He walked into the large dining room and surveyed the two table setting bathed in the golden haze of soft candlelight. Two places were set, his at the head of the table, hers at his right hand rather than at the opposite end of the massive oak table. Seems intimate he thought with a grin.

She studied him intently, he looked too resplendent for just a home dinner,dressed in an elegant black suit and pants that molded so scandalously to his long hard thighs. He moved with unconscious grace, as arrogant as he had always been, yet there was a difference in him. Something she couldn't put a name to.

Then he turned smoothly to face her, brown eyes locked with startled golden ones "How long were you planning to stare at me before you found the courage to announce yourself darling?" A small smile on his face, he raked her from head to toe and back with his eyes and felt his breath catch. Gosh, she is lovely he thought. 
 The deep red silk gown she wore clung like a.lover's caress to the subtle curves of her breasts, which mounded enticingly above the deep vee of the bodice. How he ached to pull away the thin silk and taste that lovely skin of hers again.

"You look beautiful love..all these just fof me?" He taunted her. She stepped forward to meet him "I like to look good, don't kid yourself" she said flatly,making him chuckle low. As if on cue, Sarah the cook entered the dining room, bearing a bottle of champagne and two fine Crystal goblets. "Allow me?" He picked up the bottle and inspected it, "Hmm you've always had excellent taste in wine" he said, as he poured.

  As Sarah served their dinner, David took Emma's arm and escorted her to her seat. "Allow me?" He pulled out the heavy chair and leaned over her as she slipped gracefully into it. "Your skin smells sweet like lavender". "thank you" she managed to choke out, her heart was beating so fast and she was breathless. What's wrong with you Emma? She silently scolded herself again.

Just as she was beginning to enjoy her meal, he asked her the question she knew was coming but was avoiding. "What happened to our marriage Emma?" Oh he had guts, she had to give it to me. "Well i say we have none" She aanswered coldly.  "To some extent that's true" he conceded. "I've been away for so long but now i'm be your husband in every way" he could see the pulse at the base of her throat accelerate. A deep blush stained her cheeks at his meaning. "We're strangers to each other. You can't just waltz into my life after all these years and expect me to welcome you into my bed. I don't know you.i never did" 

"Oh but i did know you, in the biblical sense at least" her blush deepend under his onslaught. " For a mere 2 weeks and after that you were more interested in your whore" her voice was laced with scorn and anger. "But i'm here to make up for all of it my love" he swore. Ha! I could almost believe him Emma thought. 

 David knew he had hurt his wife and he had a lot to make up for, but he'll be damned if he's gonna give up on her without trying to win her back..... 


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