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Been so busy today and i know y'all are too, with the whole New Year preparations and all.. It's all good! So the topic i want to talk about this night is a very important one. It's about Forgiveness!

It's easier said than done.. I know! Many of us have been hurt by the people we love and the people we don't love, it's the way of life! And sometimes it's much more easier to hold unto the hurt and the pain than to forgive and move on!

But one thing i want y'all to know today is that Forgiving those who hurt does not make us cowards, it actually makes us stronger people!

I'm not a saint, this lesson is for all of us, i find it hard to forgive sometimes but i'm begging us all with this post, I'm saying let us try and forgive all of those whom have hurt us in one way or another.

By forgiving we are saying good bye to our past and saying welcome to our future! We're almost into the New Year people, let's give LOVE a chance!! Also also ask for forgiveness from those we hurt too..

Now here are some quotes to help..

Hope this post will be helpful to someone! Infact all of us lol.. One love people(`´)

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  1. Like you said it is easier Said than done

    1. I understand dear. Which is why I also said, let's try!!

  2. Deep! I'm touched oo
    Won't be easy but will see what u can do as it's a New Year. Nice one Sassy

  3. I forgive easily and I just dont forget!!!!!!!!

  4. I forgive ones I'm able to say my mind and I forget too... No tym to keep grudge!!

  5. Forgiveness hmm, I forgive but keep my distance.


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