SCORCHED Episode 4

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I was silent as he carried me to the big soft bed and laid me down gently. He got untop of me and i held him closely as we ravished each other's lips. He put his fingers inside me again and started fingering me slowly, i opened my legs wider for him. Allowing him easy entry..

"You're so beautiful.." he said to me when he raised his face, staring deep into my soul. 

He raised my hands above my head and held them there with one of his own hands as he started kissing me everywhere. From my neck, to my ear, then to my eyes then back to my lips. It was almost as if he's worshiping my body with kisses.

He squeezed my nipples gently and i squirmed on the bed, raising my waist suggestively as i wanted him badly. But he wasn't ready yet, cos he took my nipple and started sucking them one after the other. Licking it all around and then back to sucking.

By now i was already out of my mind and i reached out my hand to grab his hand to pull him up. But he refused to bulge as he continued trailing soft, hot kisses down to my navel and then he went lower. I realized what he is about doing immediately and i raised myself on my elbows, shaking my head at him. 

But he only smiled an evil, sweet smile and me and then he kissed me there...on my clit. I screamed so loudly as the pure pleasure of it all but he didn't stop, he was looking at me straight in the eye as he continued to lick me and suck me like a lollipop. He ran his tongue in circles all over me and then he used one finger and started fingering me while still sucking me.

I couldn't take it anymore....I exploded in a million pieces. I felt my cum juice dripping out of me as i tried to regain my senses. And get's my first time of having an orgasm and boy i loved it!! But Jake wasn't done with me yet, cos he held my two legs and opened me up wider as he dived in, he sucked my cum juice dry and when he was done, i felt another orgasm building up.

He got off me, walked over to the table and got condoms. He put it on and laid down on his back, he pulled me up and straddled him. I gave him a surprised look and all he said is.

"Ride me baby! Ride me wild and hard...!" 

That was all the encouragement i needed and i did exactly as he asked. I put my hands on his chest, raised my waist and took him inside me. All 7 and half inches of me, i gasped loudly at his size.

I stayed still for a moment to get my body used to his size but i started moving, i wanted to impress him, i wanted him to enjoy it, i wanted to drive him crazy like he did me.

So i put in extra work, i was moving up and down, up and down and at the same time watching his face. He pulled my head down for a scorching kiss and then he held my waist and started pounding me hard from below. Oh gawd!!! It was painful, it was sweet, it was madness.. 

I gave in to a second climax but he wasn't done with me yet, he changed the condom and pulled me face down on the bed. He put the pillow right under my V junction lol. 

He held my hair with one hand and my waist with the other, and plunged deep deep inside me. I screamed into the pillow as i climaxed again, he started moving, but this time more faster and faster till i heard him groan loudly and we climaxed together. 

He laid down on my bed, kissing my back, my ear, my hair and he turned me slowly to face him. He then took my lips in his and kissed me softly, i put my hands on his head and kissed him back. I felt myself getting wet yet again by his touch, he.lifted his head from mine and asked..

"Are you okay?" 

I nodded slowly as i said. "Yes I'm okay.." 

He smiled then and asked again. "So how did you like our bath?" 

I blushed and tried to hide my face on his chest but he held me tight, not letting me go.

"Are you shy Emily?" He asked me with a mocking look..

"Uh no i'm not.." i managed to say

"Okay then look at me and answer me.."

I raised my eyes to his, just looking at him and my heart is singing different kind of tunes!! Oh lawd what am i gonna do with these crazy feelings? Aaarrrggh

"So...tell me. Did you enjoy the bathe?" He persisted 

I nodded. "Yes i did..!"

"How much..?" He asked again

"A lot..!" 

"No regrets.?"

"None..!" I replied..

"Good! Cos i enjoyed myself too...a whole lot! And I'll love to do it again!" He said..

"Okay.." i said, not knowing what to say to him now.

"You do want to do it again, don't you?". 
He asked with one perfect eyebrow raised..

"Yes i do.."

"Cool.." he pulled me close for another kiss saying.. "You're so beautiful Emily.."

"Thank you Jake.." 

He pulled me down and held me closely on his chest and that's how we slept off. I woke up later in the night to find us cuddled together like a real couple. At that moment i found myself wishing it's all real. I don't know why but at that moment i wanted him again, i guess i wanted to have him as much as i can till morning comes. 

I kissed him awake and this time, we took our time to enjoy each other. We took it slowly and it was magic! After that i couldn't sleep and neither could he. We talked all night until morning came and i actually felt tears in my eyes when i saw the first ray of sunlight begin to shine. 

He took me in his arms again and took me to the shower and there we made magice, twice!  He cleaned us dry and ordered for breakfast, we ate in silence while looking into each other's eyes. We did it again on the bed and then we helped each other dress up. 

Neither of us was ready to say goodbye but it was inevitable. I couldn't say the words so i turned to walked out but he snatched me back by my waist and crushed mt mouth with his. I dropped my purse on the floor and held him tight, kissing him back fiercely. Finally he released me and whispered..

"See you again Emily..."

I nodded and walked out, not looking back. The tears started rolling as i entered the lift, my heart was pounding, aching and i can't explain why. I wanted to go back, i didn't want to leave and that's just crazy. I wiped the tears as i got outside. Luckily i saw a taxi, i hailed it and went home with a heavy heart.

Amber wasn't home when i got back and i was really thankful for it. I really don't feel like seeing or talking to anyone right now, i just wanted to mourn this man, this intriguing, sexy, beautiful man i just met. A man that can never be mine..!! A man i already miss so much...!!

To Be Continued...
Short i know, but i wanted to post something today and this is all i could type. Thanks as you visit and read and comment too. Goodnight all mauh


  1. Kai this woman if you dont kill me with this your love stories ehn. Then nothing go fit kill me. I absolutely love
    And I feel Emily's pain.. Love!!!
    Goodnight mami *kisses*

  2. I love you too!!
    This is NSFW. After work I'll digest

    1. Why do I feel they'll fall in love and she'll stop being an escort?

  3. Omg!!! I love this story
    And I love you too Sassy mama

  4. Ooooouch the episode ended,
    More pls

  5. Awwww so sweet, all I can say is good luck to Emily.

  6. Hmmm could it be.....the guy already knows Emily? Anyway I enjoyed watching them making sweet love (for my mind)
    Wishing her all the best.

  7. I smell a rat somewhere. I smell a set up.
    Biko, u should pity we the single fellows, dat sex scene is da bomb.
    Biko kwa.


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