Introducing Our New Story... The Billionaire's Desire!!!


Meet Sasha Adams 

She's 23, orphaned and very smart. She's the girl that wears black-rimmed glasses, a black wig, braces and wears old fashioned clothes. Everyone sees her as a weirdo and most times she's invincible to the rest of the world but that is exactly how she wants it.

She's hiding from her past and the last thing she wants is to be caught. So she hides her true beauty behind the nerdy girl costume. Who is Sasha Adams? What secret is she hiding? And what happens when she finally gets noticed by her devilishly handsome boss...  Jeffery Knights!

Meet Jeffery Knights 

30, devilishly handsome, powerful, a workaholic, has a body tp die for, sophisticated, very rude and a billionaire. He is a very determined business man, hated by many in the industry, feared by his workers, hates lazy, unserious people and he can fire just by the snap of his fingers..

He's been hurt once by someone he loved, so he swore never to let another woman get close enough to hurt him again. So he uses women just for pleasure and when he's done with you, he'll discard you faster than lightning. Until he met her... Sasha Adams! She's obviously not his type but there's something about her that he couldn't shake. What will happen between the two? What will he do when he finds out her true identity?

Kindly Follow this story and find out what happens between these two people in The Billionaire's Desire!!

Sassy mum
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  1. Whoa.. you're damn right i'll follow this story. I know it'll be very interesting!
    Sassy bring it on plz

  2. Welcome back. What of the Duchess storu. Wont u complete it..

    1. @Dayo as for the duchess story, i umm will try to complete that later. I want to start with a new story for now. Thanks

  3. Will be patiently waiting for this story, 100% sure it will be the bomb.welcome back Sassy Mum!!!

  4. I think i'm gonna like this story.. hurry up nd post dear. You're welcome back, missed ya

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Sassy ummhhh better dnt get me started o, lol.

  7. Yaaaaaaaaaay... Sassy Mum is back


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