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Y'all Calm Down Please

Yes I Got This lol

Hola darlings,
If you're still checking this blog for updates, then you're bae!!! So there's been a problem, yes a huge problem!
This is Me informing all lovers of "To Love A Duke" that the story has been suspended till further notice! I'm sorry but i really tried to continue but i can't cos i'm stuck! Yes! For real! And yes, such things happen sometimes, according to Google! 
So this is what i'm doing now, I'm arranging a new story for y'all. At least to keep busy till the duke and duchess gets back from their honeymoon. So expect a new story from me soon okay, thank you.
If you're angry with me, i'm sorry! Forgive me please!! I really tried to continue! I'm just dealing with some stuff now and it's made me distracted. Thanks for understanding, Love you still muah

Xoxo Sassymum

Well Hello There... That You February?? Wow

Good Morning Beautiful People..

Do you know i almost forget it's a new Month? Weird for me lol. Hope y'all slept well? Alright..

"It's the Month of Love and i don't have any long, boring speech prepared  to type lol. I just want to wish y'all Love In Abundance!!  For all those who are heart broken this period, Love will find you all one after the other!! And for those who lost their love, your love will find their way back to you! May the blessings, favour and abundant Grace of the Lord be with us all this New Month and Forever More...IJN...Amen!!!"

Love you all to the moon and back and back and back again, again and again lol. *plenty hugs and kisses*

Xoxo Sassymum Mucho Gracias