Hey guys, in the part i'm taking the role of Emma ok to avoid confusion. Enjoy!!
           [AFTER DINNER]

He walked me to the door and gave me that charming smile of his.

"Can i come in love?"

My heart started beating faster in my chest again. I wish i can make it stop i said to myself.

"David stop playing with me, you know you can't come in here with me. And that's final" i replied bravely, hoping he wouldn't notice how i'm shaking inside.

"Very well, I'll grant your wish just for tonight Emma. Honestly, i'm exhausted myself and i don't have the strength the argue about this. So we'll talk about it tomorrow"

And just as i started to breathe again, he added... "But you're still my wife Emma, and we're gonna share a room together", he added with a wicked smile.

Suddenly i was exhausted myself and all i wanted to do was sleep, all the fight had suddenly left my body at that small victory.

"Well i guess this is goodnight then, see you tomorrow".

 Just as i turned to enter the room, he swept out one arm pulling me against his chest. His other arm lifted my chin to meet his lips as they descended to claim mine. A soft mewling protest formed in my throat but was swiftly muffled by his hot and seeking mouth.

I felt his tongue brush deftly along the seam of my lips, slipping inside when i gasped in surprise. Just as quickly as he had seized me he released me and gave me a sweet smile.

"Goodnight Emma" he said and left.

Trembling, i closed the door to my room and leaned against it for a second to gather my wits and stop my legs from trembling. I sank down on the huge bed to think...

    [5 YEARS AGO]

It had been a week after the wedding, i was heading to my room when i saw them. My dear husband and his whore Rose(the maid) wrapped up in each other, they didn't notice me at first. He saw me first and slowly disentangled himself from her...he didn't look guilty. Instead he had looked amused.

I ran to my room crying, i was broken. I waited but the apology that never came. My mother had consoled me and told me that marriage is not all roses. The wedding night, he had rushed the whole thing like he was disgusted by the whole act, he never cared that i was a virgin. I had cried the entire night.. The next morning when i woke up i was told by Sarah that my husband had already left for London for business, without saying good bye to his wife.

I haven't set eyes on him since that day till this night he came home. I had vowed never to let any man hurt me ever again and i had planned on keeping to my vow. Until he came home...

What do i do with these feelings? I asked myself... But one thing Emma is sure of this night is that, that man in that other room might look like her husband. But he's not her husband!

        [PRESENT DAY]

Emma had certainly changed through the years, he could still picture her standing before him in the big dining room, so small and delicate for all her sweetly filled-out curves, trying to make him see she was a different woman. He laughed aloud at the irony of the whole situation, as his eyes shifted to the door separating his suite from hers.

"Yes, you're not the woman David Becker married beautiful Emma. But that's only fair, since i'm not David Becker!"

He tossed his robe onto the floor and sank naked into the soft mattress, where he lay staring at the ceiling as hjs mind moved back through time...

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  1. Wow this is getting really interesting!
    Well done dear. Can't wait for the next post..

    Chinwe Christian

  2. Nawaaa for this man, making me angry, cant wait to hear the explanation 4 the mess he did.....
    *wonder if Emma wud take him back, anyway he's stl her hubby.

    Really interesting.

    1. BTW...wat happened 2 Rose? Maybe she dumped the fool.

    2. Lol. Rose was fired by Emma

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Good job! Such an amazing writer..

  5. Thanks Dinma..
    Thanks Cutie.. *smiles*

  6. This is a good piece. But I think you made an error where you said she hasn't seen him, is it after the wedding night that he flew to London or was it one week after the marriage that she caught him with Rose. More grease to your elbows dear.

    1. Thanks Miss Cute..

      Yes it's a mistake... thanks for pointing that out lol.

  7. This is a good piece. But I think you made an error where you said she hasn't seen him, is it after the wedding night that he flew to London or was it one week after the marriage that she caught him with Rose. More grease to your elbows dear.

  8. If he is nt David Becker, then who is he?

    1. Welcome dear..
      He is David's brother..


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