Jeffery Knights;

My name is Jeffery Knights, 30 years of age and I am what you call a billionaire. Ever since i was born, i was molded by my father, the great Edward Knights of 'The Knights International' to be a great man.

Why? because i would one day rule over the Knights fortune in the future. That gave me little time for frivolous lifestyle. I had little or no friends, i had everything money could buy while growing and i also had the best tutors in language and academics.

I learned to speak a whole lot of languages, I had graduated in Business Administration from Harvard University five years ago when i was 25 and since then i have devoted my life to running the family business. 

Just recently i had taken my father's place as The Executive President of 'The Knights International'. A multi-billion dollar world IT company, one of the best in the world actually. So therefore, a lot of responsibilites lies on my young shoulders.

I have no room for distractions or failure because the last thing i want is to disappoint my recently retired father. So i push myself to work harder, same way i push all my workers too. 

Yeah, yeah, i know most of them hate my guts. I hear the whisperings and murmurs that follow in my wake each morning I walk into the office building, i see the frightened, most times admiring stares from the women. And the jealous, evil glares from the men, not like i
care about those.

They just don't realize that i expect perfection from them because there are so many competitors out there. So many companies like ours working to overthrow us and be better than us. 

As for the women, i've sworn never to date... well more like have a fling with any woman that works for me. I believe women are nothing but a distraction and i'd rather use them to satisfy my sexual urge than date them. Past events have made me wary of women and the power they wield. 

"We are here Mr Knights.." my driver and friend John Martins said, interrupting my thoughts

"Oh, thank you John.." He came around and opened the door for me. I alighted gracefully like a gentleman, just like my father had taught me.

Today i'm wearing a grey Armani suit, matching tie, a black shirt, shinning black shoes and of course a rolex. I know i looked great to kill and that's just how i liked it.

I raised my grey eyes to look around me and i saw the admiring stares again, i laughed inwardly to myself and walked into the office building. Call me arrogant... i really don't care anymore.

My left hand in my pocket, i walked past everyone of my workers on the ground floor to the Executives Elevator... no one but me, my family and I are allowed to use this particular elevator. That's just how it has always been right from my father's time... and boy, did i like it?

I alighted on the 50th floor, which happens to be the Executive floor, my office. Immediately i walked in, the talks stopped and all i could hear is... Good morning Mr Knights' here and there.

Not like i bothered replying all of them, i nodded to the few i wanted fo reply and walked up to my Secretary Mrs Abbey Whites. The only person i actually liked in this office... why? Cos she doesn't treat me like a CEO, she's not afraid to tell me her mind and well i just like her.

"Good morning Abbey.." I greeted her with one of my charming smiles on my face

She actually blushed before she replied.. "Oh good morning, Mr Knights! You're in a good mood this morning huh..?"

"Yes Abbey, matter of fact i am. Closing in on a juicy deal today and i just can't wait.."

"Wow.. that's refreshing from your usual business mood.." she dared to say and all i did is laugh

"I know right? It feels good to be happy. By the way, where is Ms Ford? Why isn't she on her desk by now?" I turned my serious gaze on Abbey and she turned a different shade of pink

"Uhh Mr Knights, she umm, she isn't here yet. But i'm sure she's probably held up in traffic, she'll be here soon .." she said trying to cover up for my lazy PA, Ms Annalise Ford

"Abbey please don't try to do that, you know i have zero tolerance for lazy workers. Please tell Ms Ford she's fired whenever she gets here will you...?"

"Yes, Mr Knights.."

"Pay her whatever she's being owed and get on the line for a new PA for me okay? Raise the salary by 2% this time, i need someone very efficient. Please make sure that is clear to those coming to apply.."

"Okay Mr Knights, will do all that right away.."

"Thanks Abbey, i knew i can always rely on you.." i said gracing her with one of my rare smiles again and yes, she blushed

"Thank you Mr Knights.."

I nodded at her and walked into my spacious office, how i loved it in here. I pressed the intercom to Abbey

"I need Coffee please, thank you..". I got right to work and a few minutes later she came in with my coffee and i thanked her, not even looking up. That's how engrossed i am in my work.


Sasha Adams;
Formerly known as Sasha Williams, She dropped her stepfather's name Williams and took on her father's name Adams to avoid being traced by her Stepfather 

Knock Knock Knock 

I jumped up from bed and tiptoed to peep to know who's knocking. And gosh, it's my worst landlady Mrs Simms. I've been owing her of rent for months now and i do not have money to pay, no job yet and I'm just tired of searching for one.

I tiptoed back to my bed and hid under the covers, avoiding her like i've been doing for weeks now. She knocked again, again and again

"Ms Adams i know you're in there, you can't hide away from me forever. I will be back by Monday and i'm coming with the police this time..." with that she left

I jumped up from under the covers and sat on the bed thinking. I didn't want to be arrested, my stepfather might find me through them. It's been two years i ran away from home now and all I've done is hide.

First i dropped his name and took on my father's name,which luckily i had used as my middle name through school, i had changed my papers, changed my physical appearance and then i paid for this place. Since then i've only worked in coffee houses and flower shops and no one of those pays well, so eventually i had to resign.

I have sold all of my mother's jewellries i took when i fled and now i'm totally out of money. I have just $200 left on me for feeding and i don't know what to do when that's gone. So i picked up my laptop and started searching for vacancies again...all thanks to free WiFi from the office building next to my apartment building.

I have been searching and searching for close to an hour now and getting tired when suddenly i saw one that Vacancy that caught my attention. It's a vacancy from The Knights International, for the post of a PA for the CEO.

Who doesn't know that company and how privileged it will be to work there, but then stories have been told about how strict the CEO is, but the pay is really good and i will be lucky to even get this job. I called the line made available immediately and woman called Mrs Whites picked up.

"Uh hello good day, is this The Knights International?" I asked

"Yes it is, good day to you and how may i help you?"

"My name is Ms Sasha Adams and i just saw a Vacancy for a PA in your company, i just wanted to know if the post is still open?" I asked nervously

"Yes it is, would you like me to book an appointment with the CEO for you?" She asked

"Yes, yes i would like that. Thank you so much.." i thanked her so relieved

"You're welcome Ms Adams, please be here by 3pm sharp! Do not be late if you really want this job, just a friendly advice..."

"Oh i won't, thank you. Bye"

"Bye.." she said and cut the call.

I checked the time and it read 2:00 and i've been warned not to be late, i have just one hour to get ready and be there. I rushed took a quick shower, brushed my hair, braided it and then put on my black wig. I wore one of my old fashioned suit, my glasses and shoes, took my handbag and left my apartment.

I took a cab with the little money i have left, so i won't be caught in traffic. By 2:56 i was standing in front of The Knights International office building... thank God! I took a deep breathe, straightened out my rumpled clothes and walked into the building..."gosh this place is so beautiful!" I said to myself

I had to control myself to keep a straight face and not let my hungry eyes wander about, i saw a very beautiful blonde woman, probably in her early thirties on the front desk. She looked up and smiled at me encouragingly when i approached..

"Hello, good day.."  i said to her

"Hi, good day. How may i help you?"

"Uh yes, i'm here for an interview for the post of a PA?"

Her countenance suddenly changed to what i can only call a look of pity when i said that... "Oh that, well you take the general elevator up to the 50th floor okay? That is the executive floor, Ask for Mrs Whites and submit your résumé to her.."

"Okay, thank you.."

"Yea, i wish you luck.." she said with a genuine smile to me

"Thank you very much, i really need all the luck i can get. Bye.."

I adjusted my glasses and turned away from her in search of the lift, thankfully i found it just around the corner. I got in and pressed the floor i was going to and waited for the doors to shut, when someone else walked it.

A young lady, very beautiful brunette about my age, a bit taller than i am, maybe cos of the 5inch heel she's wearing. Her handbag is a designer, her impeccable suit a designer as well..all in all she looked fab.... Just then she turned towards me and smiled and i smiled back.. "oh she has a nice dentition too.." i murmed to myself too. Perfect much?"

"Hello, i'm Debra Micheals. Here for an interview for the post of PA. You? What are you here for? Do you work here?" She asked

Oh god, she asks a lot of questions for someone you just met.. "Hi, Sasha Adams. No, i don't work here but i hope to. I'm here for the same interview as well.."

"Oh really? Wow.. uhh well, i wish you luck in there!" She chipped in before facing the door, totally ignoring me till we got to our floor

Woww that seemed to shut her up quickly.. "Thank you, i wish you luck too.." i said minding my business as well.

Once the door opened with a ding, Debra rushed off to the front desk and i rushed after her too, we wouldn't want to be late. She asked around and we were directed to Mrs White's desk. We both submitted our Résumés and sat down to wait! And boy... did we wait?

There were about 20 girls already seated before we came and i seem to be the last one, gosh i started to feel so intimidated. They were all looking so beautiful like handpicked models and look at me!

I look like a begger in the midst of all these beautiful, sophisticated looking girls and they all noticed it too cos none of them sat close to me or talked to me. Not like i cared tho..i needed to be alone anyways, i'm nervous enough as it is. I don't need anyone else telling me how good their grade is and how certain they are they'll get the job.

Hours and hours passed before it got to Debra's turn and after her, it will be my turn. I was wringing my hands together without knowing, at a time i stood up and started pacing. Then i remembered this is an office and i sat back down again, this time i started tapping my feet on the tiled floor.

Suddenly the office door opened and Debra sashayed out with a confident smile on her face. I felt my heart sink, i thought she already got the job. Oh godd what i'm i going to do? How i'm i going to pay my rent to avoid getting arrested? Arghhh

I stood up when she came closer to where i was sitting, she literally looked me up and down then up again before she released a small laugh, filled with both mockery and pity before she said..

"Good luck beating that..!" Then she turned and walked away. And by 'that' i guess she meant her 'awesome' interview

I watched her walk away, at least she doesn't have the job..yet! Just then Mrs Whites beckoned me over to her desk and i nervously walked up to her.

"You're Sasha Adams?" I nodded in affirmation

"Yes ma'am.."

"You can go in now, don't worry you'll be fine" she gave me an encouraging smile and i smiled back nervously

"Okay, thank you.."

I stood in front of the door which had the inscription "CEO" on it, i breathed in and out, in and out again before i knocked twice. Then i heard a deep voice say.. "Come on in"

I gently turned the knob, pushed the door in and stepped into this very massive, very masculine looking, yet power exuding, chilling office. He was sitting but i couldn't see his face cos his head was bent, looking at something, probably my résumé i guess.

"Please sit.." he said to me without looking up

"Thank you sir.." i replied before sitting down in the comfortable chair across from him

"So you are Sasha Adams..?" He asked still not looking up

"Yes sir, i am.." i said now staring at his beautiful brown hair

"I've read your resume just like others, you have good grades just like the others before you. Now i want to hear from you, can you give me one exceptional reason or reasons whyi should hire you?"

And with that he raised his head and looked at me directly in the eye, waiting for an answer. I sat stunned for quite a long time, staring open-mouthed at this man before me.

He is simply, hands down the most gorgeous looking male i have ever in my entire life! Adonis has got nothing on this man here, oh la la. His cold grey eyes seems to be piercing deep into my soul and his mouth... ohh his mouth! I want to kiss it

"Ahemm, see what you like?" He asked clearing his throat and jerking me out of my silly thoughts.

I blushed crimson at his question, looked away, adjusted my glasses again and then looked back at him, but with a more serious, concentrated gaze.. "I'm sorry Sir.."

"Just get on with it, will you. I do have other businesses to attend to you know?  Now convince me why i should hire you and please don't bore me, will you?.."

I cleared my parched throat before i answered him..

 "Well i am single, with no family here. I am broke as well, which means that the four things i can promise to offer you if you give me this job are dedication, efficiency, hardwork and honesty! All i ask is for you to give me the chance to prove my worth and i promise not to let you and the company down.."

I sat looking him straight in the eye but this time with a determined look, he seems to be in deep thought as well as he didn't immediately say anything. I gave him time to think and in what seems like five minutes later, he cleared his throat again and said..

"Ms Adams i will hold you to your words and better pray you don't disappoint me. Congratulations, you are my new PA, welcome to The Knights International.."

"What? Ahh thank you so much Sir, i promise not to disappoint you. Thank you Sir.." i stood up, shaking his outstretched hand but i immediately jerked my hand back when i felt this shock like being struck by lightning

I guess he felt it as well as he had this confused or bewildered look on his face for a split second before it vanished like it hadn't been there at all. What a strange man!

"Oh one more thing, the job comes with some privileges like an apartment and a new wardrobe as well. I need you to live close to me to fully carry out your duties whenever i need you. And it is quite important that you look smart always cos you'll be going to meetings and luncheons et al with me and i don't want you looking like that. Any objections?"

I felt my anger begin to rise... "Like what exactly..?"

"Like a nineteenth-century maid as a matter of fact.."

I gasped out in humiliation.. "Mr Knights how dare you talk to me like that? Just because you're rich doesn't mean you get to talk to people anyhow you like..!"

"I can in fact do just that cos you know it and i know it that it's the truth! And i am your boss, so you do not get to ask me such questions.."

"Ohh no you aren't!  I won't work for someone who'll look down on me like i'm less than a human. I quit!" I got up angrily and walked out on his astonished face. And just as i was about to open the door, he asked.

"I thought you said you're broke Ms Adams?"

"Yes i did and i am broke. But i'll be damned if i'll let you treat me like scum cos of money. Excuse me..!" I said and walked out, banging his stupid door in anger

Tears of frustration and humiliation was pouring out on my face when i left, i had to run and enter the lift so no one can see my tears. Gosh, what a bastard!

Jeffrey Knights 

I cannot believe that little chit of a girl just walked out on me.. Me! I am stunned beyond words, all my life no one, absolutely no one has ever walked out on me. And the best part is... i'm not even angry! Wow

Regret and remorse are two words missing in my dictionary but at this moment, i actually regret saying those words to her. The tears i had glimpsed on her face before she walked out is literally haunting me.. Me? Oh wow

Throughout the whole day, i couldn't get this girl out of my mind, i couldn't even concentrate either. By 5pm i gave up trying, So i packed up and got up to leave, then i looked at her resume once again, memorizing her address before i left my office.

"Hey Abbey, i'm leaving early today. I have an errand to run, please cancel my other appointments till tomorrow, will you?" I instructed putting on my coat

"Yes sir, will do that. One more thing, please who among the ladies should i call for the job?"

"Oh uhh leave that for now please, will talk about that tomorrow. Bye Abbey.."

"Thank you Sir, bye.."

I took the lift and went downstairs to my car, i feel so exhausted and i don't know why. Considering i didn't do much work today. John came around and opened the door for me..

"Good evening sir.."

"Good evening John, how are you..?"

"I'm fine sir, thank you. How was work today?"

"Work was fine John, thank you.."

That is our usual routine everyday and that's because i like him, he is more like a father figure to me than just a driver.

"Where to sir? Home?"

"Not yet John, lets go to Brooklyn first.." i said giving him her address. "I have someone i need to see there"

"B-but Sir, that is not a very secure area for you to go to sir!" John exclaimed

"I understand but i really need to talk to this person and it won't take long. So we'll be fine.."

"Ok, if you say so sir" he turned the ignition and started driving

"And John please call me Jeffrey, will you? Enough of the "sir" for one day.."

He beamed at me through the mirror.. "Ok sir,.. i mean Jeff.."

I laughed at that.. "thank you John"

And for the remainder of the journey, i sat silent thinking to what to say to Ms Adams. And wondering why i'm even doing this, clearly she's not my type so i'm not even attracted to her. So why then do i feel this pull to go to her and make things right? I wonder...

To Be Continued..
Please Stay Tuned For More
Thank you all for Visiting!  I appreciate and I'm sorry for not posting sooner. Kisses to y'all 


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