To Love A Duke Chapter 8

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Recap; Elena got lost in the fields and Damon found her and they kissed.. now lets continue. Enjoy!!


He can't believe he's about to say this to himself but damn... he's nervous! This is going to be his wife's first time of being with a man and it's up to him to make this night a sweet and an unforgettable one for her.

He wantsto please her soo much, he's getting nervous... So unbelievable! Him that can make any woman swoon and fall in love with him within minutes! Him that is so good in/on bed, that all his past lovers all have beautiful things to say about him! Nervous cos of a woman! Phew

But mere looking at her, you'll know she just isn't any woman. Elena is more beautiful and precious than every other woman in the world... and she's His! His wife! His duchess! About to become his lover! And damn him if he wasn't going to give her the best of him this night and he knew just how. 

He smiled to himself and just like that all his lost confidence and arrogance rushed back to him, pushing the doubts, the nervousness and the fear out and far away from him. Just then they got to his room and he tugged her inside with him. 

He smiled at her and she smiled back nervously. "Oh no!! I don't need her to be shy now! I need the fierce Elena i met out there in the fields this morning back! That way i wouldn't have to worry so much if she's okay or if i'm hurting her!" He mused to himself..

"Oh yes, i need to make her feel relaxed with me first, i need to make her know that this isn't a do or die affair, even though it's going to hurt like the devil himself. I need her to know that she can actually leave here, right now if she so pleases until she's ready! But i really, really hope she doesn't leave though or i'm going to have trouble sleeping tonight.."

Now she was just standing before him, unsure of what to do or what to say. Just fidgeting with her hands and looking down on the floor. He moved towards her and gave her a tight hug, she stiffened against him for a moment.

Then finally she released her breath in a loud sigh and relaxed against him, hugging him back ferociously. He sighed too and hugged her back, her body felt warm, soft and too damn good to let go..

And that was when he heard her, she was sobbing softly and then it became loud. Tears streaming down her beautiful face like a very heavy rain, her shoulders shaking violently from the force of her cry and all i could do was to hold her close to me, patting her back and whispering how sorry i am for leaving her...

In qhat seemed like ages, she finally stopped crying and lifted her red, puffy eyes to look at me. Even in this state, she was still the most beautiful woman alive! I took her hand and led her to the bed and we both sat down quietly..

"I was so afraid my lord, i felt so alone. I thought i might die there alone and no one will find me, i was so afraid that i might not see my family and you again. I never want to feel that way again, I'm so sorry for disobeying your orders once again, I'm sorry for giving you reasons to worry about me again, i promise not to ever do anything to put myself in danger ever again. I'm really sorry my lord..!"

How his heart was breaking seeing her like this but he kept quiet cos he knew this had to be done. She has to say the words and know that what she did was foolhardy and wrong. She needs to take responsibility for her actions for putting her life in danger once again and making everyone around her suffer for her sake. He smiled at her and wiped her tears.

"Apology accepted my love, I'm just glad you're safe and home with us again. I am also glad you've realized your mistakes and you're also willing to work on it so it'll never happen again. Welcome back home my love..!"

She managed a smile as she answered him... "Thank you my lord, that means a lot coming from you.."

"Okay, Okay, enough of this sad state. My love it's time to take your bathe, i already instructed your maid to run the bathe for you in your room cos i knew you'll not be comfortable bathing here. So please come with me.."

She blushed crimson but got up and followed me to the centre door adjoining our rooms. 

"So your water and every other thing you need is here for you. Call me if you need anything okay?"

"Okay, thanks my lord.."

"Okay. Happy bathing..!" He called out and gave her a peck on her forehead. And without a second glance walked out and closed the door behind him.

Ugh this has got to be the hardest thing he's done in his life!! But he knew he had to.. her comfort and safety is his first priority. Even if that meant him sleeping witha boner tonight, no problem! He removed his own dirty clothes and threw them aside where the maids can see them.

Then he got into his washroom and washed away the dust and grim off his body. He felt really good and tired when he got out (except for his other self). He put on his robe and got under the covers and within minutes he was asleep.


How could she not have seen this sooner, how utterly stupid she has been! Her sisters and grandmother had been right, the Duke indeed is a good man and he rrally cares about her. This whole day has been a perfect indication for that and for the first time she was beginning to see him ina different light. 

"Maybe it wouldn't be so bad being married to him after all, maybe it's time to give him and this marriage a chance after all... Cos if there's one thing i've learnt these few days on my own..It's never to take anything in life for granted! Yes i will give us a chance..!"

She concluded, smiling to herself as she got into the tub. She groaned out loud with pleasure as the warm water enveloped her body in it's warmth. Knowing she'll sleep off in here if she stays much longer and not wanting to. She went ahead to bathe well and clean off all the dirt from the past five days or so.

When she was done, she got out and cleaned herself off with a clean towel and padded into the room. She went to her closet to put on a moisturizer and some perfume, then thinking of what to wear. She started ransacking her wardrobe until she found the perfect night wear to put on.

It was white in colour with little pink roses drawn intricately on it, making it seem so delicate and beautiful. Anna, her sister had given it to her as a wedding gift. Elena smiled as she remembered Anna's words to her that day in her room when Anna had given her the gift. She had said..

"Make him go crazy sis, make him go wild with wanting you.." she had said with a wink to her big sister as she sashayed out of the room. 

Now remembering it, it still made her smile at her sister's boldness. She put it on and it fit perfectly on her like a second skin. She went to the mirror and brushed her tangled hair and when itwas shinning,  she got up and walked over to the centre door.

 She turned the handle and it opened easily, then she breathed in and out to still her beating heart as she walked into his room quietly. She saw him lying on his bed asleep and it reminded her of the other night. Except that this night she knew why she was here..

She went to him and sat beside him, wanting to look at him first before he'll wake up. He was just so handsome it took her breath away each time she saw him, she wondered if it'll be like this all their lives. She touched his beautiful hair and then his face, his eyes and finally his mouth.

Finally his eyes fluttered and opened slowly.. unlike the other night, he didn't say a word. The electricity between them was charged and her breathing was coming in short gasps. He was staring a her mouth and she was staring at his, then suddenly he grabbed her head and pushed it down until their lips met in a wild dance filled with passion and lust.

She mewed like a cat and he groaned deep inside his throat. His hand shot out and he grabbed her waist and pulled her atop him and she straddled him while they still kissed without breaking contact. He pushed up from the pillow, sitting on the bed. Making her sit on his laps with her legs around his waist. 

She could feel his erection at the centre of her woman core. She was throbbing down there and she shifted in his lap to see if she'll get some comfort, making his erection to push forward touching her core. Both of them moaned and he left her mouth to kiss her neck and her ears. She shivered with each touch of his warm lips until she could take the torture no more..

She grabbed his head and pushed him up to look at her, his eyes were darker than usual, filled with lust and she told him..

"Make love to me my lord, please take me now. I'm ready.."

"Are you absolutely sure about this my love?" He asked her

She nodded her head in agreement.. "Yes i am sure, I want you my lord. I want you now..!"

With her words, he groaned out loud, grabbed her waist once again and turned her around, crushing her body with his. She moaned again and curled her legs around his waist possessively, he started raining kisses all over her. From her face to her neck, down to her navel and two of his hands grabbed both of her nipples and squeezed them hard but not too hard. 

She screamed and grabbed his hair and pulled painfully, he slowly disentangled her fingers cos she was hurting him. He pulled her hands up above her head and pinned if there with one of his. Then he got back to work, he got put his tongue on her left breast while he used his left hand to squeeze the other breast. He licked her erect nipple through her sexy nightwear then he started sucking for dear life... from there he moved to the other nipple.

Elena was moaning now, her waist couldn't seem to hold still as she kept twisting under him. He raised his eyes to her face and gave her a mischievous smile and then came towards her to kiss her lips once again. Then he released her hands and pulled her nightwear from under her her, she raised her hips to let him and he pulled the flimsy thing off and threw it away.

She grabbed his robe and almost tore it out of his body. He chuckled softly as he let her take it off, now both of then were butt naked and they couldn't take their eyes away from each other...that's how beautiful they both looked! He touched his chest and kissed his nipples, bitting him softly in return. She smiled when he moaned out loud, he was kneeling in between her legs now. 

She moved her hand down to his torso and then lower to his manhood. She heard his breath catch but she didn't stop, she couldn't stop, she was mesmerized by the size of him. She was entranced at his beauty and the way it pulsed to life right before her eyes. Before he could stop her, she grabbed him with her hands and squeezed him softly, this time he groaned out loudly and she looked up to his face..

"My lord are you okay? I'm i hurting you?" She asked snatching her curious hands back..

He gave her a smoldering look as he said.. "No my love, you're doing everything right..!"

With that she smiled seductively and grabbed him once more, she squeezed and instinctively started moving her hands up and down slowly at first. Marveling at how he can be so rock hard and so smooth at the same time.. Then she increased her speed and then she stopped, Damon looked at her inquisitively and she gave him a sly smile..

Before he knew what was happening, she bent her head and took him into her mouth!! He gasped out loud and tried to push her head away but she wouldnt bulge, when she started licking him up while still caressing him, he knew he had lost the battle and sat back down on the bed to enjoy her sweet ministration. She followed him with her mouth and continued licking him and sucking him just as he had done to her nipples.

Elena couldn't believe she was actually doing this, she felt so in control knowing that she can give him such immense pleasure just by licking and sucking him. So she continued and this time moving faster and faster until he pushed her away from him, pushing her till she's lying flat on her back with him on top of her..

"You little temptress! You are going to be the death of me..!"

She wanted to smile but the smile froze on her face when he touched her there, down there where no one else has ever touched. Her legs opened wider on it's own as he inserted two of his fingers inside her making her squirm and toss. She put her own hand on top of his and urged him inside her more. He added the third finger and she screamed out loud..

Slowly he removed his hand and put his fingers into his mouth, licking up her woman juice. He eyes widened in surprise and he only chuckled and continued licking until his fngers were once again clean... how she wanted him now and he knew cos he took his phallus in his hand and moved it closer to her core. Rubbing it up and down her and in a circular motion, making her moan out loud again. 

Then he kissed her ferociously and whispered against her lips.. "It's going to hurt a bit i'm sorry.."

Before she could comprehend his meaning he pushed his phallus deep into her breaking her hymen! It hurt for a bit and her body stiffened for a moment, he didn't move but continued kissing her slowly, taking her mind off the pain while letting her get used to his size..

Elena kissed him back while trying to get used to his huge member inside of her, it hadn't hurt as much as she expected though. Then he started moving, slowly at first and then it became faster and faster.. she wrapped her legs all around his waist while moving with him, not wanting to be left behind..

Their lips were glued to each other, kissing like both their lives depended on it. Then she felt something building up within her, she didn't know what it was but he did cos he knew she wanted to orgasm! He felt his own orgasm building up and not wanting to leave behind, he increased his speed and she screamed louder into his ears, holding his head closed to her face while she showered him with endless kisses..

Finally it hit her.. She screamed out his name for the first time since they've been together... "Damon!!!"

She felt like she was floating in circles, her world was spinning, everything was spinning. He breath was coming in ragged gasps as Waves and Waves of orgasms hit her! She dug her nails into his buttocks and heard him groan out loudly as he pumped his seed deep into her! 

Finally in what seems like minutes later, she started coming back to life again.. She slowly opened her eyes and saw him staring down at her, his beautiful eyes filled with what she could only describe as love and care. She felt the tears fill her eyes once more, she let them spill.

She grabbed his head with her hands once more and kissed him passionately and he kissed her right back. Finally she released his head and they stared deep into each other's eyes..

"My love why are you crying?  Did i hurt you? I'm sorry if i was too rough on you.." he apologized 

She smiled and shook her head at him.. "No, you didn't hurt me my lord! Infact you did everything right! These are happy tears, i can't believe i've been missing so much..!"

She sniffed and laughed, he laughed with her as he wiped the tears away from her beautiful face.

"I'm happy you're happy my love! You surprised me tonight...really! I was almost tempted to ask if you were indeed still a virgin..!" He teased her

"Aah!" She gapsed and hit him playfully on his hurt arm. He flinched in pain

"Good! That'll teach you not to ever mess with me again!" She said laughing at the fake hurt look she saw in his eyes..

"Oh you bet i'm not crossing you ever again, once bitten, twice shy they say..!" And she roared with laughter. 

Damon thought he has known what happiness was until he saw his wife, his fierce, mean wife rolling with laughter in his arms, on his bed! That's the moment he knew what happiness really is, he never ever want to see her sad, cry or in pain ever again. Infact if it were up to him, she'll never have any reason to be sad ever again in her entire life.

He hugged her tight close to him as she finally stopped laughing. She hugged him back and her breathing finally slowed as she started to dose off, gosh she must be so tired after everything! How selfish of me!!

He rushed to the bathroom, came out with a neat towel soaked with warm water and cleaned her off slowly. She raised her drowsy eyes and murmured.. "Thank you..!"

He smiled back at her beautiful face as he slid in beside her inside the warm bed, he pulled her into the crook of his arms as he too slept off.

Latet in the middle of the night, they woke up and made passionate love again before they fell asleep once more, it was like they were trying to make up for the lost time..

And when she was about to sleep off, he whispered in her ears..

"I like the way you scream my name my love, don't ever stop! And no more of that 'my lord' title, okay?"

She blushed and nodded her head.. "Yes my lord, i understand!" She teased him again and he roared at her..

"Aaah i'm gonna make you pay for that..!" 

And before she knew what was happening, he put his hand under her armpit and started tickling her, she started rolling with laugher, tossing and turning as she tried to escape his fingers but he helf her tight until tears started streaming down her face and she started begging him..

"Please stop...!" But he didn't stop until she said..

"Damon stop it please! I'm sorry!" Immediately he stopped and left her alone.

She rolled away from him and escaped to the other side of the bed. 

"Oh you're gonna pay for that Damon!" She threatened with a smile

"Oh yeah, bring it on wife!"

"Oh yeah?" She challenged him

"Damn right!"

"Fine, as part of my revenge. No more touching me till further notice!"

Ha laughed out loud.. "Oh really?" 

"Yes really" she teased back. Then he stop up on the bed in all his naked glory..

"Now take a good look at this..!" He said pointing to his sexy body.. "Can you ever resist this, now that you've tasted its sweetness.." he boasted

She blushed crimson and hid her shyness with an open laugh of her own, then she stood up in her own naked glory and he stared...hard!

"Now can you resist this?" She pointed to her sexy body.. "Now that you've tasted it's sweetness and tightness?"

The smile left his face immediately and before she knew it,he jumped her and they both fell on the bed laughing hysterically.

"No woman I cannot! I cannot resist it at all..." he finally admitted 

"I thought as much..!" 

"And me?" He asked her.

She stopped laughing as she said... "No, i cannot resist it either..!"

"I thought as much..!" 

He smiled as he claimed her lips with his and they ended making love for the third time that night and it was glorious..

To Be Continued..
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    1. Nobody is insulting you dear anon! It's your opinion joor, so why should we insult you?
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