[ONE YEAR AGO]

 Lucas Knight has been sitting at the bar alone for more than an hour thinking. He just couldn't stop thinking, he is a bastard son of a whore. He sometimes thought about his father, who he is and what his life would've been like if he had a father. 

His mother could never tell him who his father is because she wasn't sure. All his life he has known nothing but suffering, he wanted a good life. But most of all he wanted a family of his own. 

As he sat there thinking, suddenly he felt eyes on him and he looked up. He sat frozen on the chair for close to a minute, staring at man who looked like him so much,He began to think he was looking at a mirror. The stranger with a surprised look on his face too walked over to his table. 

Lucas stood up and the two men walked slowly around each other. They were of an identical build, lean and tall. But Lucas was maybe an inch taller than the stranger. They stared at each other in amazement. 

"Amazing! Unbelievable" the stranger said..

"Yes it is" Luke replied with a smile. 

"I am David Becker" the stranger said. "And you are?"

"I am Lucas Knight" he replied 

"Well i think we both know we're brothers...obviously, so why don't we just sit and talk" David said..

"Fine by me" Lucas said with a low chuckle...

And talked they did, David wasn't surprised when Luke told him his mother was a whore, his father was a womanizer just like him. Lucas listened to him as he talked and it wasn't hard to see his brother is a spoiled brat. And watching him complain about being rich....Luke kept smiling to himself. If only his dear brother knew how horrible it is to be poor.

"You really don't have any idea how lucky you are to have grown up with a father and a rich one at that, do you?" Luke asked him..

"Oh please Luke spare me the sermon, yes i may have grown up in a rich home but he wasn't exactly  the best father in the world. All he cared about was money and upholding the family name and image!" David sulked...

"Still you're lucky for the comfortable life he gave you, you had a home, a family. The one thing i have wanted all my life but never had. I just don't understand why you'll abandon such a luxurious life and come here to live".Luke replied. .

"Well brother now you have me right? A brother, a family" David said with a smile..

"Yes i do and i'm the happiest man alive" Luke replied..

And that was how David told Luke about the arranged marriage with Emma, about the wedding night and how she had caught him cheating. He didn't look nor did he sound remorseful for hurting his wife. He told Luke about the maid and what a good lay she was...laughing mischievously. 


By now Lucas knew almost everything about his brother David and his family. And on that fateful day as he walked into the bar to meet his brother, Luke found him clutching a piece of paper in his hands...

"Something wrong Dave?" Luke asked..

"Indeed brother something is wrong" he sounded angry. "I just got word from home now that our father has passed away and i'm expected to come home to take over the family business, and of course to make an heir with my wife". He said that last part with a wicked laugh.

Luke didn't know what to say, he couldn't really be sorry for the death of a man he didn't know. So he just asked his brother what he is going to do now. That.was when he dropped the bomb on him. 

"Well Luke I'm not ready to go home now, neither i'm i ready for a wife and children. So i'm going to make your dreams come true and give you the one thing you've always wanted. A home and a can go take my place till i'm ready to come home and we can let everyone know about us". 

Luke was speechless, he didn't know what to say. He should have said No cos it was the right thing to do but he didn't. He couldn't say No, he didnt want to say No.

            [PRESENT DAY]

Luke rolled over on the huge bed as he lay awake in the master bedroom in his father's house. He had done it, really done it. He had traded places with his half brother and come home to claim the birth right his illegitimacy had denied him as Donald Becker's first son.

Stay tuned....


  1. Hmmmm wow...
    I can't wait for the next part. Good job dear


  2. Nice one girl..
    You keep getting better and.better

  3. Nawaaa...the David guy os sure wicked, and his brother isnt any better. U mean Emmna wont recognise the difference, they're nt identical twins na?..

  4. Beli my love i.sight you lol

    Well done Sassy!

  5. Sounds a bit wrong @sassy mum


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