I can't believe it's been two years already since i last saw Alex, after waiting months after months for him, waiting for his call, waiting to see him once again. I had given up hope until she came into my life....

Two months after his departure, i started getting sick in the morning. I Couldn't eat anything without throwing up, i felt dizzy, i was depressed. 

I thought it might be a flu, until i went for a proper checkup and i was told by the doctor that i'm two months pregnant...

At first i didn't know what to think, i mean here i am an orphan, with no friends, no close family relationship and i'm pregnant! 

What do i do? Do i even want a baby? Can i take care of a baby and give it as much love as it's needed? Oh God what do i do??

For months i kept asking myself all these questions, until the day i felt her kick. I held my tummy for minutes feeling her kick and just then and there, i decided i wanted this baby. 

I had her on a cool Sunday morning, i cried when i held her little body in my arms as she suckled on my breast. She was so beautiful, so innocent!

I named her Nicole Alex Bryce! She changed me in more ways than i can say. Now i know how sweet and beautiful love can be! 

When i look at her, all i see is the true image of Alex! She has his beautiful eyes and his smile, i love her so! Maybe she's the reason why i haven't been able to forget Alex and moved on! Maybe...

Now i'm here in my office wondering what i'll do about Alex if/when he gets back. Do i tell him about Nicki? What if he's not ready to be a father now? Should i tell or just keep quiet? I was still wondering when i heard a knock. My secretary came in, bearing a package for me... i thanked her as i collected it.

I opened it, it was an invitation card. An engagement party invitation for me! Who could it be? Maybe it's just one of my workers or a distant relative. I wondered as i opened it.

I felt my hands begin to tremble when i read it.. "Hello Danielle, you are hereby invited to the engagement party between Mr Alex.J.Harvey and Miss Laura James on Saturday at his residence.......

I dropped the invitation card as i couldn't read anymore, tears have blinded me. I felt all the old wounds resurface again.. Alex why? Why? Damn you... Alex i hate you, i hate you i said as i tore the card into shreds. Damn you Alex!!!

I took my bag and stormed out of the office, i asked my driver to take me home cos i didn't trust myself behind the wheel today. I got home and went straight to my baby's room,wanting to hold her, to play with her. 

But she was taking a nap, she looked so peaceful!  I smiled down at her as i touched her hair softly. She reminds me of him so much and i realized there's no escaping him. I decided right there that i'm going for that party. 

I'm not gonna stay here and hide! I'm gonna go to that party and i'm gonna tell Alex what a jerk he is! Oh yes i'm gonna do it and i don't give a fuck if it's his engagement party! I don't care!!

I went straight to my room to get ready. I took extra minutes for my make-up, I wore a red number that brought out all my newly acquired curves.. thanks to motherhood! 

Matching it with a black strappy high heeled sandals, i stood in front of the mirror to check how i looked. I took my clutch purse and left the room. Went and kissed my baby goodbye and left the house...

I drove straight to Alex's house, i was so angry but at the same time i was trembling! I didn't know what to expect, j just wanted, No! Needed to see him! I really do..

As i drove into his compound, i parked my car for a second to gather my scattered wits. There were so many cars here and so many people. I guess she's also from a rich home hmmm. I mused to myself as i got down from my car and started walking inside...


Here i am in my room getting ready for the party and at the same time cursing myself for being such a jerk? First i abandon my best friend, the love of my life and ran away! 

I haven't apologized for that yet, and then i went and sent my engagement party IV to her! Ugh Alex how cruel can you be????

Yes! I know i'm a jerk! Yes i know i've hurt Elle but i just needed to see her. I need to apologize to her! I just don't know why i sent her the IV! I can almost imagine how angry she'll be at me right now. I can't wait to see her though.. that's if she shows up!

I exited the room and went downstairs, i saw Laura with my parents already greeting the guests. She's beautiful in a comely kinda way, nothing like Elle. 

I joined my family downstairs, forcing a smile as i greeted the guests. I grabbed a glass of champagne from a waiter passing by.

Just then i looked up and saw her.. she was walking into the house, looking around. Probably looking for me, at that moment there's no other person in the room but her. Looks like she's getting more beautiful with years. Her eyes shifted and she stood staring at me too.

I walked over to her..

"Hello Elle! How are you?" I asked her forcing a smile..

"Hello Alex! I'm fine!" She replied not returning my smile. 

"And you, how have you been Alex". She asked looking straight into my eyes..

"I've been good! Thanks!" 

"So where's your bride to be?" She said looking around for her..

"Oh she's right there"  i replied pointing in Laura's direction.

"Alex she's beautiful!" She said, still not smiling. 

"Thanks Elle! You look as beautiful as ever.." i complimented her. Wondering why i did though...

"Thanks Alex! So can i meet her?" She asked..

"Yes yes of course!  Right this way.." i said leading her to Laura's direction.


The minute i saw the golden haired woman standing with Alex at the door, i just knew that she's Danielle! I've longed to meet this girl who had broken Alex's heart, but now i wish i didn't. 

Little wonder Alex is so taken with her, she's a goddess. So beautiful and graceful yet she has a fire about her. For the first time in my life, i felt jealousy and i didn't like it.. I saw them coming towards me and i forced a smile as i asked..

"Alex who's this?"..

"Um Laura this is Danielle, my best friend!  The one i told you about" he said introducing us..

"And Elle this is my fiancee, Laura" he said

"Nice to meet you Danielle, i've heard so much about you. I feel like i know you already!" I said shaking her soft hand.

"A pleasure to meet you too! It's a pity i haven't heard a thing about you!" She replied now smiling.  She's so beautiful.... i mused to myself 

"I'm sorry on behalf of Alex!  Now that you're here, we can get to know each other. Right? I asked..

"Yea sure! Congratulations by the way! Seems you succeeded where many failed!" She said staring at Alex. Who couldn't seem to stop looking at her..

"Thank you dear" i replied..

After that the silence stretched, we were both trying hard not to stare at each other. Finally Alex spoke up..

"Do any of you ladies need a drink?" He asked..

He both nodded in agreement and he ran off to the bar..

"So Danielle, how have you been all these years since Alex left!" I asked her.. 

She tried hard not to flinch at my question. She looked me straight in the eyes..

"And what exactly do you mean by that question?" She asked 

"Well you know i met Alex at a time when he was still heart broken and he told everything that happened between you two. The Will and everything else!" I gloated..

"Really? He told you everything huh? She asked, a shocked look on her face. That look made me so happy 

"Yes he did!" I replied

"Will you excuse me please" she said and walked off even before she could reply.. 

Good riddance!! I mused to myself thinking she was leaving, instead i saw her walk towards Alex. She grabbed his arm and literally pushed him out of the room towards the stairs. 

I moved to follow them but before i could get up the stairs, a guest snatched my arm. Steering me in another direction! Damn it!!!


The minute i saw her walking towards me, eyes blazing. I knew i'm in trouble! Before i could say anything, she grabbed my arm and pushed me up the stairs..

"Let's talk!" Was all she said..

I followed her meekly like sheep going to slaughter house, she walked straight to my room and banged the door shut after me.

"Really Alex?  You are many things but i NEVER pegged you for a coward? Alex how could you? How could you abandon me just like that Alex?

"How could you tell Laura, a stranger everything we shared? Why are you such a jerk Alex? Please answer me cos i'm loosing my mind here!" She was breathing heavily 

I didn't know what to say to defend, maybe because there's nothing to say for hurting her.. and all i could say is sorry.

"I'm sorry Elle! I'm sorry for hurting you! I'm sorry for leaving you! I just didn't know how to deal with the pain, so i ran! I regret my decision now, I'm sorry Elle"  i apologized, looking very remorseful. 

"Oh you're sorry huh? Well i don't need your sorry alright? I just need answers! I always  thought you were one person i could rely on at all times and then you just up and left when i needed you most!" 

"And now two years later with no phone calls, no sort of communication whatsoever. You think you're just gonna say sorry and i'll forgive you Alex?  Just like that i'm supposed to forget everything?" She screamed at me..

Thank God for the music downstairs or everyone would be hearing her right now....i thought 

"Dani i know there's no excuse for what i did, i'm just begging you to find a place in your to forgive me! I'm really, truly sorry Elle!" I begged..

She sank down onto my bed, breathing heavily. I stood looking down at her, thinking about that night. The night we made love! She looked up at me..

"You're thinking about it too, aren't you? You're thinking about that night between us right?" She asked me boldly.

I didn't know what to say, so i didn't say anything. She got up from the bed and walked up to me, coming closer! I couldn't move, i just stood there mesmerized by her beauty.

She touched my face ever so slowly, pulled my head down and kissed me. Yes Elle kissed me.. so unlike her!! My mouth opened on it's own and kissed her back. I reached out to hold her but she pulled out of my hands.

"I never stopped thinking about you Alex, not even for a day. I never stopped thinking about the night we shared together! I waited for you each day to come home so i can tell you how much i loved you! I waited endlessly for you Alex but you never came!" She said picking up her purse from my bed..

"It's such a pity you've moved on now or there might still be a chance for us! Such a pity!" She said walking to the door.. She opened the door and turned back to say..

"And just in case you were wondering, i'm not married... Yet! Good night Alex and Congratulations!" She said and walked out, not looking back.

I sank down on the bed, with both  my hands on my head.. Oh God what have i done?

To Be Continued...


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    1. This babe na ma personal person naaa...She's gud @these romantic thingz.

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  12. Sassy where is 2day's story o, am beginning to feel sleepy o pls honey post it *kisses*

  13. Sassy where is 2day's story o, am beginning to feel sleepy o pls honey post it *kisses*

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