Benefits Of Green Tea

  Now this is a very important topic cos it concerns our health and every day lives as human! So yes... read up!


Green tea is one of the most healthiest beverage on earth. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have very powerful effect on the body..

Now these are 10 proven benefits of Green Tea:

(1) Green tea increases fat burning and improves physical health performance. 

(2) The compunds in Green Tea can improve brain function and make you smarter. 

(3) Can kill bacteria which improves Dental health and lowers your risk of infection.

(4) Antioxidants in Green Tea may lower your risk of various cancer.

(5) Green Tea may protect your brain in old age, lowering risks of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. 

(6) Green Tea contains various Bioactive compounds that can improve health.

(7)  It may lower your risk of type II Diabetes. Look at Rob Kardashian now eh?

(8) Most Importantly: Green Tea can help you lose weight and lower your risk of being obese.. Nice right?

(9) It may reduce your risk of Cardiovascular Disease.. Google that lol

(10) May decrease your risk of dying and help you live longer!! Sweet.. 

For more questions? Google is our best friend! Helpful or Nah?
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  1. Ok this is really really nice info. I never really liked this thing but if all these are true then i gots to try and start taking it mehn
    Sassy thumbs up!

  2. Nice info thanks mrs sassy. Sassy u should give us new year present by posting two stories on new year's day. Or what do my fellow readers think?

  3. Hehe Julie baby.. you got me in a tight corner here oo lol
    Well I'll see what i can do that day aiit! Hugs

  4. Um on it Sassy!!!!!!!.......oh and warm water with lemon every morning on an empty stomach.

  5. I Have been taking green tea since 2010. I can attest to the numerous health benefits

    1. Seriously? Wow.. I've got to start taking this stuff like for real oo


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