TO LOVE A DUKE Chapter 2

 Elena marched straight to her room and slammed the door shut, right now she didn't care much about decorum or being a lady. She was just so angry at that man sitting in that room right now, drinking her scotch and probably still chatting and laughing with her sisters.

 Hands on her waist, she started pacing again, all the while thinking..

  "How dare he talk to me like that? How dare he call me childish in my own home? I knew it! I knew i was going to hate him! Cocky bastard like him! I wish i had smacked his face! Oh the scandal! But i don't care!" 

She sank down onto her bed to think of what to do next and that was how her sister met her.. Sleeping and snoring softly! Mirabelle tucked her in and tiptoed out of the room to inform the Duke her sister couldn't come down for dinner with them. 

"So, where's she?" Damon asked when Mirabelle came back to the room.. 

"I'm sorry my lord, but she can't join us for dinner tonight..!"

"Why? She still angry with me?" He asked again, this time he looks worried and concerned 

"It's nothing like that my lord. She's sleeping..!"

"What? Sleeping you say?" he asked incredulously 

"Yes, she's sleeping. Please forgive her for being so rude, you see she hasn't slept well. Really well since she heard about you, now she's finally sleeping and I'm sorry my lord, but I can't wake her..!"

"Are you sure she's okay?" He asked looking really concerned for Elena now

"Yes my lord, she just needs to rest..!"

"Allright ladies, I'll be calling it a night now. Please tell my lady when  she wakes up that I'll be calling on her tomorrow. Will you?"

"Yes my lord, I will.. Good night my lord.." Mirabelle bowed beautifully

Annabelle got up slowly from her chair and gave a perfect bow as she said.. 

"Goodnight my lord, see you tomorrow.." and gave him one of her seductive smiles

He smiled back at her, bowed like a true gentleman and said good nights. He left and the ladies stood on the spot for a while longer, inhaling his manly scent and drooling at his good looks. 

Anna sat back and gave a huge sigh... "Oh Mirabelle, that sister of ours can be very difficult and stupid at the same time..!" 

"Annabelle! Watch your language, don't talk about your elder sister like that!" Mir scolded her

"Fine.. I'm sorry. But Mir this time I'm right, look at that man!! He's rich, handsome, a gentleman and most important of all, he's a Duke!! What's Elena's problem with him?"

"You know Elena, she hates doing things against her will. She's determined to hate the man so she doesn't care if he's a good man or not. I think Damon will be a good husband to her, If she'll let him.."

"Father and Mother should've betrothed me to him instead, I want to be a duchess and enjoy the rest of my life with that beautiful man beside me. I believe I'm jealous of Elena now..!" Anna said giving her sister a mischievous smile 

Mirabelle rolled her eyes at her and smiled back... "I just knew you'll say that, so I'm not surprised or shocked!"

"You know me too well sister. Now let's go have dinner, I believe I'm feeling sleepy already.."

They both left to have dinner and went straight to bed..

    ****Next Morning****

Elena turned on her back and woke up with a start, she sat up on the bed disorientated. She only remember being angry at that man and sitting on her bed to think and now it's morning. 

She got up to wash, her maid Ruth had brought fresh water and laid out a day gown for her but she put it aside. She put on her emerald riding habit, packed her hair up and secured it tightly in a ponytail, then she left the room and went to the stables.

The page boy Sam, brought out her beautiful horse Emerald. Her father had given her the horse as a pony and she had grown into such a beautiful horse. Elena loved her so much, she hopped onto its back without help and galloped into the woods.

"Thank God Mirabelle isn't awake yet, she would've volunteered to be my chaperone but i don't need that now. I just want to be alone right now, to ride and clear my head.." she thought to herself

She was so lost in her thought that when she heard her name, she jerked her head around quickly and saw him. It's the young baron, Lord Peter Grant. The handsome baron that has been on her case for a long time now, honestly she didn't like him. She only talked to him because of courtsey..

"Good morning, Miss Clarks!" He said cheerfully

"Good morning, Lord Grant..!" Se chipped in

"How are you today..!"

"I'm fine, thank you my lord..!"

He leered at her, all the way from her breast to her hips and back up.

"Oh yes you are fine, i can see that!"

How Elena wished she can scratch his eyes out with her fingers... bastard! She cursed inwardly but outside she was forcing a smile and trying to pretend not to notice the fool was undressing her with his eyes.

"Mind if i join you in your ride, my lady?" 

Elena felt her skin crawl with his suggestion. 

"No my Lord, I'd rather be alone..!" She saw his face harden a bit. He quickly realized himself and forced a smile again..

"Are you sure, my lady? I only want to keep you company..!" He insisted

"I said No my lord. I want to be alone.." and this time she wasn't smiling and he wasn't either

"Who the hell do you think you are anyway? The daughter of a commoner like you? How dare you reject my simple offer?"

Elena began to tremble within her, now she realize how foolish she was to have come out her this early, alone. Lord Grant looks really angry and he was coming close to her now, she started retreating and he came coming closer with his own big stallion. 

Elena was about to break into a full run with her horse when she heard a familiar, yet commanding voice from behind her say..

"I believe the lady said she wants to be left alone! So why don't you be a gentleman and leave her alone..!"

Elena had never been so happy to see anyone as she is to see Damon. She didn't care if she hated him or not, she was just grateful to see him here, right now.

"Are you okay, my lady?" Damon asked her

"Yes i am,my lord.." she replied with a shaky voice. He nooded reassuringly at her 

Lord Grant turned sharply to the direction of the voice and recognition dawned on his face immediately.

"Lord Blackwell, what are you doing here in Birmingham? And what's your business with me and her?"

"I'm here to meet my betrothed and it's my business what you're doing here with her because she is my betrothed..!"

The look of shock and disbelief that came on Lord Grants' face on hearing that information was epic and would've been funny, if not that there was nothing funny about this whole episode. 

"I'm i'm i'm sorry my lord, i didn't know she's your betrothed..." he stammered 

"Now you know! Now you can apologize to my lady for insulting her..!"

He gritted his teeth in anger but he had no choice but to do as he's been told. He faced Elena and without looking her on the eyes, he said..

"I'm sorry for insulting you my lady, please pardon me..!"

"I'm sure you don't mean that but it's okay, you're forgiven. Just stay away from me from now on.!" Elena warned him in a steady voice

"Yes my lady.."

"Good day to you Lord Grant and please stay away from her from now on, cos the next time i see you close to my lady. I promise i won't be this nice.."

He nooded and ran off with his horse. Elena breathed a deep sigh of relief at seeing him go and faced the duke slowly. 

"Thank you..!"

He didn't say a word, he looked at her for a while longer and turned his horse towards her estate. 

"Let's go home..!" He didn't wait for her but left, expecting her to folllw and she did follown him

She knew he must be mad at her but really did he have to ignore her, she hated being ignored. When she couldn't take the silence anymore, she spoke up..

"If you're angry with me, just say it.."

For a long while he didn't reply her, she was beginning to give up hope he'll reply when he asked her soflty..

"Why should i be angry at you.,?" 

The question threw her off balance and she stuttered a bit, not knowing what to say..

He stopped his horse and looked right at her..

"Thought my lady is always right, so why should i be angry at you?"

"I realize coming out here alone was a foolish and dangerous thing to do..."

He didn't let her finish when he roared like a hungry lion 

"You're damn right it's a foolish thing you just did! How could you come out here this early, all by yourself?  Can you imagine what that swine would've done to you if i hadn't come along? Do you even think before you act?"

So he is angry! She waited till he finished and said..

"I'm sorry! Thank you for coming to my rescue..

Damon had never see any woman as beautiful, sexy and so innocent looking like this girl. Her hair she had packed in a ponytail was shining beautifully and that emerald riding habit was sticking to her like a second skin

He could see the rising and falling of her breast, her lips was pink and wet from her biting her lips and her beautiful eyes were sparkling like the star. He just wanted to kiss her senseless, the thought of what that man could've dome to her is driving him crazy.

He turned his head around again and started moving, she followed him slowly and quietly. When they got to her estate, the page boy took her horse to her stall and both of them stood there in the stables, alone looking at each other. 

"Once again, thank you my lord, for coming to my rescue today and I'm sorry for putting myself in such danger..!"

Damon gave her a smoldering smile and teased her a bit to lighten the mood..

"Seems you're beginning to grow up..!"

Her beautiful face screwed into rage at his words and he laughed out loud. 

"I'll watch my mouth if i were you my lord..!" She warned him

Now that's the fire I'm looking for... "Or what?" He challenged her

"Or I'll have to smack your face..!"

"Oh really? I'm shaking in my boots Elena..!"

She moved quickly towards him but he was faster than her cos he grabbed her hands and put them firmly behind her. He then held her hands tightly with one of his and grabbed her face and before she could say a word, he crushed her lips under his for a long desired kiss.

Elena didn't think of the consequences if they're caught cos she was already responding to his kiss. She twisted her hands away from his and grabbed his coat for support, she felt her legs melting like butter and he grabbed her waist and held on tight for dear life.

His lips was soft yet demanding, powerful yet yielding and she wanted more. He released her mouth and kissed her eyes, her ear lobe, neck and her throat and she let out a soft moan of pleasure. 

He released her suddenly when they heard the footsteps of the page boy coming out of the horse's stall. Damon quickly stepped away from her and mounted his horse.

"See you later my lady, I'll be calling on you..!" He winked at her and left

Elena stood watching him leave and she slowly raised her hands to her lips and touched it. She turned and walked up to her room, speechless and still shaken from that kiss.

She laid down on her bed to think and all she could do is smile...

To Be Continued..
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  1. Annabelle is jes a cow BT I like her... Elena is lost alredi #biggrin#
    Thanks Sassy for today's post

  2. Getting interesting. Pls sassy post another story 2day

  3. Getting interesting. Pls sassy post another story 2day

  4. Beautiful..
    I love the duke and Elena already. Nice one Sassy

  5. Elena has fallen in love already!

  6. Elena has fallen in love already!

  7. Still waiting for the next episode.

  8. Thanks guys..
    Next episode will be posted tomorrow. Good night to you all

  9. Hmmm can't wait to see dem digging it, d Duke already claiming his territory.

  10. Interesting.

  11. Sassy I keep refreshing thinking I'll see a giveaway, of yo bvs dnt want abeg do it 4 only the legal beggar here.
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  12. Lwkm @legal beggar... @ Belinda u be corporate beggar.

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  13. Hahaha @Temi please don't mind that girl Belinda... She escaped from yaba left recently lol

    Belinda pls be so kind to do the giveaway on my behalf this year, next year will be my turn. You hear? Better pikin *tongue out*

  14. Elena.and Damon, reminds me of my fav series TVD! Cool story dear!
    I love love!!

  15. Intresting..get motivated and greatly inspired today @

  16. I love the kissing already. All stories about Lords and Duchess are always sexy.

  17. Sassy where is the story u promised to post yesterday? Still waiting 4 it o

  18. Sassy where is the story u promised to post yesterday? Still waiting 4 it o

  19. Beautiful.... ,,, it's not really easy combining a lot of things and still write a beautiful story... Thumbs-up


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