[The Next Morning]

The first thing i saw the next morning when i woke up was the lily flowers, neatly arranged in a vase by my bedside. I couldn't help the smile on my face when i saw the note on it. 

"It's a beautiful day! Will see you later in the day, off to work, kisses" how i blushed then. I lay down on the bed once more. Who is this man?  I asked myself. How did he know i love Lily? Whatever happened to the monster i married?

I smelled the flowers as i got up from the bed, i felt the kind of happiness i haven't felt in a long time. I wanted to sing, i wanted to dance. I took my shower and started getting ready for work.

 And all through the day at the office i couldn't concentrate. Emma please snap out of it already, i scolded myself. But it was hopeless, i couldn't wait for the day to be over so i can go home. So unlike me ...

When i got home in the evening, i noticed his car wasn't in the parking lot, meaning he's not yet home. I told the cook what to prepare for dinner as i went to my room. As i stepped inside i saw a huge gift bag on my bed and it had a note too..

"Dinner with me tonight. Will pick you up at 7. Hope they all fit. Love David".

I rushed and opened the bags, I saw a beautiful deep green silk gown, a silver high heeled sandals and matching emerald earings and necklace. I loved it, i checked it and it all fitted nicely.

I took my bath and spent more time than usual putting on make-up. All the while wondering what's wrong with me and smiling to myself like a crazy person. 

I quickly jumped up from the bed when i heard the gate open, i peeped through the window as he drove into the compound. I felt my heart pounding with excitement. He's Back!

I snatched my purse from the table and rushed down the stairs to the palour. He came in just as i stepped into the palour myself, he saw me and stood staring at me for close to a minute. I was shaking inside as he came closer to me. He took my hand and kissed it, i felt so warm all over.

"Emma you look lovely!" He said.

"Thanks David. You look dapper yourself" i said before i could stop myself. 

He laughed "thanks love, Shall we" he waved to the door.

He took me to an expensive restaurant in town where we ate a delicious meal. 

"How was your day at the office dear?" He asked me.

"It was fine" i answered. "How was yours?" I asked him..

He started telling me about his work and even asked for my opinion at one time. I was amazed, my husband would never tell me anything about his work, not to talk of asking for my opinion. Who are you i silently asked.

When Lucas walked into the palour and saw Emma earlier at home. He saw a goddess and for the life of him, he could never really understand why David his brother would leave a damsel like this for a whore. He wanted her and he is going to do everything he can to make her want him. Him Lucas and not his brother. 

             [At Home]

I had a great time, no need denying it anyway. And as he walked me to my room with his arm on my back, just above my waist, i felt warm in certain places. 

"I had a good time tonight, thanks David" I said as we got to the door.

"My pleasure love" he replied with a mischievous look in his eyes. 

"Well good night then..

"Goodnight" he replied. 

But neither of us moved, the tension thickened as we stood with eyes locked. Slowly he stepped closer to me, tangling his hand in my hair, he drew me closer gently and kissed my forehead. "Gosh you're so beautiful" 

I couldn't breath, i knew he was going to kiss me but i didn't try to stop. I wanted the kiss, i wanted more than his kiss, i wanted all of him.

I could feel the bulge growing in his tight pants as he held me in between his thighs and rocked his hips against mine. I gasped as he lowered his head to mine....

And kissed me he did, when he finally released me, my breath was coming in short jagged gasps. He smiled..

"You see how it is between us love?" He asked... "Please baby let me in, i know you want me too. I just need a second chance to show you how much I've  changed. I will never do anything to hurt you again. Baby please let me make up for our wedding night" he swore..

I didn't quite believe him but i didn't care about all that now, i just needed him tonight. So i didn't say a word, i just turned my back, opened the door and went inside the room, leaving the door open.

He came in after me, closed the door and bolted it. My heart was beating faster than usual, i didn't know what to do so i stood staring at him. As i moved to switch off the light, he held my hand shaking his head.

"But you always switched off the light in the past" i stuttered 

"Well not anymore, cos tonight i want to see you as i make love to you" he replied. 

I shivered when he started unzipping my dress, i felt cherished as he slid the dress and everything else down from my shoulders. His lips were warm as he trailed soft, moist kisses over my back and neck. Then he turned me until i faced him and he cupped my breasts in his hands. 

I felt my breasts begin to swell and grow taut, my nipples burned as his fingers circled them, teasing them to pucker and stand in hard little points, i was breathless! 

Luke felt her response and smiled inwardly, He pulled her closer to kiss her throat, then he lowered his head and suckled greedily on one breast, one hand across her back, holding her to him while his other hand was removing the pins from her hair. 

I stood still as the room spun around me and my legs turned to jelly. His hands and his mouth were everywhere. He tore my lacy panties from my waist and slid his hand inside my body. I held unto him for dear life as i could feel myself falling, he cupped my soft buttocks and squeezed them hard. I gasped loudly as he pushed me gently down onto the bed.

I lay there watching him as he started undressing himself, my hungry eyes swept down from his handsome face to his hairy chest, then lower to where his manhood pulsed like a great living spear, ready to impale me. I shivered with excitement when i saw his size, I couldn't stop looking at him, he is indeed a beautiful, splendid male...



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