Dawn came stealing softly into the big room, Luke blinked and gazed out the window as he awakened. He lay quietly, feeling Emmas' soft warm body so close beside him. Strands of brown hair spilled across his chest and chest, the sweet smell of lavender filled his nose. He touched her hair softly to feel it's softness..

Just then i awoke, it took me a minute to realize where i am and why i'm naked. Immediately i felt shy and took the sheets to cover my nakedness but he stopped me and asked with a smile...

"Isn't it a bit too late to be feeling shy, love?" he asked looking into my eyes.

I flushed pink, didn't know what to say. He pulled me up into his arms, so that i'm laying on his chest and kissed me senseless. Just then i felt his manhood begin to harden pressing into my belly. I looked at him with a startled look on my face but he only smiled..

"Make love to me baby" he said to me

"In daylight?" I asked..

"Yes, right now" he replied..

When he saw the confused look on my face he said..

"Don't worry, i will show you what to do" he whispered in my ears..

Suddenly i felt that wetness in between my legs and i sighed with pleasure. Instinctively i reached for his sex, wrapped my hand around it and squeezed him softly. He groaned and arched his hips, thrusting eagerly as i guided the pulsing tip into the core of wet heat that throbbed with wanting him.

Then slowly I lowered my hips, taking him in deep inside me. And the pleasure i felt was intoxicating, i had never been in control like this before and i wanted to give him as much pleasure as he had given me last night. So i experimented, rolling my hips slowly then raising up and plunging down in a swift hard rhythm that had us both gasping for breath.

"Ooh baby" he whispered as he reached and cupped my breasts teasing my nipples, he pulled me down so he could take turns in sucking my nipples. As he did so my hips began to move more swiftly and faster until i began to feel the ache within me..

I screamed loudly " Oh David" as i climaxed and i heard him groan as he climaxed too..i collapsed into his arms as he claimed my lips in a loving kiss. 

Luke held his wife tightly, never wanting to ever let her go. His wife. Now all he wanted was to tell her the truth about everything and make her his wife for real. He hated it when she had called out his brother's name as she climaxed. He just realized that he has fallen in love with his brother's wife. Can she ever forgive me when i tell, will she believe me when i tell her i love her, can she leave a rich man like David for a mere bastard like me. All these questions kept running through his mind..

"Come love, let's go take a bath. We're going to be late for work". He said as he got up from the bed. He took my arms and yanked me up from the bed and took me in his arms..i screamed as he entered the bathroom.

We made love again...we just couldn't get enough of each other...


As we sat eating breakfast he kept looking at me like he wanted to eat me instead of the food.

"Please David stop looking at me like that" i said shyly.. he laughed

"Like how" he asked..

"Like you want to eat me up" i replied with a smile..

"As a matter of fact i do want to eat you up and you're going to like it". He said...

"I'm going to work, see you tonight" i said as i got up quickly from my chair abandoning my unfinished toast.

"He threw back his head and roared with laughter.  "Running away from me, darling". He asked as he also got up from his chair.

I didn't say anything, i just needed to be on my own right now to sort out my feelings for this man. 

"See you later David" i said as i turned to leave. 

"Really wife, no goodbye kiss for me" he asked.

"No" i said..

But he held my waist and turned me around and gave me a deep wet kiss. I swooned when he released me. He gave me a charming smile and told me goodbye.

      [Hours Later At The Office]

My Secretary came into the office with flowers and chocolates from my husband. I smiled as i took the flowers from her and thanked her. 

"Hope you're having a great day. I'm afraid your beauty has rendered me useless cos i can't stop thinking about you. Can't wait to be with you tonight. Love, husband". The note read..

I laughed out loud as i held the note to my chest, thinking about last night. I can't stop thinking about him too but i'll never tell him that. I took my phone and sent him a text.

"See you tonight, we have to talk" i sent it..

     [AT HOME]

Immediately Luke got that text from Emma, he knew something was wrong so he came home early to find her already home. 

" How was your day"  he asked her as they were eating dinner..

"It was fine" she replied him distractedly.

Luke was worried so he asked her if she's ok

"No i'm not ok" she replied 

"What's the problem" he asked her, although he had a feeling what thw problem is. She hadn't let him kiss her nor touch her when he came home.

"I want you to tell me the truth right now. Who are you and where's my husband?" I asked looking him straight in the eyes.

"What makes you think i'm not your husband" he asked her...

"I'm not stupid alright, i know you're not my husband. So spare me the lies and tell me what's really going on" she asked him angrily. 

Luke knew then he had to tell her the truth, maybe she might forgive him.

He told her the truth then, everything from how he met David his brother to how he agreed to take David's place and come home.

Luke hated himself that moment as he saw the hurt look in her eyes. He moved to take her hand but she snatched her hand away and got up from the chair. 

"David or whatever your name is, don't you ever touch me again, you disgust me" she spat at him as she walked out of the house..

"My name is Luke" he said to her retreating back.

He got up from the chair and punched the mirror on the wall, smashing it and hurting his hand.

"Damn it!" He screamed to the empty room..



  1. I feel bad, so sad for Luke coz he's really inlove. Damn David! !!!

  2. David is a wicked asshole..
    Great work sweetie..


  3. I feel pity 4 luke, david is just stupid Emma should just listen 2 luke, when is the nest part coming up?

  4. I feel pity 4 luke, david is just stupid Emma should just listen 2 luke, when is the nest part coming up?

  5. Nawah ooo... my coke is hot alwedi even popcorn is finished..


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