SCORCHED Episode 3

Hiya guys..
Hope y'all are good?


It's been two weeks since the whole brouhaha with Tom went down and i haven't seen nor heard from him since then and boy i'm u grateful...thank God!!

Exams are finally over...yay!! We're all just having fun. Micheal went out of town for a gig he got, he's a DJ and he's pretty good at it. I just pray he concentrates and stops drinking, so he won't lose it again.

It's just been Amber and I all alone, she met a new guy. She said he's cute and cool, but hasn't told me his name or shown him to me. But one thing i do know is that he makes her happy, she's on her phone all the time, texting amd laughing like she's cray.

Honestly i don't understand this feeling but i'm really happy for her, so whomever he is...bless him for putting a smile on my girl's face. I just hope he's genuine and not some loser after her for her money....oh well time will tell.

Now to me, well i'm back to work, got a new client to replace Tom. He's in he's in his forties, cute, cool and very rich too. He tips well but just not like stupid Tom, but it's better than nothing.

So i have a new client to meet tonight, there's something kinda off about him though, like his name. I've searched the net for his history, pictures, anything i can find to get to know him first.

But it seems like he doesn't exist, i sorta became worried and told my pimp. But she reassured me that she has met him and he's quite legit. And that got me really curious, i wanted to meet this man and get to know him.

I danced and sang in the shower as i was getting ready. I kept humming a song as i was putting on make-up, i took extra minutes to make sure its perfect. My dress, my shoes, everything was perfect...which is exactly how i.wanted it.

I still can't understand why i'm this excited about meeting a new client, i mean it's not like he's my first anything. Well we're gonna find out tonight..i mused as i left my room. Thankfully Amber went out on a date with her new guy, so i don't have to answer any questions tonight.

As usual the driver was downstairs waiting for me, but instead of the SUV he usually comes with, he came with a white limousine. In my mind, i was like "what the hell is going on here..?". 

I also noticed he was looking exceptionally handsome tonight with his tuxedo and bow tie. He held the door open for me and as i was about to step into the car, he handed me a white rose, still not saying a word. I said 'thank you' and entered the beautiful car.

Ooh the luxury i felt at that moment.. and yes there's champagne. So i took a tiny sip from my flute to calm my nerves. Emily calm the down!!! I'm not new to this for pete's sake!! Why am i shaking?? Aarghh.. i so wanted to scream at that moment. But i kept my cool and.enjoyed the ride, for a girl like me, i only get to enjoy this kind of luxury once in a lifetime. So enjoy it i will..

I was deep in thought when i felt the car stop, i looked up immediately and saw we had stopped at The Four Seasons Hotels...Wow! The driver came around and opened my door and as i stepped out, a young man approached me; like he had been standing there, waiting for me.

"Hello good evening ma, are you Miss Jones? He asked

"Evening, yes i am.." i replied

"Okay, could you please follow me? Your date is waiting.." he said.

"Okay then, lead the way..!" I said as i started following him. My heart beating faster than i want it to.

We entered the lift and he pressed the 32nd floor, he led me to the door and knocked twice, i heard a deep voice tell him to come in.

"Ma'am please.." the boy said waving me inside.. immediately i stepped in, he closed the door behind me and left.

I stood looking at the spacious room, it has a king sized bed. It was furnished with with a small table and two chairs, a wooden desk, marble-topped bar and comfortable seating. With TV and a fireplace. Very lovely room, i must say.

I walked into the room, eyes searching for him.,

"Hello, anyone here?" I called out, my hand fidgeting with my purse. I was about calling out again when i heard someone clear his voice behind me.

"Hi Emily..!" I turned sharply to the voice and saw him.

"Hi umm.." i stuttered, not remembering his name.

"Jake!" He pitched in with a lazy smile.

"Yes, Jake. Hi, how are you?" I managed to ask..

"I'm fine. You?"

"I'm good. Thanks.." I said my eyes on his face again.

He has the kind of face that stops you in your tracks. I guess he must get used to that, the sudden pause in a person's natural expression when you look in his way. Followed by the deep blush that instantly gives you away. He is a handsome man.

"So please follow me to the terrace.." he said leading the way.

I fell in love with the view the moment i came out, it looks so beautiful and i couldn't help smiling as i breathed in the fresh, clean air. He came up behind me and held me slightly on my waist. I felt an instant jolt like electiric .

"It's beautiful, isn't it.?" He asked

"Yes it's lovely.." i replied

"I love it up here, i can't seem to get enough of it either. It's so quiet and peaceful.." he said..

"Yeah i can see why.."

We stood there in that kind of intimate position, just looking and breathing in the fresh air. I was beginning to get uncomfortable, with the way he kept his hand on my waist like it's always been meant to be there. Thankfully we were interrupted by the doorbell. He stepped back and said..

"That must be our food, i took the liberty of ordering for us. I hope you like what i ordered though. Now come and sit down.." he said taking my hand and leading me to the table.

There i saw magic, a table for two kinda setting. With candels and flowers and champagne...i loved it. He pulled out the car so that i can sit down, he sat down too and our food was served.

We were served Pepper-Crusted Fillet Mignon and Pear and Spinach salad! And champagne of course...the best. We ate in silence and as usual i enjoyed every bite of the delicious food. We ate a delicious apple pie for dessert, everything was cleared away immediately.

We went out to the terrace again and sat down sipping on our wine and enjoying the cool breeze. My eyes moved to his face again as i studied him, he has tousled dark brown hair, which was thick and lustrous. His eyes were a mesmerizing deep ocean blue, flecks of silvery light performed ballet throughout.

His face is strong and defined, he had dark eyebrows which sloped downwards in a serious expression. He has smooth flawless skin, His soft, sharp, perfect lips ripe for intense kissing..indeed he is a handsome man.

Emily what are you doing? Why are you staring at him like that, like you desire him,like you want to be intimate with him? This is just a job remember? Don't get carried away Emily...focus!!

I cleared my throat and he looked in my direction. I asked him..

"So what now?"

"Excuse me?" He asked

"I mean what happens now, between us?"

He smiled a small smile and said "Now you tell me about yourself, i want to know who you really are. The woman behind the job. I want to know the real Emily Jones.."

Okay now i'm shocked! What is he saying? Like he really wants to know me? Nobody ever wants to know me, they just want to rant on endlessly, then you open your legs for them to dive in and leave. Now he wants to know me?

"Really? You want to talk about me? I asked with disbelief in my voice

"Yes really.. look i know you're here to do a job. I also know you're a human being and should be treated as such and not as an object. So yes, i really want to know you.." he replied.

"Okay, well there's nothing much to tell. I'm 23, my brother and i are orphans, they died in a car crash. Since then i've had to fend for ny brother and i cos he couldn't handle their death. So he kinda became wayward.."

"So i took this job not because i was curious or because i liked it, but because we had to survive somehow. I had bills to pay, school fees to pay too and we had to feed. I hate it but i have no choice.."

His face was full of compassion when i looked at him. I looked away cos i don't want to see the pity in his eyes. I don't need his pity.

"I'm so sorry for all you've been through and for your parents too.." he said.

I brushed it aside with "It's okay, that's life.."

"So which school do you attend and what are you studying?"

"I attend NYU Law, i'm in my fourth year, i've always wanted to be a lawyer. I can't wait to graduate though.."

"Really?" He asked, surprised. In nodded

"Yes really.." i felt really proud of myself at that moment.

"Wow, that is huge. I'm so proud of you..really! And i just know you'll make a fierce lawyer, New York had better watch out for you..!" He said smiling mischievously

I laughed so hard at his words. "Yes they better be afraid.."

"You know my sister goes there too, she's so dedicated and hardworking like you. I'm so proud of her.." he said

"Really? That's nice.." i said

Usually this is the time when we're supposed to go in and do it, so i can go. But looking at him so relaxed, i began to wonder if he wants to have sex at all. And me being me, i hate being kept in suspense. So i asked him..

"Well it's been great talking with you and all but i'm just wondering when we're going to do what i came here know the sex! Cos we're running out of time."

For a moment, he kept looking at me with a piercing gaze not saying a word. I was literally squirming in my chair and i looked away, cos i didn't like the flutterings i'm getting in my stomach when he's looking at me with that intense look. This has never happened to me before, so i'm lost as to what i'm supposed to do or say.

Finally he said, "Emily I'm not going to have sex with you.."

"Wait, what?" I asked, surprised.

"Yes i'm not going to have sex with you.." he said again

"Why not?"

"Do you want to have sex with me?" He asked

"Umm i um NO! I don't.." i stammered, not sure i meant what i said though.

"See? That's why i don't want to have sex with you. I don't want to be with someone who doesn't desire to be with me.."

"But you paid for it?" I.asked not believing him

"I know i did but if i'm gonna have sex with a woman. I have to be sure she at least wants me too..!"

"Okay... so i can leave now?"

"Umm No you can't leave now, not until you hear what i have to say first. This is what we're going to do, instead of the two hours i already paid for, I'll give you $5000 tomorrow for your company. All i need is one night with you, what do you say?"

"Uh i'm kinda confused here, if we're not going to have sex tonight, then what are we going to be doing here all night long?" I asked

"We'll take a bath together and then sleep or watch a film...we don't have to have sex. Unless you want to.." he said nonchalantly

"A bath? Sleep? Are you kidding me right now?"

"I'm Serious.."

"And you're gonna give me the 5k right now? In cash?"

"Yes i will.."

"Then i don't see why not. Let's go take a bath.." i said trying to appear brave, which i'm not feeling right now btw..

"Dismiss your driver first.."

Oh yes, i took my phone and sent him a text that i'm go to a party from here and he shouldn't wait for me. I got his reply immediately in which he said OK. And i texted Amber too, so she wouldn't be worried about my whereabouts

I turned to Jake and said "It's done! Now let's get on with it.."

"Okay then, let's go.." he got up and led the way to the room.

By now i was fidgeting with my purse, asking myself what i'm about doing. The money is huge and i need it, but... But what Emily? The man said a bathe and sleep, it's not like you're actually gonna want him to have sex with you right? Right? I couldn't answer that because i don't know the answer to the question.

He handed me the money immediately we go inside and i opened the envelope to count it. It was complete and i put it in my purse. I poured some more champagne for myself to calm my nerves.

I felt him behind me before i saw him, he kissed my neck ever so slowly and turned him around. He pulled the pins from my hair and let it all down. Then he put his hand inside and touched it's silkiness while staring deep into my eyes.

"You have lovely hair Emily.." he said

"Thank you. But what are you doing?' I asked him

"I'm getting you ready for our bath.." was all he said before he pulled me closer to him and unzipped my dress. I actually shivered from his touch.

I didn't want to seem shy, after all i've done this so many times with men, I've undressed in front of so many men and been uundressed by them. So why should i be shy with him? I wondered.. It's just a job after all

He smiled and asked me "You look so serious, what are you thinking?"


"Really? You don't think I'm crazy for leaving the main thing for a bath? He asked his eyes twinkling with suppressed laughter

"Maybe just a little bit.." He raised his head up and roared with laughter.

Oh God, he is so handsome even when he laughs. Why does he have to be so cute?

I was still thinking before it dawned on me what he's really doing. He's trying to get me distracted cos before i realized what's happening he has already removed my lacy bra and matching panties. I was completely naked before him and damn it i am shy cos i couldn't even meet his gaze!

He then stepped back and started to unbotton his shirt. I mesmerized as i watched him pull the shirt and his singlet off, his body is so toned, not an inch of fat in sight. He must work out a lot! He pulled his pants off and it took me a second or two to realize my mouth is open...i quickly looked at him and he smiled a knowing he had seen me looking. I blushed pink like a silly school girl.

He took my hands and led me to the bathroom, i stood and waited as he ran the bath. Then he came back and pulled down into the big tub of water, it was warm and relaxing and i couldn't help the little groan of delight that escaped my lips.

He got in behind me and sat down, he took the soap and started to lather me up, then he added a little shampoo in my hair and started washing it. I sat still, feeling more and more relaxed with him. He took the loofah and washed me thoroughly... and get this i enjoyed it.

He bit me softly on my ear and said "Turn around!"

I turned around facing him and he pulled me up in his lap and gave me the loofah and said..

"Now its your turn, wash me.."

I took the loofah the soap and starting washing him. I have never been this aroused in my life, my nipples were puckered and swollen and my clit was throbbing with desire. He kept looking into my eyes as i washed him and then he did something unexpected, he put his hand under the water and touched my clit.

I almost jumped out of the water but he felt me down by the waist, not allowing me to escape. He put his hands again on my clit and started washing me gently, i couldn't seem to stay still. My waist was shaking on it's own, i felt myself getting more wet and i knew i wanted him. I couldn't deny it anymore, so i did the unthinkable. I put my hand on his and pushed his fingers deep into me.

He looked at me and i knew he was asking me if i'm sure even before he said words. I nodded and then i did the one thing i've wanted to do all evening, i took his head in between my hands and kissed him. He kissed me back ferociously, i have never felt this horny in all my life.

He pushed his head away from mine, and asked me "What do you want?"

"I want you.." i managed to say

"You sure about that?"

"Yes please.." i pleaded now, that's how badly i want him.

He pulled me up and got up too, then he rinsed us off and cleaned us off. Then he carried me up in his arms and headed to the bed...

And all i could think about is It's gonna be a long night..

To Be Continued..
Stay Tuned For More! Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend?



  1. Yaaaaayyyyy....... Sassy mum on point

  2. Wow Wow Wow. I loveee this
    Sassy Is Back With A Bang!! Whoop. Salivating for more
    Well dont dearie

  3. Yess! Now she's Back!!
    I love love love this. Sassy mum is bae. Thanks love muah


  4. Awesome!!!! Sassy mum you too much. I enjoyed every bit of the story. Looking foward to the next episode


  5. sassy mom! you are full of surprises!! I love your style...well done!!!

  6. Ahhhh Sassy pls dnt do this to me next time, was going wt d flow n bam wtout warning u stopped. I hate suspense lol, anywaz thnks for the birthday wishes n sorry I didn't inform earlier.

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  8. She was forming before, now na she dey dip e hand Interesting episode as usual.

    I've answered your questions on Sisterhood of bloggers award' on my blog.

  9. Wow another episode. I will be back to read, lemme charge my phone,the battery is almost dead

    Help me, the father of my child left me because his mother hates Igbo.

  10. Haba, see as you threw me off cloud nine violently *wipes lone tear*


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