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Hello sweets..

This is the introduction of our new story. I'm going to be doing this for every new story, so that our new readers can read it and just join in from any episode without confusion okay? Got it!! Drum rolls!! And Juliet it's still a story nah haha

My name is Emily Jones and i am a 23 year old girl! I live and school in New York City with my best friend and roommate Amber St James. My brother and i are orphans, our parents died in a horrible car crash five years ago when i was just 18 and i kind of grew up way too fast..

I had to make major decisions in our house and also be a mother to my then 21 year old brother Micheal, who is now 26. My brother couldn't handle our parents death, so he turned to alcohol, womanizing and gambling.

He had been in and out of so much trouble than i can count. I have always been there for him. Bailing him out, feeding him, clothing him, paying off his gambling debts and loving him..

I suffer for us both cos he is the only family i have left and i have vowed never to abandon him. But i hate what he is doing to himself, and i don't know what else to do to make him whole again. So i love him regardless..

I study in NYU School of Law! I have been paying my way through school all by myself, with no help from anyone and it ain't cheap. I miss our parents so much but i would never left my grief get in the way of my success.

I am driven, focused and hardworking, i want to be successful at all cost! My late parents bless their soul were poor but contented with what what they had and happy. But i don't want to be like them, i don't want to be poor forever! Never 

Which is why i'm doing all it takes to stay in school and graduate with good grades. I'm what you guys call 'An Escort'! I joined an agency two years ago when the burden became too much for me. I had house rents to pay, i had to feed myself and my brother and still go to school.

So i joined an agency and the pay is very good!! At first i felt guilty for the things i have to do but when i think of all the luxuries i stand to lose if i stop i just ask God for forgiveness and move on. I need to get my degree and get a job first, then maybe i can be able to stop.

My best friend Amber is a beautiful blonde and she's from a rich home. And when i say rich, i mean her family are billionaires! The kind you read in the news and you see on The Forbes list of world's richest men! Yes that kind

But one thing i love about Amber is her humility, if she doesn't tell you she's from a rich home, you'll never know, because of how nice and jovial she is to anyone and everyone around her and that's why we became friends.

We met here in school two years ago and we've been best friends since then. I love her like a sister and we tell each other everything... well almost everything cos i haven't told her about my side job! I don't know what she'll say if i tell her and i don't want her to think low of me. It hurts me not telling her about this part of my life but i just can't, i don't want to lose her as a friend. So I've kept mum! Pretending to be working as a secretary at a small firm and thank God the lie has been working since then. But for how long until she finds out... I'm torn between telling her or not telling her..

In this line of work i have met a lot of men in my young life. Very attractive, rich men! But i have been so lucky i haven't met that kind of man that'll make my heart skip or give me butterflies!

I don't have a boyfriend, many guys have tried dating me but the answer has always been No! I don't want to deceive more people with my kind of job and what if i maybe get too attached to that person and then he gets to find out what i really do and maybe leaves me. Can i handle the heartbreak? Hell to the No!

So i keep to myself, i'm already hurting by lying to the two mist important people in my life. Amber and Micheal!!

Again I am Emily Jones and this is my story. The life of an escort girl...

Sassy Mum..
Main story coming up soon muah


  1. Haa Sassy na wah for you oo. I've been refreshing all day and you're just giving me the intro? Not fair oo lol
    But it's a good decision, to avoid confusion for new peeps. This story go sweet die, can't wait for the main story oo. I love Emily already. Abeg hurry up with it oo biko

  2. Hmmmm I like!! From the intro I think it's going to be awesome. Nice one dear
    But u like suspense sha lol


  3. It pays to b honest, I feel she should juz tel them wat she's into n a true friend wouldn't judge.

  4. I already know the story will be awesome. Keep it coming mami..
    Happy Sunday guys..

  5. Lol sassy u had 2 mention my name. All the same good intro will b waiting 4 the main story, I hope it's soon *kisses*

  6. This one naa alanga you do us. But we forgive you.

  7. Wow, this is interesting. My first time here, welcome me.

    1. Awww welcome love...
      Please enjoy ur stay with us

  8. Um blown away by the intro already. I am sure its gona be a good story.
    Btw she shud jst tell her friend n brother wat she does so she can liv a free life.


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