SCORCHED Episode 1

I was in my room putting on my makeup cos i have a client tonight when Amber came home. I'm so tired that all i want to do right now is cuddle up in my soft bed and sleep all night long. But sadly i can't do that because i have to work. Honestly i hate this job but it's all i have right now, so i manage till i'm done with school.

The client I'm meeting tonight is Tom Ford, a rich millionaire who's the owner of multimillion dollar company here in NYC. He's 40, Cute, looks good and currently going through divorce with his wife(they both cheated and decided to divorce). I kinda like him, he's interesting to be with and a good conversationalist. Unlike some others..

Don't get me wrong these men are rich, intelligent and hardworking. Most of them are exciting and intriguing to be with and i always learn a thing or two from them. Sometimes all they need is to be in the company of a young pretty girl, someone they can be free with, talk nasty with, do the nasty with and be happy. But i never get too attached to them and I'm always at alert, I never drink too much or do drugs..

So i do everything in my power to make them happy, i'm a good listener and i give them good counsel every now and then. It makes them happy and when they're happy, my pocket is happy! I turned as i heard a soft knock on my door..

"Hey, you in there?" Amber asked...

"Yea please come in!" I replied. I smiled when i saw her and she gave me a surprised look at my dressing..

"Seriously Emily! Don't tell me you're going out again tonight?" She asked shocked.

I laughed loudly as i stood up to look myself in the full length mirror. Tonight i'm wearing a deep blue lace crop top skater dress, a nude high heeled sandals and a clutch. My hair i had earlier curled with my iron is shinning beautifully, i knew i looked good!

"How do i look?" I asked her.

"You look beautiful as always Emily. So tell me where you're going, do you have a date with someone tonight!" She asked grinning from ear to ear as she sank down onto my bed.. I laughed outn loud at her expression

As a matter of fact, Yes I do have a date tonight. But it's nothing specialf just this guy that has been on my case for a long time, so I decided to give him a trial this night" I lied as I sat closer to her on the bed..

"Ooh this is nice Emily, now tell me everything. Do I know him? Does he got to our school? Who is he? And most importantly is he cute?".

I'm smiling looking at her as she kept asking one question after another, She's so beautiful and she's such an enthusiast and I love her for it. And did she just say cute? Ha if only you know how "cute" his pocket is. I mused inside

"Like I said Amber, it's nothing special and No you don't know him. And yes he's very cute!". I lied again..

"Yes I knew it, oh I'm so happy for you honey! And don't tell me he's not 'special', cos your dress and your makeup is telling a different story. You're killing it girl...!" her eyes twinkling with mischief.

"Well you know as my best friend that I love to look good at all times" I said rolling my eyes at her and watching her laugh.. I decided to change the topic..

"So what about you? What are you doing tonight Amber? It's a Friday and we are young, where are you going tonight?". She blushed pink

"I'm staying home tonight to study, I have some research to do and you know exams are coming up. So I have some catching up to do...!"

"Really?" I asked her, doubtful. She nodded in the  affirmative. I didn't believe her, infact I knew she's hiding something and I'll find out soon enough. Right now I have to go.

Just then my phone vibrated, it's a text from the driver that he's downstairs. So I got up from the bed and picked up my clutch and gave  her a peck on the cheek as I said goodbye..

"Okay then, see ya later! Happy studying. Bye!"

"Bye hun! Have fun, later.."

I left the apartment and took the elevator downstairs. I entered the car and we drove off, I didn't talk to him neither did he talk to me. That's how it works, everyone minded his/her own business here.

He dropped me off at the restaurant and I told him time and where to come pick me up and he drove off to wait. I entered inside and went straight to our table, it's where we usually sit. I sat and ordered wine while waiting for him to show up!

Few minutes later he arrived and I put on my acting face on. I got up from my chair all smiles as we hugged and kissed lightly on the lips. He sat down and we ordered dinner.. We didn't talk while eating, just kept quiet and enjoyed our dinner..

That's one of the perks  of being an escort, good food and good wine for free. Considering the crazy things I have to do to this man later,  I made sure I enjoyed my meal. 

We had dessert and ordered for more wine.

"You look beautiful tonight my dear...!" he said while leeringat me..

"Thank you. You're not looking bad yourself tonight!" we complimented each other

"How have you been Emily?"he asked

"I've been great Tom, thanks! And you, how have you been?" I asked him...

And then the story began, he told me about his week, his work, and the challenges he's been rrhaving with some major competitors in the business. Finally he told me he's has just finalized his divorce between him and his ex-wife and he said it had cost him a lot.

I felt genuinely sorry for him and I tried my best to console him both in and out of the bed. At the end of my two hour timeline, he gave me my white envelope of cash. I counted the money and I saw he added extra $1000 to the $500 I was supposed to get from him.

I thanked him and as I was just about to leave he called me back and said he has something important to tell me.. I sat back down on the bed facing him..

"So what do you have to tell me Tom!" I asked wondering in my mind what it'll be..

"Emily we've known each other for quite some time now and well I feel like you know me more my own family. Your counsel and your wise words has helped me in more ways than you can ever imagine. So I want to say thank you for being a part of my life...!"he said

"Aww you're welcome Tom..!" I replied but I'm still confused as to where all these is heading..

"I know in your mind this is all a job to your and I understand you need the money being a student and all, which is why I have this proposition for you..!". I was silent and he continued

"But before I tell you what it is, I have a gift befitting of a queen like you.."I blushed inside at  his last words. He opened his suitcase and brought out a small package that is wrapped and gave it to me.

In this  line of business I get many gifts all the time, from jewelries to shoes, handbags, clothes et Al. But I nothing prepared me for what I saw in this little package when I opened it. It was a key to a brand new 2015 Mercedes SL Roadster Car sold for $86k or more..

I have seen a lot of things in this my young life but I have never been dumbfounded by any of those things. But this gift right here just made me speechless!

He's a millionaire and yes I've done my research on him. I know he can afford ten of these and more, I just don't know why he's giving it to me. I'm a very suspicious person so I don't understand why he would do this for an escort, a whore like me. So I just plain asked him why..

"Tom what is this? Why are you giving me something so expensive? I don't understand.." I asked really confused by now..

"Emily there's nothing hard to understand here, it's obvious I like you and when we're together I see you as more than just an escort. You listeny when I talk and you're caring too.."

"I guess I just let myself get too attached to you and now I like you too a lot! So I'm giving you this gift because I appreciate you as a woman and I want you to be more than just an escort to me."

"I want you to be my girlfriend! Yes I'm older than you but I won't be bothered if you're not bothered by it. I'll care for you and I'll take care of all your needs, school fees, house rent, your wardrobe and anything else you'll ever need. All you need to do is say yes!" he said looking so hopeful.

Wow I never prepared an answer to this kinda request. Twice In one night I'm speechless! Not good at all.. I sat there thinking for what seemed like ages, he just satw looking at me, no saying a word too. 

I like him I guess and I care for him in a way but being his girlfriend? Yes it'll be the answer to all my prayers, I'll stop being an escort for one and let him do the spending but what happens to me if /when we break up? I'll have to start all over again.. So I said.. 

"Tom I know you mean well but I've been thinking about this proposition of yours right now and it seems more like you're asking me to be your mistress!"

"I like you too and I believe you're a nice man, but knowing what I do, do you still want me  as a girlfriend? You know I have sex with different men e ax have time I have an appointment with them. So are you saying you're cool with it all...?" I cunningly asked...

"You misunderstand me dear, if you agree to be my girlfriend, then naturally as your boyfriend I'll take care of all your needs. You'll never want or lack anything ever again...!"

"I'm flattered but I still have some reservations about this..." I said..

"Which are?" he asked..

"Look I'm not trying to be a pessimist, here, just being realistic. What if something happens and it doesn't work out between us or we break-up. What happens to me and my education?"

"I mean I'll be leaving my job if I say yes to you and believe me I'm never going back to being an escort once I leave! So what happens to me if we don't work out..!" I asked him looking him straight in the eye to see his  reaction. He smiled saying..

"I've thought about all these and I intend to open a business for you in the course of  our relationship. Any profitable business you like and to u feel will give you enough money to be independent, I will support you financially and morally. Just say the word.."

"Wow this all seems too good to be true, can I think about this first? Maybe a few days or so, I have exams next week and I have to concentrate on that for now.." I asked..

"Yes of course, take all the time you need okay. But let me just make it clear that the car is yours to do as you want, no strings attached.. " he said now smiling.

" Well thank you Tom. I don't know what to say, thank you!" I got up to leave and he gave me the key and said goodnight.

I met the driver and told him to go home that I'm taking a cab to somewhere. I watched him drive away and I went in search of my new car, I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. It's red in colour, so sleek, so beautiful.

I opened the door and sat on the seat, just smelling the new car scent. I laughed out loud as I reversed and drove home.. All the time wondering what to say to Amber and Micheal...

And at the same time thinking about Tom's proposition.. What would you do if you were Me..?? 

To be Continued..

I'm sorry it's coming late, two of my kids are sick. Been dealing with fever and endless vomit all through yesterday and today! #motherhoodrocks indeed lol


  1. Omo,i will so agree. What's there to lose? He is divorced already. Sorry about your kids though.

  2. Sorry about your kids, they are healed! I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award. Kindly check my blog for details. Thanks.

  3. It sounds like a nollywood script.

    Its tempting right, bt tht guy might want 2 control her life...

    1. I know right? We'll find out soon enough. Thanks mami

  4. It's interesting.

  5. Hmmmmm dicey situation, but I wunt think twice Sha o. She should accept d offer n save like no tomorrow, juz in case anything goes wrong. Sorry abot ur kids Sassy, it's d weather probably.

  6. I am this close to speaking in tongues...haha. I will collect the car...and accept his request. I mean nigga aint married so what's the big deal. Age is just a number jor.. I will date him and make sure he marries me... That's selfish right?

  7. Hmmmm. So tempting. Nice one sassymum.

  8. thanks, its so aweson


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