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           [The Night Continues]

Alex kept on kissing me like our life depended on it and i couldn't stop it, i didn't stop him. I didn't want to stop him. As i lifted my hands to hold him, he suddenly pushed me away and stepped back.

"Oh now you want it huh? Now you don't see me like a brother anymore right?" He asked me still very angry. 

"Alex i already said i'm sorry for barging in on you, why are you so angry at me?" I asked, confused.

"Of course you'll ask that, i'm not mad at you for coming here okay. I'm mad because of what you're doing to me! I'm mad at the things you're making me feel!"

 "I'm mad that i'm so crazy about you but you're too blind to see it cos you let yourself be consumed with hate! I'm mad because you keep denying these feelings, yet you can't stand another woman close to me" he rambled on..

"Danielle I love you! I have always loved you and all i want to do is to show you how much i do. I want you so much.. i feel like i'm losing my mind! But you wouldn't see that because you're too afraid to feel and love!"

"Well i'm sorry, I've tried to be patient and love you silently, but it's killing me inside and i can't do it anymore! And i can't be your best friend either cos it hurts you don't return my feelings!"

"So yes Danielle this is my goodbye to you, i have to move on. Else i'm gonna go crazy with wanting you! I wish you luck with the Will or finding the perfect guy! I'm out!!" He said with tears in his eyes..

"Oh my God!  Oh God Alex i'm so sorry for hurting you, i mean i i didn't know you felt this way towards me. I guess I've been so blind to see how you really feel. Alex i'm sorry, but you can't leave me please, you can't abandon me!" I begged him now crying profusely...

He came towards me and gave a tight hug, I hugged him back, never wanting to let go. He released me and cleaned the tears from my eyes and whispered into my ears..

"Good bye Elle!" and walked out of the room..

I sank down onto the bed and cried for everything i've lost. I lay down on his bed inhaling his perfume and that was how i slept off....


As i walked out from the room, i went to the study to pour myself a drink. I know i had to do that, i had to wake her up somehow to reality. But God how it hurts.. it hurts so much to see her cry like that.

But she has to wake up from her slumber and i believe i did what i had to do. Three hours later, i was tired of drinking so i went up to my room to sleep and mourn. 

But when i stepped into the room, i saw her there on my bed sleeping, i even thought she had left. I saw the tears on her face and i wiped it with my hands.

I removed her shoes and tucked her in well. I removed my shirt and my pants and lay down beside. I'm so tired, i don't feel like sleeping on the couch at all. Thankfully i slept off immediately..


I suddenly woke up and looked around me, trying to remember where i am. Then i remembered crying and lying down on Alex's bed. I realized i'm not wearing my shoes, knowing that i didn't take it off last night. Alex! 

I guess he came into the room later to remove my shoe and tuck me in. Oh God what am i gonna do without him? I thought as i sank down into the bed once again... i felt a hand beside me and jerked up in fear. I looked beside me and saw him... i didn't even know he's been here all along..

I turned towards him, staring at his handsome face. He looks so peaceful sleeping, i remember how angry he'd been last night. I guess he has had enough with my fear. I don't blame him though.. any man will be angry with me by now.

I remember how my heart had started beating hard when he told me he loved me. I need him, i need him so much! I don't want to lose him to another woman, i can't bear to see another woman touch him! I realize that rush of anger i felt last night when I saw that girl touching him was Jealousy! 

My feelings for him isn't clear to me right now, but one thing i know now is that i want to be with Alex...intimately! I want to feel like a woman, i want to lose my virginity to him! Even if i end up marrying another man tomorrow, at least i had one night with Alex! 

I moved closer to him, held his head as i kissed him. He moaned and turned to lie down flat down on his back. I kept kissing him and he shot out his arm and took me into his arms, i moaned as i straddled his waist and continued kissing him.. then he woke up..

He opened his eyes, released my mouth and stared into my eyes..

"What are you doing, Elle?" He asked..

"I want you, Alex! I want you to make love to me!" I replied looking down at him.

He kept staring at me and asked..

"Are you sure about this Elle?" I nodded my head, not trusting my voice..

He pulled me down and kissed me again, he turned pulling me down flat on my back. He dug his hand into my hair as his mouth devoured my throat, raining hot, searing kisses all over my face. 

I answered his kiss, molding his lips to mine, opening for the invasion of his tongue, pulling him closer to me as our tongue danced a duel...

He pulled me up and removed my clothes, leaving hot kisses all over my body as he did. His hand slid up my belly and cupped my aching breast. I moaned as the nipple hardened and puckered beneath his teasing fingers..

He took one nipple into his mouth and suckled, i moaned out loud with pleasure. I felt wetness between my legs as one his hands moved and touched me there. 

My hips moved as he inserted his fingers into me, stroking me softly. I was writhing in pleasure, he kept kept looking into my eyes as i writhing in pleasure..

Suddenly he removed his hand and sat up, i looked up at him in surprise. Watching as he removed his shorts and his singlet... i realized my mouth was open but i couldn't shut it. I was mesmerized by his sexy body. He met my eyes and smiled at me as he joined me on the bed.


It all seemed like one of my many dreams with her. I can't believe i'm about to make her mine, i felt such happiness. Maybe after tonight she might change her mind. I mused to myself as i joined her on the bed..

I kissed her again as i whispered into her ears..

"You're so beautiful baby!". She bit my lips softly as she said into my mouth..

"Please make love to me. Alex!" . I moaned out loud and kissed her deeply.. and that is all the encouragement i needed..


He lifted my leg and put it on his shoulder, he took my mouth in his and he thrust deeply into me. I shuddered and we lay still for a moment. So i can get used to his sex inside me, the pain wasn't as much as i expected..

"Are you okay, love?" He asked.

I nodded and he began moving inside me. I raised my hips meeting him thrust for thrust, he then increased his speed moving faster. I held his head between my hands as i pushed his head down for a kiss.. 

I was writhing on the bed, shaking my head left and right. Suddenly i cried out loud and screamed out his name as i climaxed. 

Alex watched me climax, i arched my hips to squeeze his phallus, pulling him over the abyss with me. Shuddering, he gave in, defeated, he poured his seed deep inside me while watching the rosy blush steal across my breasts and up my neck to blooms in my cheeks..

He down into the bed and pulled me up atop him, he kissed me as he whispered..

"I love you Danielle!  I love you" he said looking into my eyes. 

Watching,  waiting for an answer but i didn't say it back. I can't seem to get the words out of my mouth. It felt so heavy!! I could see the disappointment in his eyes as he pushed me away and got up. He took his clothes and walked out of the room. Never looking back!!

I sat down, watching him leaving and all i could do is cry..

To Be Continued....


  1. Whoa loving this blog already??
    Well done Sassy! I love this story already

  2. Finally!!! Ella should just make up her mind joor, Alex hs tired. Pls sassy don't keep us waiting 4 d next part pls post soon. Love u plenty *kisses*

  3. I knw its nt easy on her.. bt she will eventually gt over her fear...
    Thank you sassy....

  4. Elle yo own is getting too much.....nonsense.

  5. Hahaha Belinda you be reall case
    Love you tho..

  6. Awww.. She should have told him back nah..
    Hey Sassy mom.. Greetings!


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