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HELLO: Sassy Is Here

Hey there..

It's been so very long since I've been here and I'm very ashamed of myself that I let my beautiful, amazing, patient blog readers down 😑😑

So much has happened and by the Grace of God I have been able to survive it all. He gave me the strength to pull through and still see reasons to live and smile. So on that note.. I want to come back doing what i love... Writing!

Motherhood is the hardest thing ever! And I applaud strong women who have been able to keep their respective jobs and still run their homes perfectly. Marriage is a different ball game on it's own, God have mercy 😂. I want to come back but who will be here to read? Do I still have any follower(s)? I'm so sad I messed it all up and my sweet followers gave up on me 😔.

Well I wish wherever you all are, I hope all of you are doing great and enjoying life? Life is sweet sha, try to make the most of it. Love you guys till eternity 😘

Sassy Mum