I stood looking back at her, anger in my eyes waiting for an answer. She didn't sat a word, just came towards me and took the now sleeping child away and laid her down again in her crib.

I reached inside the crib and touched her beautiful face softly, we both stood there for close to a minute watching her sleep peacefully, without any care in the world. She's so beautiful! I thought..

Elle looked up at me and pointed to the door as she whispered.. "Let's go!". I followed her out quietly and we went to the palour. She poured us both drinks from the bar as i sat down, suddenly so exhausted! She sat on the chair near me as i asked again..

"Elle why didn't you tell me about the baby?"

"Alex why should i tell you about the baby? You don't even know if she's yours?" She spat at me..

"Really Elle? Just a mere look at her is all the proof that i need! But we can always do a DNA test if that's what you want!" I replied. She jerked her head up looking at me straight in the eye.

"I don't have to do anything for you Alex! She is my daughter! My baby! So i get to decide or chose whom her father is!". I got up from the chair, dropped my glass on the table and faced her..

"That is a lie Elle! She is my daughter too and it'll be better for the both of us and the baby too, if we can be adult about this and talk! I just found out i have a daughter and you think i'm just gonna give her up like you gave me up to Laura?"

"I suggest you calm down, so we can talk and figure out what to do here. Because i'm telling you right here and now Elle, i love you but if you try to keep my daughter away from me. I will fight you to the last drop of my blood for her!"

I sat down again breathing hard, not looking at her but waiting for her response. I really hope she makes the right decision cos i don't want to lose either she nor the baby. Finally i heard her sigh, then she turned in her chair looking at me..

"Alex I'm sorry! I never planned on keeping her existence a secret from you, i wanted to tell immediately when i heard you were back. But when i saw you with Laura, i saw you were happy and that you have moved on! So i got jealous and kept shut, cos i.wanted her all to myself!"

"I figured since you already have someone that makes you happy in your life, then it's only fair i keep her to myself! But now i realize it's a wrong decision and i'm truly sorry!" She said looking remorseful and sad..

"I'm sorry for shouting at you Elle! I didn't mean to, just that you know how much i love kids. And you also know how badly my parents needs a grandchild from me, i just don't understand why you'll want to keep her a secret knowing all these!"

"Yes i know all that which is why I'm deeply sorry! It was two months after you left that i found out i was pregnant, i didn't know what to do then, i even thought of aborting her many times cos i wasn't certain i was capable of giving her all the love a child would need!"

"I was confused, i didn't know what to do and i had no one to talk to. My best friend had just left me and my mother is dead! The day i felt her kick was the day i knew that i'm going to keep her and she has changed me in more ways than i can count!"

"The day she came into the world and i held her in my arms, i cried wishing you were there with us to witness the birth of our daughter!  I would've contacted you if i had your number or knew where you were! We waited for you to come home and when you finally did, you came back with someone else, you came home with another woman!"

"I was crushed, i was shattered! So i decided to hurt you back by not telling you about her! I know it's selfish of me but i also didn't want to come between you and your fiancee, so i kept mute and i'm sorry!

For a moment i didn't know what to say, all i wanted to do at this moment is to hold her, to kiss away her pain and to love her endlessly! And i know she'll let me but she might push me away again tomorrow cos of guilt.

So i caressed her smooth cheek with my thumb slowly, while still staring into her eyes! She sat staring into my eyes too, her soft lips opened voluntarily on it's own and she licked her lips with her tongue, almost as if she's inviting me to kiss her. I held her head in my hands and obliged her, she kissed me back without resistance. Drawing me closer to her.

I pushed her down on the sofa while still kissing her, we laid there for what seemed like an eternity just kissing each other. Then i lifted my head slowly, looking down at her to see her reaction. I have never seen her look as beautiful as she looked then, with her wet lips and her eyes filled with desire,i just wanted to ravish her..

I moved to get up but she held me down and crossed her long legs on my waist. Not even saying a word as she crossed her hands on my shoulders and kissed me again! I pulled my head back and asked..

"Baby what are you doing?"

"I want you to make love to me now!" She replied..

"Yeah?" I asked and she nodded in the affirmative

"Why Elle? Why do you want me to make love to you?" I asked her again. She looked at me with confusion in her beautiful eyes

"Alex please?" She begged me..

"No! I'm serious Elle! Why do you want me to make love to you?" I don't understand you at all... this minute you're blowing hot, the next minute you're cold to me!"

I got up from the sofa and she didn't move to get up. Just lay down there staring at me as tears filled her eyes..

How i hate seeing her cry.. i went closer to her, pulled her up and hugged her like our lives depended on it! When she stopped sobbing, i pulled her away and wiped her tears..

"I want to make love to you too, but i won't tonight! Cos the next time we're gonna make love, we're going to do it the right way! I have to go home now to have a talk with Laura!"

"I hate to hurt her but i just can't marry her. Both of us are going to be miserable and i don't want that for her! I owe her the truth!"

"So you take care of our baby and yourself alright? I'll see you guys tomorrow!" She nodded as i kissed her softly on the lips and left.

I drove home like the wind was chasing me, i was so worried cos i don't know what Laura's reaction will be to my news. God help me tonight!!

I didn't see Laura downstairs when i entered the house, so i figured she might be upstairs in her room. J decided to take a shower first before i sought her out to talk..

The room was dark when i got inside, so i flipped the switch and lo and behold there was Laura on my bed!!! Wearing nothing but a red skimpy lingerie that brought out all her assets..

Clearly i was dumbfounded cos i just stood at the spot staring at her, but only because i didn't know what to say! She smiled sweetly as she saw me and got up slowly from the bed, her movement so slick like a cat.

She walked towards me and kissed me on the lips! I felt like i just woke up from a deep sleep then, cos i pushed her away gently and went to thw other side of the room..

"Laura what's going on? What are you doing here dressed like that? Have you forgotten the plan?" I said stammering

"Oh Alex haha, i still remember the plan. I'm the one that insisted on it, but plans do change! And I've changed my mind, i want to be with you in every way. I want you to make love to me tonight?" She said seductively..

Two women in one night?? Alex you're in trouble..

I went to the bed, picked up her robe and handed it over to her. I saw her face fell in disappointment as she collected the robe.

"It's Danielle! Isn't it? You're rejecting because of Danielle right?" She asked raising her voice, she looked very mad. Hmmm I've never seen Laura mad! She looks really scary...

"Yes Laura it's because of Elle! I'm sorry for what I'm about to do but i have to do it. For both our sakes! Laura I'm sorry but i can't marry you!" She stood there arms akimbo staring at me with fire in her eyes. I continued..

"I can't marry you because I'm still head over mountains in love with Elle! I can't marry you because we're both going to end up miserable and unhappy if we do, and i don't want that for you! I owe you a lot! I wish it didn't have to be this way.. I'm sorry Laura! Please forgive me!" I pleaded with her, hoping she'll understand.

"Forgive you Alex! You think it's that easy? I blame myself, i should've known!" She spat as she turned she learned to leave..

"Laura please i'm truly sorry" i pleaded again one last time..

She lifted her hand to halt me "Save it!" She said and left banging my door close.

I sighed deeply as i sank into the large bed, i felt really bad for hurting her. But a part of me is really relieved that it's finally over! The lies and pretense.. everything!! I slept off with my clothes on..

The next morning when i came downstairs, i was informed by my maid that Laura had already left with her luggage and the car i bought her.

I drove straight to Elle's house, i needed to see her. To see her and my baby and tell the news! I saw them both sitting at the dining table eating breakfast, Elle was carrying my baby in her arms as she fed her..

I couldn't be more happier at the sight of my two favorite girls in the world. I brushed a soft, quick kiss on Elle's lips before i took the baby away from her arms. I tickled her softly and she giggled prettily, i gave her a sound peck on her forehead. She laughed staring into my eyes..

"Morning baby! How are you today?" I asked Elle as i sat down to join them for breakfast.

"I'm fine Alex! How are you?"

"I'm okay, i guess! What's my baby's name please? I forgot to ask last night!"

"Nicole Alex Bryce! I named her after you!" She said blushing pink at the adoring gaze i gave her..

"That is so sweet Elle! I love the names and I love you!" I said reaching out to hold her hand on the table..

We became silent as we.continued eating breakfast, we went to the palour to talk when we finished eating.

"So how's Laura? And what did she say when you told her about us?" She asked as we sat down on the sofa. I was still carrying. Nickki in my arms..

"Well as expected she was mad, furious even. I've never seen Laura lose her temper and i'm telling you, it wasn't a pretty sight!"

"I told her my reasons why i can't marry her, i told her we'll both be miserable if i marry her cos i'm deeply in love with you! And i don't want that for her, begged her to please forgive me"

"She stormed out of the room and when i came downstairs this.morning, i was told she had left earlier and i don't know where she is now. I just hope she'll learn to forgive me with time cos i owe her a lot and i hated myself for hurting her!" I carefully omitted the part about meeting Laura half naked in my room, on my bed! I don't want trouble..

Elle frowned looking really sad..

"I feel like all these is my fault you know, i mean you guys could've been married by now if i wasn't in the picture. I know how painful heartbreak is and i don't wish it on anyone! I can only imagine how she'll be hurting now!" She said sadly..

"Baby please don't do that, don't try to blame yourself for this. If there's anyone to blame here, it's me! I'm the jerk not you!" I told her..

"Oh yes you're damn right. You are the jerk here!" She teased me smiling and i smiled back.

"It's so good to see you smile again, i have missed you baby. I've missed laughing with you, planning with you. I've missed being your best friend and confidant!"

"And i have missed you too Alex! I have missed you a lot and I'm so glad you're back!" She replied..

I took her face in my hands and kissed her, we kissed and kissed and kissed. When we finally pulled apart, we were both breathless..

She and the baby dressed up in their best as we drove to my parents home. When we got there, we were received by my parents who were busy staring at Elle and Nickki. Then the questions began...apparently Laura had called them to tell them what has happened!

I sat them down and told them everything that happened with Elle and why i left for States. I told them why i broke up with Laura and i told them about Nickki. They were silent when i was done with my story..

Then my mom got up first, came towards our chair and enclosed Elle and the baby in a tight warm hug. I heaved a sigh of relief at the sight, then my dad got up and hugged them too..

They couldn't be happier to see their grandchild! I knew then and there that they are going to spoil Nickki rotten..

Life couldn't have been better for me, i finally got married to the woman of my dreams; my one true love! She looked so beautiful on our wedding day and i couldn't wait to get home to ravish her..

And ravish her I did hehe, that nine months later she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy whom we named Jamie Jonathan Harvey, after my father.

"So i forgot to ask baby, how were you able to break the will!" I asked her on our bed the night we came home from the hospital. She laughed..

"My cousin Nicholas! He relinquished his claim on mg inheritance and gavs it all up to me. Yes he did and i was so happy, i wanted you to be the best to know but you were gone!" She replied..

"Wow! So we would've been married by now and i wouldn't have missed the birth of our daughter if i had stayed? Oh how foolish i was!" I said regretting my stupid actions

"Stop blaming yourself love, who knows what might've happened if you had stayed! I believe We were meant to be together and it's true! Now we're finally together as one!" She said lovingly..

"Yes baby, we were meant to be! I love you Danielle Harvey, my best friend and my one true love and my wife! I love you with all my heart, body and soul!" I said looking into her beautiful eyes...

"And i equally love you too Alex Harvey, my best friend, my lover, my life and my husband! I love you with everything in me and i promise to be yours forever!"...

We kissed and made sweet love all night long!!!

And they lived happily ever after!!! Yayy love is beautiful!! Don't you think so?? Lol

                           THE END
Thank you all so much for coming on this ride with me! Also please don't forget to drop your comments and tell us your thoughts on the story! Gracias muahh


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