New Week..New Blessings!

Good morning fam..

Happy New Week Everyone...abundant blessings and favour is our portion this week and forever IJN...Amen!!

So how are y'all? Hope your weekend was awesome? Any stories for us? Plz bring it on people...So thank you all for the tips, even the crazy ones lol. I did some reading, research and praying too. I Believe i'm back for good, but it all depends on how much y'all enjoy the next episode, which is coming soon lol..

Okay i missed you all..hope say una miss me too? Btw..where's John Juliet and Temitope? Hope you guys are good? I miss ya.. Now to my funny weekend story..


So on Saturday i was getting ready to head to the market, so i decided to take the car. I switched on the ignition so the car can warm, then went back inside to finish up my make-up. I left the car door open and that was my doom..

I didn't know two of my troublemakers (my boys lol) were outside in the compound playing at the time, unknown to me they were playing hide and seek, i thought they were inside...unbeknownst to me they were already inside the car playing sef..

Thirty minutes later, i was done and see me rushing out to the car to go out, so i can come home early, only for me to see the door closed. I thought maybe they just closed the door, but to my greatest fear the door didn't bulge when i tried to open it.. Kai i didn't know what to do at that moment. I Checked all the doors, none was open because they locked it from inside before closing the door and the car was still on ooo..for this fuel scarcity.

One minute i was mad, the next i felt like crying like Oprah here

My purse, money, phone, keys everything was inside this car.. i called all of them and they came out from their hiding place, all looking like this..

All quiet and cute looking cos they knew they've done something bad..but i wasn't gonna fall for that look..not today! So the questions started, this one will point to the other and say it's him, the other will point back and say it's you. I quietly asked them to tell me the truth, promising to buy something for them. They caved in and admitted they both did it..choi i flogged them ehn..see crying..!! But i no send the tears sef..

After the crying they were like this..

I had to search the house and luckily i found some change i kept somewhere, i took it and went to look for mechanic sharpaly before my fuel go finish. Na so i spend money for something wey i no plan on.. this thing vex me that whole day. But now when i remember everything ehn.. i just laugh hehehe

That's me and my kids for you ooo, hope you laughed sha.. make una no fall my hand ooo lol. Love you all muah

Sassy Mum.


  1. Hahaha omg ooo
    Sassy you and your kids are hilarious... I laughed so hard at the pictures. Thanks for this dear.. Btw i missed you too
    Glad you've got ur mojo back. Luv ya

  2. Lmaooooooo, I laughed so hard when you said you flogged them eehn. Sassy mum why na. Lol
    Children can be cute and annoying at same time. That's how my toddler son is always displacing everything I keep. I'm always looking for something.

    1. Hehe Milly i had to flog them oo, cos if i hadn't they'll think what they di is right. Lol @ur toddler
      Mine is another story, i'm carrying him here while typing this story. He thinks i'm superglue wey e go dey gum on lol
      Thanks jare.

  3. Lol funny boys, hello sassy good morning i've not being feeling 2 well 4 sometime now, both m better and back 2 commenting *kisses*

    1. Awww sorry love..
      And you no tell us make we pray for you. Hope you're feeling better now..hugs

  4. Lol funny boys, hello sassy good morning i've not being feeling 2 well 4 sometime now, both m better and back 2 commenting *kisses*

  5. Lmaooo very funny dear..
    I love your kids already. Missed you too Sassy. Happy to have you back

  6. Ahhh! Sassy mum why nau? I understand how kids could be annoying.

  7. Lolz. I really can't wait to be a mum.

    1. Awww e go happen for u my dear. Thanks fod stopping by..

  8. Lool kids sha!!
    You need to see me shouting at home, my siblings will just be looking at you, then I'll resort to begging oh.

    1. Hahaha it's not easy my sister

    2. It's not oh. I've said the day I give birth, I'll go and beg my mum because me self do for small and according to my mum, I don't allow strangers carry me.

    3. Hehehe beg ke.. for where
      Na turn by turn oo lol. I was told that i cried a a whole lot as a baby. Now all my kids are the exact copy of me, they can cry chai
      Sometimes i want to run, leave them commot lol

  9. Lol. Cant wait to be a mum

  10. great read it is.. sassymum, naijamum... hmmmmm, cool though... the mums in house.


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