I'm Thankful!

Good morning darlings..

It's one month already, can you believe it? I'm so so happy to see a day like this and i'm so grateful for having such awesome readers and friends in you guys!

I have thought about blogging a lot of times but i always find one excuse after another to give myself about how i can't do it. Being a wife and a mother to 4 lovely kids; with no maid or helper. It ain't easy..i tell ya!

But on the 13th of October 2015, i said enough of the excuses and laziness!  I told myself i can do this and i did it! I created this blog and I've gotta say it's one of the best decisions I've made this year and I'm so thankful to you guys for always been here, reading my stories and supporting me!

My shout out goes to ; Belinda Njoloza, Akuoma Onyeriri, John Juliet, Cutie berry, Miss Cute, Miz Tee, Julie Omorodion, Chinwe, Temitope Muhammed, Mummy Gina Obafemi, Rachel Berry, Blog Legend, Austin Uche, Dinma Igbokweuche, Glowyshoe, Carina Jacobs, Trendygloria, Mimi chinonso, Chimmy Chy, Diary of a Naija Mom, Pamscribe, Catwalk with Pat, BMF, All the Anons and every other person i forgot his/her name no vex lol. I love you guys so much!! Muahh

And for those that'll say it's too soon to start celebrating anything, no worry i like am like that lol
My mottto 


  1. Awww congrats sweetie..
    So happy for you and i love you too! Hugs


  2. Awww congrats darling!! You're the best. Waiting for the next story muah

  3. Seriously? It's been a month already? Wow. May God continue to bless you with more sweet, interesting stories for us oo lol
    Thanks for the shout out! E-hugs


  4. Your welcome boo! And thank u 4 always making my week enjoyable with ur beautiful stories love u plenty. looking 4word 2 our one year anniversary *kisses*

  5. Sassy give us a new story na my saliva don finish from waiting *kisses*

    1. Haha will be here soon..
      I must post today, even if it's in the night. Muah

    2. Ok dear, will b expecting it *kisses*

    3. Ok dear, will b expecting it *kisses*

    4. Juliet dear pls don't be angry... to anyone else expecting the story tonight. I'm sorry but the story will be posted tomorrow. Have been editing but my ba3 is really down.. No vex abeg
      Tomorrow will be a good day!

  6. Tell u the truth, its as if uv bn doong this thing for longggggg, u're gud girl and um 4eva bsides u.

    Keep Up the good work. U're goin places!
    Love youuuuuu yes youuuuuu.

  7. if it is birthday, one will say "happy birthday" so am saying "Happy Birth-blog"

    I am happy for you and I celebrate with you.*smiles*
    I decree more Grace and Wisdom in all your endeavors in Jesus' name, Amen.

    I admire your "motto"
    once again congratulation!!!!


  8. Congratulations darl... its not too soon abeg. Very soon we will celebrate you for ur success by his Grace.
    Taemy loves you too... thanks for all the wonderful stories. Waiting patiently for d next one.

  9. Thank u Sassy Mum. Be Thankful in whatever situation you find yourself

  10. I see u going places @sassy mum... Ur blog is just a month old and u're flourishing already..... Keep soaring hun

  11. Congratulations Sassy, juz a month n u've won so many hearts. Juz b original n consistent n I tell u, ur gonna make it. God bless ur home.

  12. Congrats darl...keep up da good work!

  13. Congats dear...I nominated u for an award and also the gratitude challenge. check my blog please details.

  14. Congrats.

  15. Sassy were is the new story u promised na, being refreshing since last night *kisses*

  16. Congrats to you my darling. The journey so far hasn't been easy, but we pulled through as a family. Your blog has always been an interesting site to open. Bigger you i pray. We will toast jawe.

  17. Congrats to you my darling. The journey so far hasn't been easy, but we pulled through as a family. Your blog has always been an interesting site to open. Bigger you i pray. We will toast jawe.

  18. Mother of 4... Wow !!!
    That's amazing... Congratulations
    And that motto is the gospel... Cheers
    May God continue to strengthen you in ever aspect !! Amen

  19. Awwww..I wish you all the best sassy mom.
    4 Lovely kids!! Wow! Speechless.
    You are wonderful.

  20. Congrats. It's not easy with the kids and all.

  21. Congrats dear. Keep it up.



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