Please Read Me..

Hello everyone..

So I'm here to clarify a few things, i love to write stories...Yes! But you guys also need to understand that i don't copy these stories from anyone.

I have to sit and think and imagine what to write, so you guys can enjoy these stories and also want for more. Which is why i sometimes delay in posting when i say I'll post, i dunno about other writers but as a beginner, it's not been easy.

So the point of writing this post is because i have a new idea, instead of leaving the blog empty for days while i think of the next chapter to write. I'm thinking of using all that time to blog about other stuff, like we could try entertainment news, health and fitness, fashion even...

To keep you guys occupied with something else while i write the stories and the also make the blog look lively. 

I promise you that if i'm gonna do this, i promise that it won't take my mind off doing what i love most... Writing romantic, love stories for you guys..

So... this is me asking you guys for your opinion(s) on this issue. Your comments are deeply appreciated..! Thank you..  I love you all muah

Sassy Mum
Thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. I can't sleep o lol
    Sassy you know i love you and for that, I'll support any decision you make on this issue.

    Well personally, I think it's a great idea, better than leaving the blog empty for days! It tends to make people lose interest and doing this will also keep you on your toes and focused, rather than getting lazy lol. So it's a Yes from me.

    Goodnight fam!

  2. Anything 2 kip yo blog sassy n running Dear. Um with u anytime.....

  3. Havd missed this blog oo, Xmas groove lol. Sassy i hope your holiday has been great?
    Belinda and Cutie...howdy?

    Mami we support you 100%. So carry go with the plan. No shaking here lol

    1. Welcome back BL
      Awww thanks for the support. Hugs

    2. BL how nw? Hope u're gud love. Missed u. Wishing u a very prosperous new year.

  4. Good, may be you can focus on family tips ie children, mother etc cos other news is everywhere.

  5. No problem sassy we all got your back

  6. No problem sassy we all got your back

  7. That's okay as long as I Still get my full dose of ur Stories

    Gods inSpiration to you.

  8. Juz b original n more of interactive sections.


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