I couldn't sleep all through the night, i kept tossing and turning on the bed all night long. Thinking about Luke and how uncomfortable he'll be at the jail right now. I cussed David again and again for being such a pig... 

As soon as it was dawn, i jumped up from the bed and took my bathe. I dressed up for work, not bothering with make up. I took my bag and walked out of the room, rushing down the stairs. 

I stopped at the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee before leaving, then it hit me. A wave of nausea swept over me and i rushed to the nearest bathroom, throwing up everything in my belly.

When i was done, i washed my face and my mouth. Went to the sitting room and sat down for a bit cos i was feeling dizzy all of a sudden. I hope i'm not coming down with a flu. Not now please, i can't afford to be sick now. I mused to myself...

Five minutes later i was feeling better, so i took an aspirin and rushed off to meet my lawyer at the office..

"Hello Emma, good morning dear" said by Ms Rosie Sinclair the best divorce attorney in the state. Who also happens to be my lawyer and an old friend. 

"Good morning Rosie " i replied sitting down. 

"Are you okay dear, you look a little pale" she asked, concerned. 

"Yes i'm fine, just tired! Didn't get much sleep last night" i replied weakly..

"I understand. So please tell me everything that has happened. So i'll know how to help you out of this mess". She said 

Then i told her everything from how David left for many years to how Luke came back to take his place and how we fell in love.. i told her everything and when i was done. She sighed deeply..

"Wow.. that is quite a story my dear. David is indeed evil. And now an innocent man is in jail" she said sadly

"Yes, which is why i need you to get the divorce papers ready immediately. So i can get as far away as i can from that monster" i said..

"That won't be a problem dear, just come back later in the day for them alright? The judge is a friend of mine, so the divorce is done. There's nothing even David can do about it. Just do everything you can to get your man out of that jail" she assured me..

"Thank you so much Rosie, i knew i can always count on you" i hugged her briefly..

"You're welcome dear, see you later. Bye" she said..

"Bye" i told her and left.

As i left her office, i drove straight to my father's office.

"Daddy good morning" i greeted him..

"Baby girl how are you feeling?" He asked as he got up and hugged me.

"I've been better daddy." I replied weakly...

I told him all that has been happening, to say he was shocked is an understatement. He was dumbfounded.. he looked at me and asked...

"Emma you mean all these things has been happening and you never bothered to tell anyone anything?" 

"I'm sorry daddy, you all told me marriage is for better or for worse. So i kept on covering for him all these years he was gone. I thought i was doing the right thing, standing by my man through it all.. Now i just realized I've been a fool" i said..

"Oh Emma, i feel like all these is my fault. I shouldn't have pushed into marrying someone you didn't love. I'm sorry baby girl, please forgive me!" He said looking remorseful 

"Daddy it's fine. No need to blame yourself. I just need your help right now. I need you to make some calls so you can get Luke out of that jail for me please" i pleaded..

"Sure dear, you'll go to the police station with one of my top lawyers so you can go bail him out now" he said...

"Oh thank you daddy, i knew i could count on you" i said happily as i hugged him..

"You're welcome baby girl. Now you go and get your man out. When you do, please bring him over to the house for dinner to meet the family" he said...

"Yes daddy i will. Bye" i pecked him on the cheek and left. 

Outside i met George his defense attorney, the one who's going to bail Luke out.. oh and he's the best defense attorney in the state as well. Hold on baby, i'm coming to get you.

Twenty minutes later... we walked out of the D.A's office smiles on our faces. And with us, an order of bail for one Lucas Jones. Courtesy of my father..

Ten minutes later Luke was a free man, all charges dropped. I watched him walk out of his cell and into the my waiting arms, we held each other like it's been forever..

He finally let me go and looked at my face.. "baby you look tired" he said, with a worried look on his face.

"Yes sweetie i know, i couldn't get much sleep last night. I was worried about you" i replied..

"Well let's get out of here, so you can go rest a bit alright?" He asked 

"Okay" i nodded in agreement. 

We said our thanks to George and we drove off in my car to a hotel.. we didn't want to go back to that house. Not with David still there..

          [At the hotel room]

We had already taken a shower and ordered for room service. While we waited for our food, we talked and laughed about recent events. Just then the bell rang and our food was delivered...

As i jumped up to pounce on the food cos i was really famished, i perceived the aroma and i started feeling nauseous again. I ran to the bathroom and started throwing up whatever was left in my belly.

Luke rushed into the bathroom with me and held my head as i continued throwing up. When i was done, he pulled me up, washed my face and gave me water to wash my mouth. He lifted me up in his arms and took me to the bed..

"Baby how long has this been going on?" He asked me..

"Since this morning, i can't seem to keep any food down. Maybe i'm coming down with a flu" i replied weakly 

"Baby we need to go to the hospital right away. You need to see a doctor now" he said..

I didn't protest, i got up and he helped me wear my cloth. And off to the hospital we went...

         [In the doctor's office]

"Mrs Becker please tell me exactly  what you said is wrong with you again" she asked..

"Well doctor I've been feeling dizzy all day and i throw up at the sight of food" i replied... She lifted her face and smiled..

"I think i have an idea what is wrong with you. But let's conduct a test first to be sure alright?" I nodded

The nurse came in and took my urine samples. Ten minutes later, she came back with the result.

"Well my dear, we have good news for you. You're three weeks pregnant! And it's the reason why you've been feeling nauseous and dizzy" she said...  

"Congratulations my dear" she said and shook my hand..

I walked out of her office with smiles on my face. Luke stood up immediately he saw me come out.

"So baby what's the problem?" He asked..

"Oh Luke there's no problem. We're having a baby my love" i said...

He whopped in happiness as he lifted me up in his arms and gave me a loving kiss...not caring we're still in the hospital and people were looking. 

We carried me all the way to the car and we drove back to the hotel.

We tore each other's clothes off as we made love all through the night...

"We made our baby that night after our dinner date, love"  he whispered lovingly into my ears..

I smiled in remembrance... "Yes i remember darling, the night we fell in love" i said 

"I love you Lucas Jones" i said to him..

"And i love you too Emma" he whispered back to me..

        [One week later]
I had signed the divorce papers with David the next day after i found out i was pregnant. 

Now it's a beautiful day, my wedding day to the love of my life. And i felt my heart bursting with happiness. As we looked into each other's eyes and said our vows, i felt like the luckiest girl on earth to have found him..

We exchanged our rings in front of God, the priest and our family and friends. I never thought i could be this happy in this life..

He held me close and kissed me, his eyes shining with love for me. He lifted me up and carried me to the waiting car and off we went for our honeymoon. 

"I love you Lucas Jones" i said to him

"And I love you too Emma Jones! My wife" he declared and kissed me again...

And all this time, one man stood at the back alone, looking on with regret on his face...David!!!


HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED THE STORY lol.... Don't forget to drop your comments!! Muahh


  1. Wow! I love happy endings, sassy u really made my week with dis story.

  2. Wow! I love happy endings, sassy u really made my week with dis story.

  3. Thanks're a darling.

  4. Awwww happy ending, Sassy u juz broke my heart.

  5. Haha @Gina abeg oo, make the heart mend quickly for the next story lol
    Thanks for being here always. I appreciate

  6. Wow! Sassy weldone, its like u enjoy love makin a lot lol! Kudos! On completin ur 1st story on ur blog.

  7. Hahaha Dinma dear if i say i no like am, then i'm a liar lol
    You need to spice it up once in a while nah hehe. Thanks dearie..

  8. Nice story sassy mum.... I enjoyed every bit of it

  9. Thank you for being here @ Miz Tee..

    Please stay tuned for the next oo lol. *shines teeth*

  10. Well done sassy, really love this story... dint want it to end

  11. Awww thanks @Temi..
    Next story loading lol

  12. Wow Wow Wow.
    Well done Sassy mama. You killed it


  13. Woww, beautiful ending @Sassy, you're good. Great work.

  14. Thanks @Chinwe

    Thanks @Belinda. Check out the next story! It's out..


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