you all are, I hope all of you are doing great and enjoying life? Life is sweet sha, try to make the most of it. Love you guys till eternity 😘

Sassy Mum


Jeffery Knights;

My name is Jeffery Knights, 30 years of age and I am what you call a billionaire. Ever since i was born, i was molded by my father, the great Edward Knights of 'The Knights International' to be a great man.
Why? because i would one day rule over the Knights fortune in the future. That gave me little time for frivolous lifestyle. I had little or no friends, i had everything money could buy while growing and i also had the best tutors in language and academics.

I learned to speak a whole lot of languages, I had graduated in Business Administration from Harvard University five years ago when i was 25 and since then i have devoted my life to running the family business. 

Just recently i had taken my father's place as The Executive President of 'The Knights International'. A multi-billion dollar world IT company, one of the best in the world actually. So therefore, a lot of responsibilites lies on my young shoulders.

I have no room for distractions or failu…


November 1, 2000. Somewhere In Nashville

Sasha Williams;

I stood in the rain, without an umbrella and barely listened as the minister went on and on with his preaching. He talked about how precious life is and reasons why we should endeavor to live good, pure, meaningful life like my mother had. 
I wanted to laugh at them, i wanted to look them all in their faces and spit on them. None of them had lifted a hand to help my mother, their sister, aunt, friend when she was alive.. now she's dead and they're all here shedding crocodile tears like they actually cared about her in life.
I can still remember how it all happened like yesterday, my dear father, Robert Adams had died of cardiac arrest when i was just 10 of age. He was very rich, the most wonderful boss to work for, a loving husband and a loving father. 
One day we got a call in the house that he had another attack at the office, before my mother got there he was already dead. We all mourned him.. everyone in our town mourned …


Hey guys,

This is me wishing you all a glorious New Month! May the blessings and favours from the Lord be our portion now and forever more... Amen!!


Happy Birthday to yours dearest. It feels wonderful to be alive to witness another birthday on earth! I'm so grateful and thankful to God for seeing me worthy enough to be kept alive, healthy and happy! I say thank you Lord and may all glory and honour be ascribed onto You! Happy Birthday to me!!!! Yayyy

And this is also wishing a very dedicated reader of SMB John Juliet, a happy belated birthday to you darling.. wishing you all the best life has to offer dear! Hugs


Happy April Fools Day to us all.. whatever that means tho lol. Let's all be careful of all em pranks, this is Sassy telling y'all to Shine your eyes and be at Alert!!! Hehehe

Yes! All three in One day, I always knew i'm special *winks*

Sassy mum
Thanks for Visiting 

To Love A Duke Chapter 9

Recap: Their wedding night... they made love till morning! Moving on...

[The next morning]

Damon woke up first and sat looking down at his beautiful wife for some minutes, his joy at this very moment knew no bounds! He brushed her silky hair softly with his fingers and she opened her eyes slowly, he smiled down at her and she smiled back..
"Morning Beautiful..!" He said to her..
"Morning to you too, have you been awake long?" She replied stiffling a yawn..
"Mhmm..but not that long.."
"Okay, so you've been watching me sleep?"
"Yes I have..!" He said, smiling again as she blushed crimson 
"Hope you like what you saw..?" 
"Oh yes i did.." he replied bending to kiss her but she pulled back, away from him.
He looked at her incredulously as he asked... "What?"
She flushed as she repied, "Umm.. I can't kiss you till I've brushed my teeth..!"
He stared at her for a while before he finally understood wha…

Introducing Our New Story... The Billionaire's Desire!!!


Meet Sasha Adams 

She's 23, orphaned and very smart. She's the girl that wears black-rimmed glasses, a black wig, braces and wears old fashioned clothes. Everyone sees her as a weirdo and most times she's invincible to the rest of the world but that is exactly how she wants it.

She's hiding from her past and the last thing she wants is to be caught. So she hides her true beauty behind the nerdy girl costume. Who is Sasha Adams? What secret is she hiding? And what happens when she finally gets noticed by her devilishly handsome boss...  Jeffery Knights!

Meet Jeffery Knights 

30, devilishly handsome, powerful, a workaholic, has a body tp die for, sophisticated, very rude and a billionaire. He is a very determined business man, hated by many in the industry, feared by his workers, hates lazy, unserious people and he can fire just by the snap of his fingers..

He's been hurt once by someone he loved, so he swore never to let another woman get close enough t…


Hello Guys,

Gosh it feels like ages mehn... pheww! Uhh i don't even know where to start apologizing from, i let you guys down and I'm deeply sorry for that. I let my private life take over my attention and i ignored you guys, the people that matter so much to me.

I cannot believe that some of you still remember to open this blog sef, some are still contacting me on whatsapp. Plz forgive me, i have been busy, i have been very distracted and perhaps i've been too lazy to write sef. But now i believe it's time to get back to doing what i love to do most... writing romantic stories for y'all.

So plz you all should try and forgive me cos i'm deeply sorry and try to come back home, I miss you all so much. But if you feel like cussing me out will make you feel better, no wahala... granted you'll come back to commenting after that. Thank you for reading and i still love you all.. *kisses*

Sassy mum 
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