Guys thank you all so much for the prayers! Motherhood rocks but it's hard! Mothers in here will understand lol. Back to the story...

As i walked out of Alexs' room, i closed the door and leaned on the wall for a minute to still my shaking legs before i tumble and fall. That's how much he affected me.

Before i came here tonight, all I'd planned to do was to see the bride and to give Alex a piece of my mind! I still don't know why i kissed him, so unlike me! 

But at that moment, sitting on that bed, staring at him looking so handsome and sexy, i just felt the need to kiss him once again! And truth be told... I don't regret it! Damn you Alex!  Damn you for making me feel this way! 

I followed the back stairway out into the garden, i just needed some fresh air to calm my nerves before i drive home and lord knows i don't want to see Laura again tonight! As i sat down on the bench listening to the crickets, i heard footsteps. I sat quietly listening..

Alex appeared walking towards, guess he was following me. I didn't move, i just sat watching him as be came closer. He knelt in front of me and took my hands in his looking into my eyes..

"Alex what are you doing here? Why are you following me?" I managed to ask..

"Baby please i am sorry for hurting you. I know i promised that I'll never hurt you but i did! And I'll never forgive myself for it, i just need you to know how deeply sorry i am!" He replied looking sad..

"Alex i have forgiven you! Yes i have! But it'll be hard to forget though!" 

"Oh thank you so much baby! Your forgiveness means the world to me!" He said smiling.

"It's Elle okay? You need to stop calling me baby! You have a fiancee inside there remember?" I reminded him

"You are my baby Elle! You've always been my baby and you'll forever be my baby! I need to sort things out with Laura so we can finally be together! I'm so happy she and i aren't married yet" he said

"No Alex, you cannot do that! You cannot hurt another woman because of me! You got yourself into this mess, so you need to stick with your decision!" I said standing up.

"You chose to run away and you chose to make that girl in there your wife! So you're not allowed to hurt her like you hurt me!". I was so angry..

"But I love you Elle!  I love you and i want to be with you baby.  Just you!" He said with tears in his eyes..

I didn't know what to say to that and i didn't want him to see the tears that has filled my eyes, so i turned away from him, picked up my purse again from the bench and started to walk away.. 

He pulled me back into his arms and crushed my lips with his. I whimpered as i kissed him back. We stood there kissing for a long time before he finally released my mouth. He tilted my head up and looked into my eyes as he said..

"Yes you're right! I have a lot to sort out and i'm gonna do it! But Elle i'm never letting you go.. Never! You're mine!" He said fiercely 

"Alex you don't own me, so i'm not yours! Two years ago, you could've taken me anywhere and anyhow you wanted! But this is the present and i'm not yours!"

"Good night Alex!" I said and walked away.  I got into my car and drove off. 


I watched her as she walked away, knowing there's nothing i could do to stop her. I went inside the house, by now most of the guests have all gone. Thank God!! 

I walked my parents to the door and said my goodnight! Just then Laura came towards me and hugged me, looking up at me, smiling!

"Finally babe! It's just you and I, alone! Tonight was a success right?" She asked 

"Yea it was! You look beautiful by the way!" I said and she blushed.

"Thanks babe!  So what about Danielle? I didn't see her leave, i hope everything is fine" she asked, looking at me with questions in her eyes.

"Yea all is well. She said she had a headache, so she rushed home to take an aspirin!" I lied, forcing a smile. 

"Okay then. I think we should call it a night, I'm so tired!" She said stretching and yawning. 

"Good idea" i replied leading her upstairs to her room. 

Yes we haven't slept together yet! She said she wants to wait till the wedding night and i'm so happy i agreed to go along with the whole plan. One less thing for me to feel guilty about! Jerk ass like me..

"Good night babe!" She said kissing me softly on the lips.

"Good night!" I replied with a forced smile and she shut the door. 

I breathed a deep sight of relief and headed straight to my room to think. I flung my tie and my jacket off and threw them into the closet. Removed the rest of my cloths and stepped into the bathroom for a cold shower! 

I needed it so badly! Maybe it'll help me sleep this night, to get my mind and my other mind off from Elle!  I tossed and turned until finally i slept just before dawn!

Down the hall, Laura couldn't sleep either, she was busy pacing barefoot all over the room. Thinking deeply of what to do about Danielle, she doesn't need a prophet to tell her Alex is still very much in love with Elle! The chemistry between them is undeniable! 


I hadn't slept a wink last night, i couldn't stop thinking about Alex, Laura and the kiss! Now i'm so tired but i have loads of work to do at the office, so i knew i couldn't stay at home today.

I took my shower and got dressed for work. I kissed my daughter goodbye and left without breakfast. Not really hungry this morning. I let the driver take me to work today cos i had too much on my mind! 

Two hours later since i arrived at the office and i still can't concentrate anything! Alex hasn't called me today and i miss him. A part of me wish to see him and the other part doesn't. So so frustrating!!

Was still thinking when the Secretary called to inform me i have a visit. One Ms Laura! I was surprised before i asked her to send her in. I stilled myself in my chair, trying to look cool and composed. I got up and forced a s
Smile to greet her as she stepped into my office.

"Hello Laura, nice to see you again" i said clapping for myself for being so brave

"Hey Danielle, nice to see you too. How are you?' She inquired

"I'm fine! I'm sorry i couldn't tell you i was leaving last night, i had a headache and you were with so many people. So i sneaked out!" I said

"I understand! Danielle i came to see you for an important issue. And it's about you and Alex!" She said. I felt my heart quicken at her words.

"Okay. What is it about!" I asked

"Well i'm worried about what's going on here between you two. When i met Alex in the States, he was in a very bad shape, and that's saying it lightly!"

I had just gotten out of a bad relationship myself, so we kind of consoled each other and we fell in love! At least i'm sure i did, i didn't want to at first but it was beyond my control"

She continued "I love Alex so much i'm afraid to lose him and frankly after seeing you two together last night, i'm worried! So I'm here to ask you what's really going on!"

 Is there any chance that you're in love with Alex? Do i have any reason to be worried? Given your history together, i really want to know!" She asked looking at me with serious eyes.

I sighed deeply, i sat staring out the window thinking of what to say to her. I applaud her for coming here to say her mind, she's so brave! Should i tell her the truth? Or should i lie to spare her feelings? Oh God!!!! Yes i should tell her the truth, i owe her that much.

I turned towards her and said.. "thank you so much for coming here today, i admire your courage! As to your questions, i don't want to lie to you. So i'm gonna tell you the truth!"

"Yes Laura you're right! I am very much in love with Alex! I have always been in love with him, it just took me a long time to realize that. And i hate myself everyday for hurting Alex with my rejection. Which is why i'm so happy that he found you!"

"I'm so grateful to you for taking care of him and preventing him from hurting himself. So what i'm trying to say is that even though i love him, i'm not going to stand in the way your marriage to him. Alex is yours! I'm just going to continue to be a friend if i'm ever needed!" I assured her but hurting badly inside.

I winced as i saw her smile sweetly at my words, i couldn't even force a smile, my heart was breaking. She got up and shook my hand..

"Well thank you Danielle for being so understanding! See you around" she said walking out of my office..

I sank down into my chair shaking as the tears begin to fall from my eyes. I have just given up the only man i've ever loved away to another woman! Oh Danielle why did you just do this? Alex could've been mine if i had told her the whole truth? Now i've lost him, how am i going to bear this pain? How can i live without him?

Laura was all smile as she drove home, she had planned it all night. And then she had realized that she needed to confront Danielle. And she knew that her pride would never let her admit that she wants Alex for herself! Haha good work Laura! You did good today.


I was i my office thinking about last night's events and what to do about the whole engagement brouhaha when Laura walked into my office. I forced a smile as i got up to welcome her. She came towards me all smiles and gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek. I was looking at her bewildered, wondering what's happening..

"Hey love, how has your day been?" She asked sitting down 

"I'm fine, my day has been hectic though. So much work to do since i returned, but I'll get through with them! So what are you doing here by the way and where have you been? I was told you already left the house when i came downstairs this morning!" 

"Well i'm here to see you obviously. And yea i left early to see someone. I went to see Danielle!" She said staring at me closely to see my reaction to her words. My heart was beating loudly when i asked..

"You went to see Elle? Whatever for?" I asked 

"I went to have a talk with her, woman to woman! I wanted her assurance that she won't stand in the way of our marriage together!"

"Really?" I asked

"Yes, really!"

"And you didn't think to discuss this with me first before you went over there?" I was angry now.. how dare she?

She stared at me innocently as she said...

"I'm sorry Alex if you're angry with my decision, but i just had to know! I'm sorry i didn't discuss this with you first!" I sighed deeply..

"And.. what did she say?" I asked

"Well she assured me that she won't be a problem to us, which is why i'm so happy! I came here straight to tell you!"

"I see! Well if that's all, i have a lot of work to do! So i'll see you later in the evening!" I said dismissing her..

"Yes that's all, see you later darling!" She gave me a peck again as she left..

Really Danielle! You should've told her truth? You and your damn pride!!

I picked up my cell and called hef but she didn't pick up. I drove straight to her house to see her when i closed from work. She wasn't yet back when i asked after her from her maid. So i decided to wait a bit for her, i needed to talk to her this night! And i was determined to see her, whether she likes it or not..

I was sitting there fuming in anger when i heard a small whimper, like the cry of a baby. I was convinced it was probably a cat so i waved it off as nothing, maybe Elle got herself a cat! Until i heard the sound again..

I stood up from my chair, like i was in a trance, i started walking up the stairs following the sound, like it was drawing me closer and closer! 

I stopped at the door of the room the cry was coming from and opened the door. I went inside and saw a crib in the room, it looks like a nursery! I saw the nanny sleeping in the bed near the crib, obviously she didn't hear the baby crying.

I went closer and picked the baby up to console her, but when i looked down to her face, i was shocked to my bone marrow! It's like staring at a smaller version of myself! She stopped crying immediately and smiled at me, her eyes twinkling as she put her thumb in her mouth and started sucking it. Guess she's hungry! I smiled back as tears filled my eyes.

Oh God! Why didn't she tell me? Danielle why didn't you tell me? Why? I was asking myself all these questions qhen the door opened. And Danielle walked in, she was mad!

"Alex what are you doing here?" She asked

"Danielle why didn't you tell me? Why Danielle? Why?"...

To Be Continued!!
Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. Thank God you're feeling much better now! I love love this story and i've missed it
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