[The Night Continues LOL]

With his eyes still glazing into mine, he lowered one knee into the soft mattress and slowly sank down beside me. Smiling he slid his hands up my shapely calves and thighs to pull down my torn panties...taking a slender ankle in his hand, he raised my leg and trailed hot kisses along my calf up my inner thigh until he felt me quiver. 

"Raise your hips love"  he commanded me slowly and he grabbed my panties and pulled it down.

He threw the frilly thing away and replaced it with the heat of his hands... i gasped aloud. Long fingers teased and pressed, stroked until i heard myself cry out  loudly. He knew then i was ready...

He rolled down and covered my body with his big body, heat enveloped me as he pressed me into the mattress, he had been rough in the past. So i dug my nails into the mattress and waited for the dry rasping pain to begin, but it did not...

Instead he rolled to one side of me and kissed my ear and cheek, murmuring sweet love words as he kissed my earlobe, my eyes and my nose. He plunged into my open mouth and pillaged as he caressed the damp folds of my sex.... 

Luke thought his brother a fool but was grateful as he moved over Emma and parted her thighs..

As i felt the hard tip of his phallus probe at the opening of my sex, i braced myself for the pain, but it didn't come. He ran the head of his phallus up and down over my throbbing sex, my thighs opened wider on it's own and he plunged himself deep inside me with a surge of ecstasy....

"Aaaahhhh" i screamed loudly with pleasure. As i moved my hands to his shoulders, he removed my hands, raised it to my head and pinned it down with one of his hands while he grabbed my face with his other hand for a scorching kiss.

I started rolling my waist up and down, wanting something i couldn't name.... i felt him groan deeply as he rammed down into me and started moving. I was screaming not caring who was listening, but obviously he cared cos he grabbed my face for another hot kiss before saying to me...

"Sweetie take it easy, you're gonna wake the whole neighborhood if you keep screaming like this". He said, his eyes twinkling with laughter. 

I only heard few of the things he said before he rammed into me once again and to avoid screaming again, i did the only thing i could think of at that moment... i bit him on his shoulder....hard. I felt him flinch but he didn't stop moving. I manged to snatch my hands away from his grasp to grab his head for a kiss... and then i felt the ache building up...

Luke felt the sudden shuddering tremors begin deep inside her as she cried out, digging her nails into his back as she climaxed. Her tight sheath rhythmically milked him until he too could not withstand it no more. When his phallus swelled, spilling it's seed deep within her, he came up off the mattress. So intense was the release...

I felt him stiffen, shudder and groan as he climaxed that the final thrusting glory sent me spiraling into yet another series of contractions that ebbed ever so slowly, until i collapsed in the mattress. Panting and exhausted, utterly spent with ecstasy.

Luke cradled her into his arms as he turned, so she can lay atop him. He felt her deep breathing and knew she has slept off. He smiled to himself as he said.. Now i have bound her to me in a way David never could. Emma is mine now and nothing or no one is ever taking her away from me...ever! Not even you brother, he swore silently to himself. 

He was still smiling when he slept off...



  1. Keep up d good work honey, when should I b expecting part 8?

  2. Keep up d good work honey, when should I b expecting part 8?

    1. Thanks dear...
      Hopefully today! It's a busy day for me.

  3. Hmmm! Breath taking episode.

  4. Nice. Please i wanna ask a question. Luke just met with David and assumed they are brothers because they look alike without even contacting both family or going for a DNA test. The last episode had some lapses. All the same, great job dear.

  5. Thanks Miss Cute..

    Temi hope you enjoyed the episode? Lol

  6. Hmmm so he wants Emma to be his forever. .
    *wonder wat Dave wil say

  7. Wooow this is great..
    Thumbs up.


  8. There is going to be trouble when David realises his mistake


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