Hello Everyone! I'm back...

         [The Next Morning]

I woke up just before dawn, i sat looking at the man lying down beside me, how handsome he is, my heart swelled at the love i felt for this man. I've already made up my mind on what i'm going to do, if and when the monster, David finally gets home!

I'm going to serve him the divorce papers! So i can be with the one i love...i smiled in remembrance of his words to me last night. What a sweet man he is! I mused to myself 

Emma didn't know this but Luke had been awake for quite sometime too, staring at her thinking and smiling sweetly to herself. He chuckled softly and she jerked her head around looking at him with a surprised look on her face..

"How long have you been awake?" I asked him smiling..

"For a while" he replied. .

"And why didn't you say something?" I asked 

"Because i'm still getting used to waking up to the most beautiful woman beside me. So i decided to look at you first, to assure myself that this is all real! That i'm not imagining you here with me right now!"

I blushed pink at his words, oh Luke you're killing me with your words haha. I screamed inside..

I pulled him close and gave him a loving kiss, that made me wet in certain places..

"That real enough for you?" I teased

"Not nearly enough" he replied laughing. 

Before i knew what was happening, he grabbed me and crushed my lips with his... We made love again...And boy it keeps getting better and better...

          [Two Weeks Later]

It was a Sunday and we were just relaxing in the sitting room when we heard the commotion at the gate. We were both wondering what was happening when suddenly the sitting room door was flung widely open.

As we jumped up from our chairs to see whom it was, he walked in. The devil himself! I stood there frozen staring at this man who is obviously my husband, the resemblance between them is strange, like as if they are twins.

He walked in, a smug look on his face, and behind him two police officers! Luke didn't say a word, he just stood there looking resigned. 

"Hello wife, you look good" David said taunting me. Now that's the monster i'm married to, i said to myself.

"Hi David" i replied coldly. "What are you doing back here, and who are these men?" I asked him

He threw back his head and laughed in that annoying way of his. 

"The kitten has grown claws huh? Aww cute" he said mocking me.

"Well in case you two have forgotten, this was my father's house. But since he's dead, it's my house now. And you my dear beautiful Emma, you are still my wife! I hope that is clear enough for you two." He snapped 

"And these two gentlemen with me are the police, they are here for this criminal here. This man impersonating me in my home" David shouted pointing at Luke. 

"What?? David have you gone bunkers??" I shouted back at him. 

"You seem to have forgotten that you sent him here, because you were too cowardly to come home and face your responsibilities!" This can't be happening, i can't lose Luke. I love him too much. No, i can't lose him. I panicked. 

"Well dear wife, unless you have proof that I really said those words. If not, then i'm sorry but i don't know what you're talking about" he lied..

"Officers, arrest him" David commanded.

As the police moved to hold Luke, he looked at me with sad eyes. He came towards me and hugged me tight..

"I love you, Emma. Always" he said and kissed me. I held him tight, never wanting to let go..

I saw David flinch like he's been slapped. "Take him away from here" he screamed at the police...

They seized Luke, handcuffed him and read him his rights. He didn't resist arrest, didn't even say a word to David. 

I wanted to cry but Luke said to me "Be strong for me, baby! Be strong, don't let him win!" 

At his words i nodded and squeezed back the tears. I walked up to Luke, touched his face and gave him a weak smile...

"Don't worry my love, I'll be right behind you" i said to him bravely. He nodded and smiled back..

They took him away and i just stood there looking as they disappeared from sight. I turned around and came face to face with the devil himself. He was smiling and leering at me at the same time. Now when i look at him, i felt disgusted with myself, for ever letting him lay his filthy, evil hands on me..

"Come on wife, there's nothing you can do for him now" he gloated..

"Oh there you're wrong husband, there's a whole lot i can do. You may have money and a few connections, but don't forget the family i come from. My father was a former governor of this state remember?" 

"So just because i don't flaunt my family's wealth like you do, doesn't mean i don't have a whole lot of connections myself. So don't think you've won already. Husband" i threatened as i began to walk past him..

His face went white and i smiled inwardly to myself. You better be afraid David 

             [Two Hours Later]

I had finished making the necessary calls at home and was on my way to the police station..

When i got there, i signed the necessary papers so i could see him. They brought him out and we hugged quickly and sat down. He took my hands in his and smiled..

"I'm so glad you're here baby" he said. 

I smiled back, just hearing him call me baby once again, made me want to break down and cry. But i squeezed the tears down again... i have to be strong for him..

"My love, you know i'll do anything for you, i can even sleep right here in this cell with you. If they would let me. I love you so much, that it breaks my heart to see you suffer for committing no crime" i said painfully...

"It's okay baby, this whole situation brought us together and I'll forever be grateful to David for being such a jerk. So i'm not complaining, at least even in my suffering. I have you and i love you more than life itself" he declared...

Now i couldn't hold back the tears anymore, i cried and cried so hard. He consoled me the best he could, by holding my hands and wiping my tears away. I raised my eyes to his when the tears stopped and told him...

"I love you more than life itself too Luke! And i'll get you out of here tomorrow as soon as i can okay.." i swore to him. 

" i know you will, you're the strongest woman i know"  he said and smiled.

Just then the guard came told me that time is up. I got up and we hugged and said i love yous to each other..


When i got back home it was already dark. I parked my car and went inside, i saw him when i stepped into the house. I didn't look nor did i talk to him, i meant to walk past him but he suddenly shot out his hand and held my arm..

Angrily i pushed him away and said...

"Don't you ever in your miserable life touch me again David"..

"But you're still my wife" he had the gut to say..

"Just for tonight David. You lost that right to call me wife or touch me the minute you gave me away. You'll be getting the divorce papers tomorrow" I replied...

"But till then don't you ever touch me again, because the next time you do. I will kill you and go to jail for murder" i spat at him, turned around and walked up the stairs to my room.



  1. Too short and u take ages to post next episode....maybe I would just chill till probably next wk u shed be done so cn read in full...nice write up well done

  2. Wow...interesting joor..all these their kiss kiss in the morning sha, abi dem mouth no dey smell them sef dear I'm eagerly waiting for the next part..

  3. @Anon abeg no vex, will try and be posting faster. Thanks for being here..

    @Akuoma i dunno for them oo lol. Thanks dear..

    @Juliet ok dear, will make the next episode longer than this one. thanks..

  4. David is truly evil, can't wait to see hw it plays out. Thumbs up Sassy, ur killing it.

  5. David Devil'sadvocate.... he z freaking evil!
    I love this luke nd emma's love, all d kiss, love and sex in the morning.... mi likey.
    Nice writeup Sassy... waiting patiently for the next episode.

  6. Awww thanks so much @Gina..

    Haha abii oo, better morning love.. thanks dearie..

  7. @ Sassy cnt wait 4 d nxt episode. You're good!!!!

  8. @Belinda thanks love..
    Next and finale episode is out. Check it out..


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