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          My Name is Danielle Bryce and this is my story..

I am the 17 year old daughter of oil mogul Howard and Olga Bryce of The Bryce Oil and Gas Ltd. I love my mother with all my heart, being the wife of a rich man hasn't changed her in any way. She is nice, warm, jovial, caring and loving. She is the definition of everything good. Everyone i know from the maids, to all our workers, family and friends loved her..

But my father on the other hand is a different story, growing up in a poor home. He had vowed to make money so his family won't suffer like he did and he had made money. But he just couldn't let the bitterness go, he is a ruthless man who wants everyone around him to be miserable. 

He treats my mother with disdain cos she couldn't give him a male child. She had tried so many times to birth him an heir but she lost all the pregnancies. This added to my father's bitterness and my mother and i suffered the brunt of his anger and disappointment. 

I wanted him to love and accept me so much that i did everything he liked, i Studied hard and made all my papers. And at the age of 21, i had my master's degree in Geology and i made first class too. But it seems he hated me more for not being a useless female, he hated me more for trying to replace his precious heirs.

At a point my love for him turned to hate, i hated him for treating my mother like she's the cause of the countless miscarriages she's been having. I hated him for making me feel like being a female child is a bad thing. I hated him for being such a sadist. 

So i did the one i thing i could do, i turned my back at him and started living my life. Hoping my mother would just leave him and go live a happy life with one of her many admirers, but she never did. Like always she'll say she loves him. Love is a stupid notion to me.

Even against her doctor's orders, my mom got pregnant for my father one more time and that was her doom. My father was so happy when the doctor confirmed the baby is a boy...oh how he had smiled at the news. I had looked at him with surprise cos that's my first time of seeing my father smile.

But just like the other times, i watched helplessly with tears in my eyes,as the doctors tried to save the baby and my mother this time. But she didn't make it, both of them didn't make it. I had cried like never before, hating my mother for letting her so called love for this man destroy her.. i hated him more..

After my mother's death, he became worse. He started drinking heavily and one night as he was driving himself home drunk, he had a ghastly accident and broke his spinal cord. He couldn't go to work anymore, so he had no choice but to hand over his empire to his only living heir.. his daughter..

I already knew everything there is to know about the oil business, thanks to my studies and all my years of following my father around like a lost puppy. I took control of everything and i worked tirelessly to show him that what a man can do, that I a female can do it too. Oh how he hated me then...

           October 12, 2005 [2 years later]

"And to my daughter, Danielle Olga Bryce, as my only living heir, i bequeath Bryce Oil and Gas Ltd, all my town houses and all my other worldly possessions, with the exception of the following cash sums." Attorney Tom Hugh read on..

I fidgeted in my chair in the study, driving daggers at the lawyer with my eyes. Get it over with damn you,i fumed to myself, loathing Tom's sense of drama as he slowly turned the page and read off the small bequests to various household servants and men who worked for Bryce Oil and Gas Ltd. 

Digging my nails into my hands until i felt pain. I forced myself to stay calm, after two awful years with that man, it was finally over. I had proven myself worthy, if not of his love, at least his business. If only my mom had lived till this day, she would've been free of the monster. Now i can finally have everything i have toiled for in the last two years. I mused to myself.

Tom continued..

"The condition of my daughter's inheritance are as follows"  Tom read smugly. Is that a smirk i detect in his voice as my heart began to thud in my chest. I gripped the arms of the chairs until my fingers whitened and ached. 

"Firstly, She has a two-year grace period from the date of my death to find a suitable man to wed. Being that i know what a manipulative young woman my daughter is, i further stipulate that her husband will henceforward control all operations of Bryce Oil and Gas Ltd and have at his complete disposal all the resources i bequeathed my daughter. To assure that this won't be a marriage of convenience, i further stipulate that this union produce a male child with the two year period following my death!"

Everyone in the rooms gasped and whispered to themselves. I sat still, not moving. I was too shocked to say anything... Tom continued..

"It will be better if she chose a good man to wed because the children they're going to bear, will one day inherit everything i own. In the event Danielle Olga Bryce fails to fulfill the conditions of this will within the time given, she will be forced to forfeit all claims to Bryce Oil and Gas Ltd and all of my other worldly possessions to my nephew, Nicholas Simpson!"

"Are the terms of your father's will clear to you, Miss Bryce?" The stupid lawyer asked..

"Oh yes Tom, quite clear indeed. But also quite ridiculous, and you know very well that i will fight the terms of this will. No reasonable court in this state will uphold this" i threatened..

"I assure you Miss Bryce that this will is quite legal and not at all unreasonable. Your father's body was frail but he was of a sound mind. And no court will ever question a father's concern for providing a protector for his only daughter" he replied standing up..

"We'll see about that, won't we Mr Tom?" I spat at him and walked out of the study. I went to my room and slammed the door. I just needed to be alone. To think..

Even in grave, he's still punishing me for not being a boy. Damn you father! Damn you to hell...



  1. Interesting story, Danielle father get mind o. Sassy well done looking forward to the next part

  2. Oh myyyy the man is wicked, what sort of punishment is that!?

    Nice, Sassy I pray it will be as interesting as yo other piece even more. ...

  3. My Bryce no try at all, fresking selfish... bt i knw this Danielle is a tough one..
    Loons like dis gonna be more interesting dan d last one.. thumbsup Sassy

  4. Totally different, frm the previous story nice.

  5. Yea it is different. Thanks @Gina


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