[Alex .J. Harvey]

     Being the only son of my parents, i had a lot of responsibilities weighing on my young shoulders, at the age 28 i had been in and out of so many relationships, that i myself found it hard to keep up with the number. 

     It seems not every woman can handle my workaholic nature, so they end up breaking up with me. I had tried so many times to ease my workload but it just doesn't work out. Oh well what's a man gotta do...i just need to find someone like me to be with then. Someone who is as hardworking as i am.

   And i know such a girl, she's intelligent, hardworking, successful, honest and most importantly, she's beautiful. She's so beautiful, she takes my breath away each time i see her. 

Only problem is, she's my best friend and she sees me like a big brother. I have been hiding my feelings for her ever since we met cos i don't want to lose her as a friend. 

We met way back in school, i felt drawn to her like moth to flame. She excites me with her intelligence and her beauty, i have never met any girl like her. And just before i could tell her how i really feel for her, she dropped the bomb on me.

 She said "i don't believe in love, love is a foolish notion, love destroyed my mom's life, i'll never fall in love, neither am i ever going to get married" she had said. 

   I was taken aback by her words and inquired to know what happened to her to make her feel so, she told me everything about her life, her father, how her father's quest for a male child had destroyed her family.

 I felt so sorry for her and i did the one thing i could do for her, i became her friend. I gave her warm hugs when she needed it, consoled her when she cried and told her all will be fine.

I became the one person she could confide in, all the while hoping she might start seeing me as more than a friend. But it had never happened, all she does is work, work, work.

 She has told me many times that she doesn't know what she would've done without me by her side always. I appreciate the words but that isn't exactly the love declaration i yearn to hear. But it's better than nothing anyways..

Being the only son in the family, i've been told many times by my dear parents that it's time i got married, that they need grandchildren. I keep stalling, telling them i haven't found a wife yet, but in truth i have

She just doesn't know i have chosen her for my wife. I've convinced myself that all she needs is time, that she'll come around and see that love is indeed a beautiful feeling.

I had already started giving up hope when i heard about her father's death, i had traveled to the states for a business meeting when she called to tell me. Finally this girl can find peace i had said to myself. 

Then she had told me about her late father's outrageous will and the silly conditions listed. I was shocked at this man's wickedness to his only child. I packed all my bags and had taken the next available flight home...

All the way home, i kept thinking of this will and what it'll mean for me. I realized this is my only chance to tell her how i really feel about her, cos if i don't she might end up getting married to another man and i'll lose her forever. You mean so much to me Danielle, i don't want to lose you...ever.


Now i'm on my way to her office to see her, i had called her before i left home and she had told me she's in the office. I had asked her "So soon?". She had replied that she's not going to stay at home, pretending to mourn that monster..

I met her secretary Anne at the reception, i gifted her with one of my charming smiles lol and asked her to tell Danielle i'm here.. she smiled back as she replied..

"You can go right in Mr Harvey, she's expecting you" she said as she waved me inside.

I thanked her as i walked into Danielle's elegant office and there she was, sitting on her chair behind the big desk. She looked up at me, smiled sweetly and got up from her chair and hugged me.

 I hugged her tightly, smelling her perfume and feeling her soft body. She was wearing a black jumpsuit, looking absolutely stunning. I stood back looking her, she stood looking at me too, the atmosphere was getting too hot for me...

"Elle you're looking too beautiful for someone who just lost her father weeks ago" i said with a small smile..making a joke to break the silence..

"Haha oh please Alex, he's gone and buried. I'm not gonna die with him, am i?" She asked laughing...

We both sat down on the white couch in her office.. She called the Secretary to get drinks for us both. She brought the drinks, i thanked her and she left.

"Oh Alex you always knew how to make me laugh even when i'm sad. Thanks for being here. And i missed you so much when you traveled" she declared. I felt my heart beating faster at her words..

"I missed you more dear, and i'm sorry i wasn't here for you when he died. Regardless of how cruel he was to you when he was alive, he was your father still. I'm sorry for everything he put you through"  i said to her..

"Thank you Alex" she replied 

"So dear, what do you plan on doing about the will" i asked

"Well I've hired lawyers to look into it, to see if there's a way to break it. So far no good news yet and time is running out. I just don't know what to do again but to keep hoping they can find someway to break the damn thing. And you know how i hate being powerless"  she replied angrily 

"Yea i understand the frustration. But Elle is it such a bad idea, getting married, bearing kids and having your own family?" I dared to ask her. She turned her head sharply towards me and looked at me like I've suddenly gone crazy. 

"How could you ask me that Alex, you of all people know how i feel about marriage. Besides i hate the idea of doing something because that man wants me to" she said proudly..

"I know how you feel about marriage and i understand. But you can't let your fear rule over your life forever. You need to give yourself a chance to be truly happy with someone." I told her. When she didn't say anything i continued..

"Besides have you thought of what will happen to you if your lawyers don't succeed in breaking the terms of this will? Are you ready to hand over everything you've worked and toiled for to some distant cousin whom you barely know, someone who doesn't even deserve it? Just because you're afraid to trust another human being enough to fall in love or live with him?" 

"Elle i'm your friend and i'll always tell you the truth. You need to prove your father wrong one more time, even from the grave. You need to believe that not every man out there is a wicked bastard like your father. You need to give yourself the chance to love and be loved in return!" I clapped for myself inside for saying it out loud..

"Alex i ddont know what to say" she stuttered. "But even if i want to do this, where do i start from? You know i've never been in any relationship before. Where do i find a good man that i can fall in love with, get married to and birth a male child with before the end of the two-year period given to me?" She asked, confused.

Finally my life line...and i swooped in to catch hehe

"I've thought about all that too Danielle and i have a candidate in mind" i said to her... 

She raised her pretty face and looked at me with questions in her eyes..

"Me Danielle!  Yes me" i replied..

"Are you serious?" She asked me incredulously..

"Yes, i'm serious!" I answered her..

"But you're my friend, my best friend" she asked again..

"Yes i know, which makes it all the more better. You know me well, you know i care about you a lot, you know i will always be honest with you, you know you can trust me, you know i'll never do anything to hurt you, you know i'll do anything and everything in my power to make you happy. And you also know i'm rich, so i wouldn't be doing it for the money!"

"I need to get married too, so tell me why not? Is there any other reason why we shouldn't try to see if it'll work out between us as a couple?" I asked looking into her eyes..

She sat still just looking at me for close to a minute before she finally spoke..

"Well if you say so then" she conceded grudgingly..

I was already dancing Chris Brown's 'New flame' in my mind hehe

"It's a deal then, how about dinner tonight? Just us" I asked..

"Yea no problem" she agreed..

"But Elle dearie, just before i leave i have something to say now, so you can be able to change your mind right here and now if you don't agree with me"..

"Alright, what is it Alex" she asked..

"Well just so i'm clear, i didn't make this suggestion of us to get married because it's sort of a business arrangement to me nor is it because i pity you"..

"Elle I want to marry you, i have always wanted to marry you, cos i'd rather marry my best friend than to marry a stranger. So if you agree to marry me now, then i have to know you're all in with me. I have to know that you really want to be with me too"..

"It's all or nothing baby, all or nothing!" I said to her...

"Oh wow, can i give you an answer when we see for dinner tonight?" She asked..

"Alright dear, see you tonight then" i said as i got up to leave.."Will pick you up by 8 okay?" I asked...

"Ok see you later" she said as she walked me to the door..

I turned immediately to face her, i took her face in my hands and kissed her softly on her soft lips. I left her and walked out, not looking back.

Oh how i've wanted to do that all these years.. please say yes baby, please say yes..

To Be Continued...

Guys please bear with me, i'm trying to make this story longer than the last one! Don't forget to drop your comments and tell your friends, your neighbors, even your enemies about the blog hehe muahh



  1. So happy for Elle, hope things works out well and smoothly for them.

    Thanks Sassy plz b fast abt the nxt one oooo.

  2. Wow! Interesting story.loving every line of it Sassy pls don't keep us waiting *kisses *

  3. Wow! Interesting story.loving every line of it Sassy pls don't keep us waiting *kisses *

  4. Hmmm dnt know, but it sounds too good to b true. I hope it works well for dem Sha.

    1. Really. ..sounds 2 gud 2 b true. I ddnt expect her 2 **agree so fast, um shocked @ her reaction.

    2. I think she's desperate to fulfill d conditions given to her.

  5. This sassy loves harlequin n sihlouette. Kudos dear. D story z interestin

  6. wow.... this is getting interesting..... Thumbs up Sassymum

  7. Hehe Dinma you're so right, loved reading it years back in high school. I'm a hopeless romantic lol

    Thanks a bunch @Miz Tee

  8. Interesting... Well done Sassy



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