The Most Annoying Day Of My Life

Just for laughs

See how sexy hers is? Lol

Not really the most annoying day in my life per say, but it's definitely one if them...

So three years ago when fixing fake eyelash was still a cool and rare thing, out of curiosity i went to fix mine. So i went to a salon, mind you i didn't go to ogbo mmanu or ogbo ose to do it oo lol

I closed my eyes against the cost and i went to do it. So i went to a good salon (or so i thought). This yeye woman claimed she can fix it wella even adding that she has fixed for Beyonce and Kim K (In her dreams of course lol)

She put gum, i was crying for no reason, she put one kain painful something inside my eyes. See better crying that day, ebe a na acho mma (because i'm looking for beauty). Five minutes after, we were done and i.looked myself in the mirror. Expecting to see a mini Kim K, lo and behold i saw red puffy eyes, red nose and bloated face from all my crying.

Mini me that day

I couldn't see clearly cos of these umbrellas covering my eyes, i had to raise my face anytime i want to really see something. Kai i vexed and vexed that day ehn.. I went home that night and sat on one corner of our house, mg hands on my jaw, my eyes scratching me like no man's business and all i could think was...


Each time i remember that woman or even catch a glimpse of her anywhere, i feel like slapping her face. But i wouldn't dare oo, make them no beat man pikin abeg lol

This young man has something important to say lol

Now it's your turn, tell us your own annoying story! Let's share and laugh together...

Thanks for being here!


  1. I remember when I colored my hair blonde on top of the red die tht I had which was not even up 2 a month old. I remember washing ma hair n I took a look on the bath tub n walaaaaa ma blonde hair was going down the drain and some still in between ma what? My friends had a gud laugh oo but I went to the saloon and they sd a nice job on ma head and no one knew wat happened before,

    . ..short cut n I looked gudddddddd

    1. Lmaooo I can imagine how you'll look. I don't dye my hair, never have and probably never will. They say it messes up your hair texture and i'm afraid of that shii lol

  2. Lol
    I just can't Stop laughing
    The 1St cat mehn

    I will write mine when the laughter subsideS

    SaSSy thanks for the experience , I now won't dare fix fake eye lashes

    1. Oya oo we're waiting for your own story.

      As for fake eyelashes, fix at your own risk lol


  3. Btw my boo Said the most annoying day of his life is when his friend took his money about #120000,
    He vowed to take him to arusi
    But he forgave him finally when his friend begged him.

    #He wanted to know why am rolling on the floor laughing

    1. Eeiyaa bad friend.. glad your boo forgave him.

      Lmao @rolling on the floor, i can imagine lol

  4. One of my most annoying day happened on November 2015

    BVN wahala
    It happened on Friday 6th of November 2015.
    It happened that I went to withdraw money for something urgent. Being weekend the queue at the ATM was Something else!. I decided to try another branch that wouldn't have much queue, can you imagine that one worSe paSS. I went to another branch aaaaahh this one had about 50 customers each on the different ATM machine.

    " it was as if my village " people" were having meeting against me that day"

    Unlike me that's very impatient in nature, I decided to wait it out, Since I have no other alternative at the moment.

    when it reached my turn I was relived. I inserted one of my debit card it Started "writing" all these computerised grammar.
    I was having any of those nonsense when it had finally reached my turn after all the long hourS standing under the sun .

    Walai I now inserted my 2nd debit card. U go fear effizy na .

    Kai the Same grammar , wetin na
    Then the person behind was like babe have you done your BVN registration? I said yes Since na .
    He now said have you updated it ? Update ke ?
    I went to my branch to do update thinking it will be reSolved that day.
    Low and behold one of bank's customer care that I made the complaints to Said She has Sent the update but I can't withdraw that day till after some working days.

    Aaaah na so my village people come win that day.

    I was very very annoyed that day. I even lost my appetite.

    1. bankS do work on Fridays .

      Oh I meant weekend as in "workend"

  5. Hahaha this woman you just dey make me laugh here..
    The first cat is hilarious lol

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. @ Sassy, thank God it wasn't superglue..


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