After Alex left the room, i couldn't sleep anymore so i got up and went to his bathroom to take a shower. I went downstairs, hoping to see him again but i saw only his maid, who informed me that he has already left the house. I sighed sadly..

I drove home in tears, thinking about last night and what we had shared. As i drove into my house, i saw another car in my driver. I parked my car, got out as i wondering who owns the car. 

Just then he came out of the house, walking confidently towards he owns the whole house already. It was no other person than my dear cousin Nicholas Simpson; the one who'll inherit if i don't meet my timeline. 

"Hello Cousin"  he said as he hugged me. I didn't hug him back..

"What are you doing here Nicholas?" I asked..

"Danielle as rude as ever.. it's good to see you once again cousin.  I came to see how you're doing!" He replied...

"Oh really? Well as you can see, i'm doing just fine. Thank you" 

"Haha feisty as ever... come let's go inside"  he said. Already walking inside.

I had no choice but to follow, i wanted to know what he wants. I just wish he hadn't come today cos i'm really not in the mood to see anyone. 

He went straight to the dinning room and sat down. I sat with with as i asked for my own breakfast, i'm hungry as i hadn't eaten much last night.

"So what do you want Nick?" I asked again..

"Seriously Danielle you're beginning to annoy me with this question! Do i have to want something before i can come to visit my cousin?" He asked, really annoyed. 

That shut me up for a while as we continued eating.  We went straight to the palour and sat down after breakfast. 

"Danielle i came to see you, to know how you've been holding up since your father's death?" He asked, concerned. 

"I've been better, as you already know, I've been busy with the Will and searching for a man to marry too" i replied. He laughed...

"Any luck with the search?" He asked 

"None yet" i replied 

"Really Dani? As beautiful as you are? You've got to be kidding me" he joked 

"I'm serious. At least i have to find someone i'm at least attracted to right?" I replied trying not to think about Alex. 

"Right! Well i have some good news for you!" He said

"Good news? Okay i'm listening" i said sitting up straight in my chair.

"My Uncle, your late father was a good man until he let his bitterness eat him up. I believe he had your best interest at heart when he wrote that will!"

"No I'm not saying he's right the way he went about it. But i believe he wanted you to find love, i don't think he wanted you to end up rich and bitter like him!" He said

"Well he should've let me make that choice myself" i replied bitterly..

"I know, i know. Which is why i'm here today. I went to see your lawyers first to tell them before i told you." He continued..

"Dani i've decided to give it all you to. I don't want the inheritance, it's all yours! Now you can get married whenever you want to and to a man you love without stress".

"I've already sorted it all out with your lawyers. You won Dani! You won!" He said looking at me with a genuine smile on his face

"Wait Nick, are you playing with me right now?" I asked as i stood up, not believing him.. he shook his head.

"No i'm not Dani, i'm serious. You worked hard for this, you deserve it!"  i screamed as i jumped up and hugged him tight.

"Oooh thank you, thank you, thank you so much Nick!! I said with tears in my tears..

"You're welcome"  he said as he got up from the chair. "I have to go now, i have a flight to catch, so call me for the wedding alright?" He said with a laugh..

"Sure will do" i replied as i walked him out the door..

I couldn't believe this, it all felt so surreal. Last night a man told me he loved me and today i have it all. I have my inheritance!  No more lawyers or court rooms or thinking!  

"Ooh thank you lord! I have to tell Alex" i said as i jumped up and grabbed my phone from my purse.. I dialed Alex's number but it's switched off and i called his house.. His maid picked up again.

"Hello it's Danielle, it's Alex there" i asked..

"I'm sorry Madam, he's not here" she replied 

"Where is he then?" I asked, worried.

"He said if you called, i should tell you he has left town. He left this morning for the states and he doesn't know when he'll be back!" She replied 

"Wait! What?? He asked you to tell me this?" I asked again

"Yes madam he did?" 

"Alright bye" i said as i hung up.

I dropped the phone as i slumped down on the chair. The tears won't stop flowing and i tried to make it stop but i couldn't. 

Oh God what have i done? Danielle what have you done? If only he had waited, if only he had waited, i would've told him the good news! I would've told him how i feel... Alex please come home....!

              [2 Years Later]


"Wow if feels good to be back home again!" I said happily to Laura, my fiancee.  As we were driving home. 

"Yes it is great to be back!" She said smiling. 

Laura James is the woman who had helped me forget about Elle. I met her five months after i got to the states. We met at a pub and we got talking. She's such a warm human being, verg beautiful and always happy.

I told her everything about Danielle and how i'm hurting cos of her rejection. She took pity on me and has been there for me all through the years. I love her and we're going to get married. Finally my parents are going to be so happy...

I haven't seen nor have i heard from Danielle since i left, i miss her so much. I wonder where she is now, i wonder if she's married to fulfill the terms of the Will. I wonder what she'll say and what i'll say to her if i ever see her again. I wonder...

I love Laura but I never stopped loving Danielle!!! I wonder...

"Are you okay, love?" Laura asked looking up at me..

"Yes i'm fine! We're going home!" I replied, forcing a smile.


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  2. I have this feeling that elle is preggers

  3. Thanks guys...
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    1. Ok boo boo. Will b waiting 4 it *kisses*

    2. Ok boo boo. Will b waiting 4 it *kisses*

  4. Wonderful story SM.. Wow you and Chidinma have been killing me with all the lovely stories.... Been up all saturday just reading the stories

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