"I closed early from work and drove home, after Alex's visit i couldn't concentrate on anything again. I just wanted to soak myself in the tub to ease my body a bit. I'm so tensed from all the thinking, work and now Alex. 

Honestly to say i was surprised by his proposition is an understatement, i was gobsmacked. I had agreed to go through the whole thing with him because he made good points, like how it's better to marry your friend than a complete stranger. But mostly i had agreed because i didn't want to hurt his feelings..

 But really, i'm i ready for this? Oh God.... why did my father had to be such a jerk, to put me in such a tight corner. I felt like screaming out loud just then. Alex is handsome, he's rich, educated; in fact he's every girl's dream. But he's also a flirt, he's a 'womanizer' and worse he's a workaholic just like me. I had seen him charm his way into the hearts of countless ladies, only for them to leave hi
m either because he flirts a lot or because he didn't pay them as much attention as they wanted.. I know he's my best friend and he's been there for me more than anyone else. But do i trust him enough to give him my heart? What if he ends up hating me because he might find me frigid? What if he cheats on me? Can i handle the pain? Can i ever forgive him if he hurts me? Oh my God.... too many unanswered questions.

I got up from the tub and towelled myself dry, i padded into my closet to get dressed. I spent like thirty minutes ransacking my closet for the perfect dress to wear. Finally i found a dress, i bought it when i traveled to Paris last year but I've never worn it's perfect for tonight i mused to myself. I spent another thirty minutes putting on make-up, finally I'm ready! I saw his text, "i'm downstairs" .

Something flustered in my belly, i just waved it off like nothing. Maybe it's just my nerves getting the better of me.. i went downstairs and saw him already sitting in the sitting room. Obviously Rosie the maid, had let him in.

He got up from the chair and smiled at him... i felt that fluster again. Oh God what is happening to me... But gosh Alex is cute! Little wonder these girls keep falling over and over again for him.I finally admitted to myself . He looks so dapper in that suit. Danielle be focused..i shunned myself.

"Hi Alex" i said as i got closer to him.

"Hey Elle, you look stunning as always" he complemented me..

I felt myself blushing, "thanks! You're not looking bad yourself!"

"Thank you" he said as he took my arm and led me outside.


Oh my God!!! I had screamed in my mind when i saw her walk into the sitting room tonight. Elle is just too beautiful! I had to control myself not to grab her and crush her lips in a kiss. She was smiling, which means she might have good news. I had thought..

But now on our way to the restaurant, i'm not so sure, i saw her through the corner of my eyes while i was driving, she was fidgeting with her purse and she was silent all through the drive to the restaurant....and knowing her like i do, it can only mean one thing. She's nervous! And that's bad news...

I pushed the thought out of my mind as i tried to enjoy the delicious meal in front of me, but i didn't seem to have an appetite. And neither does she... when i couldn't take the silence anymore, i just came outright and asked her...

"So Elle, do you have an answer to my proposal?" I asked, my heart beating loudly in my chest.

She dropped her fork and wiped her mouth with the napkin. She took her glass and sipped some wine and replied..

"Yes Alex, i have thought about it all day and i'm really sorry to have to say this to you. But i can't marry you Alex!"

Oh God, i felt like I've been given a death sentence. My heart stopped beating for some seconds, i couldn't breathe. I just sat staring at her, i tried but i couldn't mask the pain in my eyes.

"Why?" I choked out..

"Alex i know you mean well and i'm so grateful to have you in my life. But after thinking hard about this, i realized that i don't want to lose you as a friend! I can't risk losing you too. I don't want us to use because of this Will and rush into something we might both regret in the future!" She replied..

I grasped for words to say. "Are you sure Elle?" I asked to cover up the pain i was feeling in my chest.

She nodded in the affirmative "Yes Alex! I'm so sorry"

"It's fine. But just so you know Elle, i would never do anything to hurt you...ever! Married or not" i told her..

She stared at me with sad eyes, i couldn't take the pity. So i asked her nonchalantly.. "So what are you gonna do now?"

"I'm not sure, but i have an appointment with my lawyers on Monday! I'll have my answer by then" she answered.

After that i didn't know what to say again, i have no appetite and i really don't want to be near Elle right now. I just wanted to go home to lick my wound, but i don't want to show her how hurt i am.

Like she read my mind cos she finally dropped her wine glass and said..

"Alex i have a lot of work to do tomorrow, so why don't we call it a night?"

"Yes, we should" i replied, so relieved.

I quickly jumped up from my chair and paid our bills, helped her out of her chair. Smelling her perfume once again as i led her out to the car..

The silence in the car was just too awkward, so i put on the radio. Thankfully they were playing a cool song. Ten minutes later, i drove into her compound and parked the car..

 She turned around to face me.. "Alex I'm really sorry about tonight" she apologized once again.

"It's fine Elle, please stop apologizing already! I'll be fine okay. I just hope you'll be fine" i said, concerned for her.

"Alright then, will tell you how the meeting with the lawyers go okay?" "Okay...i replied

"So good night then" she said as she made to step down from the car, i pulled her back at the last minute, i didn't let her say anything before i crushed her mouth under mine..

I felt her respond and i pushed my tongue into her mouth, she jerked her head up in surprise! Staring at me with her wide beautiful eyes, breathing heavily, her breasts almost popping out of her dress.. i smiled at her

"Did that feel like a friendly kiss to you? At least now you know i don't see you as a sister. Good night Elle" i said as she stepped down from the car in a trance, not saying a word.

I turned the car and drove home, i was trembling all over from that kiss, that's how much she affected me. I almost feel like a virgin who's just kissed a girl for the first time. Haha oh Elle... what you do to me. I mused to myself


As i stepped into my room and removed my clothes and my make-up, i sank into the bed thinking about tonight..

What exactly had happened to me when Alex kissed me? Is it that i'm actually attracted to Alex? Really? Aarrgh i screamed into my pillow. I can't deal with these feelings right now, whatever they might be, i just can't deal... Thankfully i was exhausted so i slept off immediately..

                       [One Week Later]

I sat behind my desk in my office crying. I had just seen my lawyers and they'd given me bad news... again! They said the judge had rejected their case, saying there's nothing he can do. That the Will is legal.. but they had assured me they'll keep working on it..

After they'd left, i couldn't take it anymore so i started crying. I cried for my mother, i cried for my messed up life, i cried for the unknown. I didn't know what to do.. I needed my best friend, i needed Alex!

But he's no where to be found, i haven't seen nor heard from him since that dinner date with him. I had called his number over and over again but he's not been picking up my calls. I know i had hurt him by rejecting his proposal, but i hadn't thought he would abandon me.

I picked up my phone and called him again and as usual it went straight to voicemail, i called his office and his secretary picked up, said he hasn't been to work since last week. I can't take this anymore, i need to know what's going on... so i picked up my bag, told my Secretary to cancel all my appointments and drove straight to his house.

When i got to his house, i was told by his maid Martha, that he's upstairs in his room, sleeping. I said my thanks and went upstairs, i went straight to his room and pushed the door open without knocking.

I was so angry, i just wanted to confront him, to know why he's been avoiding me. I pushed the door open and there he was in the room, toweling himself dry. He turned around immediately and stood there...just stood staring right back at me..

And oh my God... He was naked!!!

To Be continued..

Too many pictures today, abeg dont mind the pix, na mistake!


  1. Wow! Am sure Ella would change her mind, na shakara she dey do. We'll done sassy i'hv fallen 4 d story looking 4ward 2 d next part *kisses*

  2. Lol..nice oo...I like your post really often and I'm happy

  3. Hmmmmmm interesting story.. Looks like this one is going to be better than the last one! Kudos Sassy


  4. She cnt say no after seeing the kporankporan..... Hahahahahaha

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  6. Thank you guys...
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