I stood transfixed in shock! Oh my God!!! I couldn't stop looking and he didn't even move a muscle to cover up! He just stood there in all his male glory...smiling!

Why won't he just cover up!!! I know i haven't seen any naked guy in all my life, but this right here is a beautiful man!! He's supposed to be your best friend remember? The one you're not attracted to!! I screamed at myself inside.


All week long i haven't been myself, i couldn't get my mind off Elle.  I really miss her a lot but i can't be near her right now, i'm still pained by her rejection. I knew i wouldn't be of much help to anybody, so i just took the week off from work to think.

I have deliberately been avoiding her calls, It's my revenge! I wanted her to miss me a little bit, maybe she might change her mind. But seeing her here right now in my bedroom.

I just realized just how much i've missed her. It was like the sun has finally set the minute she barged into my room, looking so beautiful and sexy.

"Hello Elle!" I said to her as i tied the towel around my waist.

"Hey Alex! How are you?" She asked

"I'm okay. What are you doing here?" I asked her..

"Well since you've decided not to pick my calls or see me. I've come to ask why you're avoiding me?" She asked bravely..

"Really Elle? You have to ask that?" I asked her with disbelief in my voice.

"Alex but I've told you how sorry i am about everything. What else do you want me to do again" she said, resigned.

"Nothing! I don't want you to do anything" i replied

She sighed deeply as she walked into the room and sank down on the bed, normally i would've joined her. But a lot has changed in this past few weeks. I can't sit close to her like we used without feeling aroused. So i walked over to the couch in the room and sat down, staring at her.

"Alex i hope you really find it in your heart to forgive me soon cos i really need you. I need my best friend now more than over" she said..

With that all my anger disappeared. "I forgave you a long time ago Elle! I could never stay mad at you for long. So it's okay, we're good" i replied.

Just then the tears started flowing from her eyes, i went close to her, took her in my arms as she sobbed. I gave her tissue to wipe her nose when she was done.

My heart was breaking into a million pieces just watching her cry. I wish i can take away all her pain, if she'd let me. But she'd never cos she's too independent and it's hurting me.

"She was lying down on my lap as i stroked her head. Things we used to do a lot then, but now it just seems too intimate to me. Just being this close to her, i can feel my penis throbbing. Hmmm

"So i guess it's THE Will again huh?" I guessed

"Yes it is" she replied. "The judge said it's legal and there's nothing he can do about it!"

"I'm so sorry Elle, i really am. I was hoping it'll work out for you!" I told her

"Well i haven't given up hope...yet! My lawyers said they'll keep trying" she said

"Okay then, let's keep hope alive!" I replied...

I'm really getting uncomfortable with this current position, i need to get up before I do something crazy here.. Thankfully she got up from my lap and smiled up at me..

"I feel better already, just being here with you right now! Thank you so much Alex, i don't know what i would've done without you" she declared.

"You're welcome!" I replied. I continued sitting cos i'm hiding my very obvious erection..

"How about dinner tonight? Just us" she asked..

"Would've loved to but i can't. I already have plans for dinner tonight. I'm sorry!" I replied,

"Ooh what plans?" She inquired..

"Well if you must know, i'm having dinner with a friend tonight" i told her

"Oh a friend! Do i know him?" She asked again

"Actually it's a She and you don't know her!" I replied

I think her face fell or maybe i just imagined it. But she stopped smiling immediately and got up from the bed..

"Well i'll be going then, i don't want to keep your date waiting"  she said

"If i didn't know you better Elle, i'd say that's jealousy i detect in your voice!" I taunted her..

"Me jealous? Oh please Alex get over yourself! Why would i be jealous?". I almost believed her..

"If you say so then. I better get dressed. See you later Elle!"

"Okay bye! Have fun!"

I walked to my closet to get ready.

Haa friend he said.. friend indeed!! I fumed to myself as i was driving home. I was so angry all of a sudden, can't explain why though. Could it be possible i'm jealous?  Haa no i'm not oo, for what? Why should i be jealous. It's not possible. I tried to convince myelf.

As i got home, i threw my bag down and went into the bathroom to take my bath. I ate little food, as i had lost my frigging appetite. I switched on the television to watch a movie, so it can help me sleep.

Two hours later.. i didn't have a clue what's going on in the television, i was just staring at the screen. My mind miles away.. My mind on Alex and what he'll be doing with his date now.. i was so restless.. i don't know why.

Thirty minutes later and i still couldn't sleep i called his line and he pressed it busy. I called his home line and the maid picked up..

"Hello good evening"  i greeted

"Good evening, who's on the line" she asked

"It's Danielle! Please can i speak with Alex?" I asked

"Oh Madame Danielle, i'm sorry but my boss said he doesn't want to be disturbed" she replied.

I jerked up from the bed and asked her...

"What do you mean? Is he okay?" I asked, worried.

"Yes ma, i believe he is fine but he's with someone. So he said he doesn't want to be disturbed by anybody!" She replied.

"You mean he came back with someone tonight? Is it a female or male company?" I asked again

"A female ma!"

"Okay thank you! Bye"

I threw the phone down as i ended the call. Oh he just couldn't wait for me to say No before he moved onto the next woman.. i fumed

When i couldn't take it no more, i decided to take a ride to clear my head. So i wore a short and a crop top and drove off. I was driving around and in no particular direction or so i thought. Cos before i knew what was happening, i saw myself driving towards Alex's house.

I thought about turning back but i couldn't, i felt something pulling me closer and closer to that house, i horned and the security checked who i am, then opened the gate for me.

I got down and went inside, i met his maid inside. She said he's upstairs in his room, i didn't wait for her to say anything again before i ran upstairs.

On getting to the door i heard voices, it Alex's voice and that of a woman. I stood there eavesdropping..

"Alex come over to the bed, i thought you wanted this when you called me?" She asked

 "Well i thought i did but I'm not in the mood anymore. I'm sorry please, my driver will take you home" he said

I opened the door slowly and i saw Alex sitting on the couch and the girl was holding his head trying to kiss him. I felt rage

"Get your filthy hands away from his body right now, he said he's not in the mood! Go home please" i screamed at her.. She jerked up away from Alex and picked up her purse, then ran out of the room.

Alex stood up and came towards me, my heart was beating so fast...i feel like i'm losing my breath.

"Elle i'm only gonna ask you this  once, what the fuck are you doing in my house by this time of the night?" He roared at me..

Oh God he is angry, i've never seen Alex angry. He's terrifying...

"I came to see if you're ok! Nothing more?" I replied

"Really? Elle you're my best friend i know, but you just can't be barging into my house like this. Now see what you've done, you've scared the poor girl shitless".

"I'm sorry for barging in on you Alex! And i'm sorry i got angry, It's just i didn't like seeing her putting her hands all over you!" Uh oh i shouldn't have said that!!!

"Why Elle? Why? Just tell me why you didn't like seeing her hands on me?" He asked coming closer to me.. my mouth was dry. I didn't know what to say..

He dragged me against his body, looking into my eyes and holding my waist. I stood looking into his eyes too, i didn't resist i didn't pull back.

"You don't want to marry me and you see me like a brother, yet you flare up when you see another girl who wants me touching me?"

"You need to make up your mind and tell me what you want! I'm not gonna let you make a fool of me over and over again!"

Then he bent his head to him and kissed me fiercely. My lips opened on it's own and i kissed him back!!

To Be Continued...


  1. Great stuff, short of words it was as if um Elle, I was right there playing her part. Very interesting and lovely.

    Sassy you're good, may the good Lord expand tour coasts.

  2. Thanks darling..
    Amen and amen to your prayers!!

  3. Mr big stuff has finally gotten wah he wants.. ELLE! Dis nyt is gonna be hot!!
    Well done Sassy

  4. Interesting, keep up d good work sassy.hope d next part is coming up soon *kisses*

  5. This is getting more interesting day by day

  6. @Temi haha you're funny

    @Juliet kisses back at ya dear

    @Miz Tee thank you

    1. Sassy please post d next part. I've being refreshing since on Wednesday. From a faithful reader *kisses*

    2. Sassy please post d next part. I've being refreshing since on Wednesday. From a faithful reader *kisses*

    3. Awww Julie baby no vex oo
      I know that you're a faithful reader, will post soon. Been dealing with phone wahala muahh

    4. Please how soon? Am hungry 4 more *kisses*

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