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As i  stormed out of the house, i entered my car and drove off into the night . I went straight to the park. As i sat on the bench i felt the tears start streaming down my face, i didn't care that it was dark and that i was alone here. I didn't care about anything else, i just wanted to cry..

Twenty minutes later, the tears has stopped and i sat thinking. Why does David hate me so much? How could he send his brother to come and take his place here? Why is he such a monster? Now i have fallen in love with a total stranger and i let him make love to me. David why? Why? Why? I asked myself all these questions. 

My phone beeped in my purse as a text came in.."Emma please come home, it's late and i'm worried about you.. Luke". You damn well better be worried..

I picked up my purse and my keys and went home. As i came in i saw him sitting with a drink in his hand brooding. Immediately he saw me, he jumped up from the chair and started coming towards me. I didn't want him coming close and i didn't want him touching me either cos i can't think when he's near me. So i waved my hand at him, stopping him in his tracks .

"Please just stay away from me, at least for tonight. I need to be alone". I said to him.

"But Emma we need to talk please" he pleaded with me.

"We will talk, but not tonight. I need to rest, i'm tired. Goodnight!" I said to him and turned to walk up the stairs.

He held my arm and pulled me back into his arms. I just couldn't take it or maybe it's just the hug but i broke down and started crying again. He held me close till the tears stopped flowing.

 He carried me up the stairs to my room,he ran the bathe,undressed me slowly,bathed me,helped me put on my night gown. He then tucked me in and switched off the light. Kissed me softly on the lips and left. He did all these and i couldn't say No! I was too tired to say No! Or maybe i didn't want to say No at all. I slept off like a child..


I woke up with a headache from all the crying of last night! Last night!! I didn't know what to make of this man. He intrigues me in a way i didn't understand, he seems genuinely sorry. But i still can't be with him even if i wanted to, he's not my husband. I reminded myself...

I knew i would be useless at work that day, so i called in sick. As i dropped the phone, my tummy rumbled with hunger. And i remembered i hadn't eaten much last night. So i took my bath, i blushed hotly when i remembered how gentle he was when he bathed me last night.  
I decided to go downstairs for breakfast,  at least he'd have gone to work by now. I was avoiding him! I still can't bring myself to call him by his name.

I wore a short and a singlet, then went downstairs. I smelled his perfume when i stepped inside the dinning room. Gosh he's everywhere! Ugh... 

 Just as i stepped into the room, there he was sitting eating breakfast. He is indeed everywhere. And why isn't he at work?? I asked myself silently..  I thought about turning and going back upstairs, but that would seem cowardly. And my tummy growled again at the aroma of food. So i walked in, he looked up and smiled.. Gosh he's so handsome aargh..

"Good Morning Emma, hope you slept well?" He asked like as if nothing has changed.  I thought about not answering him but changed my mind and answered him.

"Yea i did" i said as i sat down. Just then the maid brought my food and i dug in cos i was really hungry. I can feel his eyes on me but i didn't look back. Instead i asked ..

"Why aren't you at work?" I asked 

"I want to stay close in case you need me. You seemed really off last night. And i wanted us to have that talk". He answered smoothly..

I didn't say a word to him again till i was done with breakfast.  I took some aspirin from the maid for my headache. I walked into the palour and sat down, waiting for him. He followed me and sat down...

"Emma i want to say that i'm sorry for deceiving you and lying to you. There's no excuse for what I've done, i just want you to know how deeply sorry i am to have hurt you". He said looking really remorseful.  When i didn't say anything, he continued..

"But i'm not sorry for my decision to come here, cos it brought us together and i will always be grateful to David.  Because of his selfishness and his stupidity, i met the love of my life! I met the most beautiful woman in the whole world. I met a one in a million kind of woman!" 

"I met you Emma and I love you! I love you with every fiber of my being, i love you cos with you i find peace and happiness.  I love you because when i'm with you i have everything I've yearned for all my life. I have a family! I love you and i hope you'll forgive me so i can treat you like the queen that you are!" He declared...

It was when he stopped talking that i realized that tears were on my face. I didn't know what to say, i was speechless. So i got up and ran out from the room. I ran and ran into my room, i banged the door shut and fell face down on the bed. I kept sobbing, then i heard the door open slowly. Immediately i knew it was him, i jumped up from the bed, my heart pounding in my chest. I want him! I need his touch, i want him to make love to me. 

We ran into each other's arms and kissed, he kissed away the tears from my face, all the while whispering i love you to my ears. I grabbed his shirt and tore if off, i needed him inside me now. We tore each other's clothes off and he took me in his arms..

"Hold tight baby" he said to me, as he grabbed my legs and wrapped it around his naked waist. I felt the tip of his manhood on my wet sex, i rolled my waist and he rammed into me just then..

"Aaaaaahhh" i screamed loudly. He snatched my mouth in a wet kiss as he pushed my back against the wall. And then he started moving...i held him on his shoulder while he kept pounding me senseless. I was kissing him everywhere as i kept moaning with pleasure...i began to feel the ache,  it's like he knew i was about to climax cos he pulled out of me just then. 

" Not yet love" he said, i was still wondering what he meant when he turned me around and laid me flat on the table, before i could think he put his hands on my shoulders, holding me down as he  rammed into me once again. I screamed loudly. 

He started moving again with alarming speed, this time i couldn't hold back again as i climaxed. I swayed as i started to fall but he held my waist and kept pumping into me over and over again till i felt another climax building up. As i screamed in another climax, i heard him groan as he pumped his seed into me. We had climaxed together..

I couldn't walk so he carried me up and sank down onto the bed. With me still in his arms, he covered us both with the blanket.  I felt sleep calling, i was exhausted, i felt satiated, i felt like a woman who has been properly loved, i felt cherished!

He put his hand under my chin and raised my heart. I looked at him straight in the eye and said it, not bcos i was forced to. But because that is how i felt.. At that moment i didn't care if it's right or wrong,  i just wanted to say how i feel .

"I love you, Lucas and I forgive you!" I whispered to him. He smiled as he took my mouth in a sweet loving kiss.

"I love you too Emma! And thank you for forgiving me. I love you!" He replied...

I hugged him tight as we slept off in each other's arms!!!



  1. So sweet, luke and Emma deserve 2 b happy can't wait 4 d next part. Good job sassy pls wen is d next part?

  2. So sweet, luke and Emma deserve 2 b happy can't wait 4 d next part. Good job sassy pls wen is d next part?

  3. Hmmmm love is a beautiful thing, regardless of the circumstances.

  4. @Juliet soon dear..

    @Gina yes dear, love is beautiful!

  5. Love is beautiful wen u r with the right person... luke is d definition of every woman's dream.
    Well done Sassy mum... wen is d next episode

  6. Thanks guys... you all are the best!

    Juliet dear if it were up to me, i will be posting more than two episodes in a day. But i'm a mum too, so it's not easy. Please bear with me ok, will post the next episode as soon as i can!!

    Thank you all for being here everyday, i appreciate!!

  7. Kudos sweetie,your really doing a great job

  8. I'm in love with you sassy,


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