SCORCHED Episode 2

Hello ooo
It's Me..ok let's do this.


I found Amber and Micheal sitting on our couch talking when i came in. Michael hadn't called to tell me he's coming over, so i'm surprised to see him. Wondering what he's doing here..

"Hey you, welcome back" said Amber with her eyes twinkling as always, waiting for me to tell her everything.

"Yea, thanks. Micheal what are you doing here this late? You didn't tell me you were coming over. Don't tell mw you're in trouble again?" I asked as i sat down to remove my shoes.

"Hey sis, i called but it didn't go through. So i thought to surprise you. So surprise and Nk i'm not in trouble!" He replied laughing

"Thank God!" I said rolling ny eyes at him. "But seriously Michael, you need to call me next time before you come here okay? You know i hate this sorta surprise..!" I scolded him.. he raised his hands up in deafeat as he said..

"Yes Ma'am! So where you been? Amber told me you went on a date, so tell us how it was." I looked at Amber with my evil eye, she met my gaze and smiled

"I'm sorry sweetie, i just had to tell him. Finally you're giving someone a chance, we're just so happy for you. Now tell us everything!!"

"Well the date was okay...i guess." Trying so hard not to show my excitement over my new car

"Really Ems? No you gotta do better than that.." Amber said. I laughed at her expression

"Fine.." i said and dipped my hand inside my purse, brought out the cad key and threw it over to the couch they were both sitting on.

Micheal caught it before it'll fall, i watched as Amber scooted over to his side of the couch to see what it is.

Michael's expression turned from curiosity, to confusion, to recognition and back to curiosity again. He looked at me and asked..

"Ems what's going on? Who's car key is this?" Amber was looking at me too and she wasn't laughing now. I'm sure she already recognised the make of the girl sfuff

"The car is a gift to me from Tom, my date..! He gave it to me as a 'thank you' for finally agreeing to go out on a date with him..! Very unexpected but much appreciated by me..i mean i couldn't possibly reject a gift like this. Could i?" Micheal and Amber exchange a strange look, like they probably think i'm crazy.

"Ems please this ain't a joke..we're serious here, who's car key is this..?" Amber asked

"Guys I'm serious. The car is mine! Yes mine..! He gave it to me as a gift, no strings attached. Oh he also asked me to be his girlfriend too..!"

"Ems are you kidding me right now? Omg!! Michael are you seeing this..?" She asked mouth open.

But Michael was just there, sitting looking from me to the key. My heart was beating so fast, i was afraid he might not believe me and he didn't. Finally he spoke up.

"Ems you're my sister and i love you but i gotta tell you this babe, i don't believe ya. Yes, you're beautiful and sexy as hell but i just don't believe a man can buy you an $86k worth of ride, just to say thank you for accepting to go on a date with him? Nah i don't believe that's possible. .!"

Amber turned to me at his words, oh now she's suspicious too.

"On the contrary Mike you're wrong. It is possible cos it just happened to me. That car out there is mine and i ain't giving it back..!" I said

"Well nobody's asking you to give it back least not yet" Amber said and i breathed a small sigh of relief. "At least tell us who this man is, his name, what he does...everything. We just want to know who the man is...Right Micheal?" He nodded in agreement.

"Fine..! He's an older guy, but not that old. He's 40, divorced and a millionaire. His name is Tom Ford." I said.. Amber gave me this horrible, surprised look

"Wait...did you just say Tom Ford Ems?" She asked incredulously

"Yes. Why? Do you know him?" I asked her, now curious.

"Yes in fact i do know him well. He's a millionaire just like you said but he is definitely not divorced.. at least not since yesterday.." she said

I literally junped up from my chair, mouth wide open in shock...

"What are you talking about Amber? I mean how are you sure of this thing you're saying.." i asked arms folded on my chest waiting for answers..

"Ems when i said i know this man, i mean i know him very well. Like he and my two brothers practically grew up together. They're best of friends and Tom is like a half brother to me. So if he had gotten a divorce from his wife Elise, i'm sure someone would've told me about it..!"

"Oh the slimy bastard..! How would he lie to me about this? I asked him and he said his wife cheated, so they had both decided to get a divorce..!"

"He told me yesterday the divorce had been settled and he is now a free man, which is why i ever agreed to go on a date with him. Oh how could i have fallen for this lie?" I raved, all the while thinking of what to do about my car.

"I'm just as confused as you are Ems, i never would've pegged Tom for a cheater. I mean he and Elise always seemed like the perfect couple. Their PDA is out of this world and they always look smitten with each other. How could he even think of cheating on sweet, beautiful Elise? I'm so disappointed in him...ugh..!"

All the while she was talking, i kept staring at her wondering what kind of human being she is, she always always sees the good in everyone..! It can be so annoying sometimes, i'm like "helloo wake up from your slumber...nobody is that perfect. Unless maybe just you. But i love her all the same.

"Wow this is getting interesting..!" Micheal said amused. "I mean what are you both going to do about this situation?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked trying to play it dumb.

"I mean you Emily, what are you going to do with the information Amber just gave you and the car too...are you keeping it or taking it back?"

"And you Amber, what are you going to do with this new discovery? Are you gonna blow the whistle on him or are you gonna keep mum and act like nothing has happened?"

I got up and went to the bar to get a drink, i really need it now. Why does everything have to be so complcated? I aksed myself. Now that i think i've hit the jackpot, it turns out it's all lies..i knew it was all too good to be true anyways.

"Well Michael i don't see what the big deal is here, i'm gonna call hm and m tell him i don't want to be his girlfriend. And snce he said there's nk strings attached to the car, then hell yes! I'm keeping it, God knows i need it..!" I replied. Micheal busted into laughter at my words..

"What's so funny..?" Amber asked

"Nothing. It's just that before she spoke, i already knew what she was gonna say. But seriously Ems is that wise?"

"I don't see why i shouldn't keep it. Unless he calls me to say he wants it back, if not i'm not returning it. I'm gonna keep it for all my troubles tonight, for wasting my time and the many hours i would've spent on my bed sleeping..!"

They both laughed at my words and i can't help laughing with them too.

"Well i think you should keep the car too, that's what he gets for trying to cheat..!" Amber said.

"Okay then it's settled, we're keeping the car. So what about you Amber, are you gonna tell on him or nah.." Michael asked..

"Telling would be the right thing to do but i won't. I don't know what's really going on between them both, and honestly i don't want to be in the middle of it all.. so she's gonna have to find out on her own." She said, resigned.

"Yea i think that's the best thing to do." I said getting up from the couch. "Well I'm gonna say goodnight to you guys now, i'm so so tired..." i said yawning.

"Btw Mike what's up with you tonight? It's pretty late,aren't you going home?" I asked..

"Well i think i'm gonna sleep on your couch tonight, like you said it's pretty late. Tomorrow we'll go test your new car eh.." he teased smiling..

"Im sorry but that is never gonna happen, you can do whatever you want with your beat up old car, but not with mine..uh uh.."

"Oh really? We'll see about that, won't we?" He teased again..

"We'll see.. goodnight guys.."

"Night dear.." Amber replied

"Night Sis.." Mike said..

I took my shower, wore my nightie and jumped into bed, exhausted.

The next morning, we took turns testing the car. Since it's weekend we decided to have fun. I was having fun until i got a text from my pimp, apparently i have a client to meet for lunch;just lunch.

I told Amber and Mike i was going out for a quick lunch and left. I made sure i looked good before leaving. I got tothe said restaurant and went in search of the table i was directed to.

I was already seated and sipping a glass of wine before he arrived. And lo and's Tom. I played my part as usual as he got seated.

We ordered and ate our foor in silence. After eating, he ordered another bottle of wine as we got talking.

"So Tom i didn't expect to see you so soon, is everything okay..?" I asked

"Yes all is well..i just needed to see you again after last night. And to also inquire if you have an answer to the proposal...i know..i know.. i said i was gonna give you time to think about it first, i'm sorry. Just so impatient.!"

"No I'm glad you called. So a friend gave me an interesting information about you last night. And she swore she's absolutely sure she's right about this information so i wanted to ask you first to confirm."

"Okay, What's the information?" He asked calmly..

"I've been told that you Mr Tom Ford, is still a married man. That you aren't divorced from your wife and that you two are so in love and smitten with each other. Is it true?"

He calmly sipped some more wine, dripped his wine flute before he replied..probably thinking of another lie to spin. But i don't care, my mind is made up...but really is he human at all. He doesn't even show any sign that he's shocked as someone who has just been caught in a lie. What a cold bastard you are Tom! I pity your poor wife.Ugh

"Yes Emily it's true. My wife and i have grown apart over the years and our marriage is not what it used to be. I'm a man and i have certain needs, which is why i need a girlfriend or as you said a mistress. And you can give me what i want, i need you and you need me. So why don't we jusr help eacb other out here?"

"You know Tom, i know i'm not saint and i know I'm not exactly a role model but i still have a conscience. I'm into this business not.because i was curious or because i like it..No. I'm in this business because i need the money but i still have rules that guide me."

"One of them being "don't get too involved than i need to be with a married man". I was considering giving you a chance last night, i thought maybe i could i try the whole boyfriend/ girlfriend thingy until i got this information.. I can't be your girlfriend/mistress Tom!"

"I can't be your girlfriend when i know that you're still legally married to your wife! I can't be your girlfriend knowing that there might still be hope for you and your wife to settle your differences tomorrow! I can't be your girlfriend because i don't wanr to be labeled a home wrecker!"

"I thought about it all night long and Yes i know what I'll be missing by saying No. But that is the decision i've made and i'm not changing my mind.!" I said finally...

I looked up to see him staring at me calmly, not saying a word and i can't read his expression either. He finally sighed and asked..

"Are you absolutely sure about this Emily?"

"Yes Tom, i'm sure.!" I replied.

"And you also know this means i'm not your client anymore right?"

"Yes Tom, i know!" I fired back

"Alright then, hand me the keys" he said. I knew it! You slimy bastard!! But you ain't getting it motherf***er

"What are you talking about?" I asked playing it dumb

"The keys to the car, hand it over!" This time he sounded pissed, but i don't curr

I threw my head back and laughed out loud, not caring we're in a public and people were staring...who currs

"Oh Tom you make me laugh. Hand you over the keys? Really? Just like that? So you suddenly changed your mind, all because i refused your proposal huh?" I fired back ,now raising my voice..

Oh yes you bastard, i'm gonna embarrass the life outta you today, maybe i might even make the news lol

"Emily will keep your voice down?" He hissed at me, eyes blazing hot with anger..

"You don't tell me what to do okay? I can talk however i want to, I'm an adult! In case you haven't noticed. Now back to what i was saying.. you said last night and i quote "You can do whatever you want with the car, it's yours, no strings attached". Now you're telling me you want it back?"

"Well i've changed mind, i want my car back..!" He said

"That might work for you at home with your wife or at the office with your Secretary and your partners, but it's not gonna work for me alright? This car is mine, Mine Tom and i'm keeping it..!"

"Really?" He asked

"Yes really!

"And you think that you can stop me from taking my car back?" He asked, amused

"Oh you just try it Tom, you just to take it away and I'll make your "rich, perfect life" so hot and messy for you, you'll beg for mercy. I have a lot, like a kot of dirt on you, yes You. And if you don't want any of your dirty little secrets to come out, you better forget about that car this minute!" I threatened.

"Oh also don't even try anything stupid cos i told my friends everything about you and our little arrangement. So if anything, anything at all, even a scratch happens to me, they're also coming for you..!"

For a minute or so, he sat there looking at me like he's just seeing me for the first time. Oh my God, he looks shocked!! Finally he's human after all lol

He called the waiter and payed our bills, dropped my envelope for me on the table and got up slowly..

"Good bye Emily, it's been interesting getting to know you."

"Good bye Tom. It's been interesting getting to know you too. I hope we never meet again.." I said smiling sweetly at him

"That makes two of us..!" He said and walked away.

I watched him walk away and that was when i breathed a huge sigh of relief.. sweet victory! But honestly i had nothing on the man, just empty threats. I can't believe he fell for it thoigh. Now the car is mine...all mine! Yesss 

I picked up the envelope and checked to see if my money is complete. And it was, he even added the usual $1000 for me. Which i'm sure he'll be regretting doing by now. I laughed as i got up, picked up my purse from the table and walked out to my car.

Thank you Tommy for the tip..Life's good!!

I met Amber and Michael sitting in the sitting room playing a game and drinking some beer when i came in, they looked up with questions in their eyes when i walked it..

"Okay we're gonna assume you went out to see Tom, so tell us how it went." Amber asked..

"We really don't need all the details, just tell us if you came home with the car or not..!" Michael chipped in. I laughed at them both...

"As a matter of fact Yes, i came back with my car. He was a gentleman and very understanding, so yes the car is all minee..yay!"

"Yess! Now we're taking baby.." Micheal whopped

"High five babe, you're bae!" Amber said and we high fived..

"Now sit down, come join us. Let us celebrate our new ride" said Mike

"I've had a lot of alcohol today, so i'm only gonna take a sip." I said sitting down. "And Mike it's my car, my ride, not ours, I've told ya." He laughed and said

"We'll see about that won't we?" He teased again...

"Whatever..." i replied rolling my eyes at him.

Next week i have no appointment all through, i have exams and i gotta concentrate. Till then.. i remain your faithful Escort girl..Emily!

To Be Continued..
Sorry it's coming late, it took me 3 days to write this episode. We're getting there slowly and i hope y'all enjoy it. Please don't forget to drop your comments and also click on the share button alright. I love you all muah


  1. I hope Mr Tom won't come at her hard for refusing to return the car. Ems is one brave woman, but is she a prostitute? This is my first time of reading scorched.

  2. I have gotten to half the page before I was able to recall the story. Please with the way you guys post the stories and time people will lose interest. I knw is difficult but at least keep a date. All the best dear.

  3. Thumbs up Mami.

  4. Interesting piece..
    Welcome back dear

  5. Awwwwwu. ..shed back with fire.
    Ok let me start reading.

    *gud 2 hv u bck Dear

  6. More Grace and Wisdom!!!

    sassy mum, have you met Carina Jacob(
    she writes with fire just like your readers you are back with fire!
    locate Carina..I think it will be nice for you too to be friends....though she's not a mum yet but by 2016 she will be(*congrat Carina dear *smiles*)

    1. Amen ooo
      Hehehe Lucy you make me laugh, yes I've met Carina and yes i know she's a great writer too. Thanks

  7. Wicked man, he wanted the car back after he had given it to her with a "no strings" attached tag......rubbish. Thank God she was smart enuf 2 keep it

    1. Belinda that's not being smart at all, if na me I go return d car. Dis is not d end of that story I tell ya, I'm scared for her.

  8. Interesting episode.
    @Lucy.. Hehehe! You are making me blush ooo.. Thanks for your love! A mom in 2016? Let my hubby locate me first
    Hey @Sassy mama! How are your kids?

  9. Hot babe. Just take it easy shaa. Sassy mum, u r good. Love it.

  10. Replies
    1. Thank you Vivian and welcome here. Been seeing all your comments, i appreciate dear. Muah

  11. He must have a spare key. Hmmmm. Let him not give her 9ja men treatment.


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