SCORCHED Episode 10 The Finale

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The  final episode is here, please enjoy it!! Thank you all muah


I gave him a mischievous smile and went down on him, I removed his pants and briefs and took him in mouth. He gave me a look that said 'I'm shocked but I'm pleased'.  I wanted to be at my best this night, I wanted to make this a night to remember for us both, so i put in all my skills. 

I licked him up while stroking him slowly and then used my teeth to caress him softly, I saw him shiver in excitement and I smiled to myself. I took his balls into my mouth and licked him up while still stroking his length and this time increased my speed. 

He moaned loudly and I took his  dick into my mouth again and started sucking. My head was moving up and down the length of him while squeezing his balls softly. 

I kept sucking him and squeezing while listening to him moan and thrash on the bed. I didn't stop nor did I slow down until his warm cum filled my mouth and I swallowed and licked him dry with gratefully!  

I cannot believe I just just did that! But this is Blake and I'll do anything for Blake! Slowly I lifted my head and stared at him openly, he was breathing heavily and opened his eyes and saw him looking. He grabbed my arms and pulled me up into his arms and smiled as he said.. 

"So this is your revenge huh?" he asked and I nodded shyly 

"Well then, I look forward to punishing you more..!" he teased and I couldn't help laughing. 

He pulled my face closer to his and kissed me softly.. 

"I love you too..!" he whispered 

I quickly raised my head and looked at him with eyes that asked 'What?' 

"Emily Jones, I said that I love you too...! I heard you clearly the night i was shot, but I was too weak to say it back, now I'm saying it... I love you with all my heart!"

"I love you more Blake.. " he.smiled and hugged me tight 

"So if i hadn't been shot, when were you gonna tell me how you feel?" He asked..

"Well... i don't really know when it happened! Just that when he shot you and you fell, lying down there in a pool of your own blood. I knew that I loved this man and i didn't want to lose him...not now, no ever!!"

"Hmmm... well you're not gonna lose me, i'm here to stay..!" 

"Good..!" I said, lying down beside him. 

"So I've been wanting to ask you, how did the police get to the house so quickly? I mean who called them?" I asked

"Well i did. You know Tom are I were friends before all these?" He asked

"Yes, Amber told me. Which is why i'm so confused as to how he could shoot you, his best friend!" I replied 

"Honestly i was surprised myself when Elise said he's sick, because he never showed any sign that he's not okay. Guess he stopped taking his meds, which is why he finally lost it..!"

I nodded in agreement.. "I guess so.. So tell me what really happened..!"

"After that night we had together, i told Tom i met someone and as a friend i kinda confided in him. Told him i really liked this girl, told him your name, how we met and how amazing you are. He didn't say anything to make me suspicious, he just smiled and congratulated me, i never even knew he's been cheating on his wife.."

"I guess he became jealous and obsessed. When i saw you here again in my home, i called him and told him that you were here. Told him you came with Amber and that you're her friend, i was so excited and told him he needed to meet you and he said he couldn't wait..!"

"So that's how he knew I was here..! And he was following me in the woods. Gosh he's a sick bastard!" I raved..

"When i got back to the city, i was told by the police that the fire was set deliberately and luckily, the perpetrator was caught in a hidden security camera. He was arrested and he confessed one Tom Ford hired him to set the fire and he paid him $50,000 to do the job and disappear.."

"What? Seriously??" I exclaimed 

"Yes, it's true. At first i didn't believe the confession cos i couldn't think of any reason why Tom would do something like that. Till Amber called me that same afternoon to tell me what had transpired between you and him in the woods that morning.."

"Finally it all dawned on me, he set the fire cos he needed to get me out of the way for his plans to work. He knew that if i had been home for the party, he knew i would've been by your side and he wouldn't be able to carry out his evil plans..!"

"I knew you weren't safe, i knew that i had to be here so i turned back and came home. The only mistake i made was i should've called to tell you to be careful, but i didn't want to rattle your nerves and i thought i would be here on time before the party. But i got delays on the way, i alerted the police immediately i came home and thankfully they came on time..!"

"Well technically they didn't come on time cos you were shot. Had it been they came on time, you wouldn't have been shot by that psycho...!" I said angrily 

"Yea i guess. But who knows maybe if i hadn't been shot, you wouldn't have said you loved me..!" He teased

"Or maybe you would've been dead by now..!" I reminded him

"Well i'm happy to be alive and to have you here with me, by my side! I couldn't have asked for anything better! I love you..!"

"And I love you too..!" I said with a smile.

"I still don't know what to do about your parents..." I said 

"What do you mean?"

"Ever since that night, i haven't been able to look them in the face without thinking, it's all my fault! I don't think they like me very much..!"

He gave me a funny look as he said.. 

"You gotta give them more credit than that, you might be wrong! And for the record, none of these things that happened is your fault! It's not your fault that you are so damn beautiful..!"

I laughed at his words.. "Thanks baby, you always know the right thing to say.."

"You're welcome!"

We talked some more before we finally slept off, together..!

           [The Next Morning]

I woke up with a smile on my face, i don't remember ever being this happy all my life! I turned to my side but he was gone, i called out but he wasn't in the bathroom either. Where could he have gone to? Maybe he went down for an early breakfast? 

I went straight to my room to shower and dress up, the whole house was so quiet. I walked to the dinning room to see if they were there, but i didn't see any one. Still wondering wherr they could all be, i went to the study and i heard voices. I was about pushing thw door open when i heard my name..

Blake was saying.. "I wish that bastard had been killed by that bullet! How could Tom be this wicked? How could he do this?"

What could Tom have done? What else could he do from jail? Did he kill someone? Did he shoot someone else? I was still wonderng when Amber said..

"But Elise said she deleted all the photos! How then did he get this one?"

Now my heart was racing! What is really going on? I have to find out! U have to, so i open the door and barged in on them. They all turned towards me with suprise, pity and concern mirrored on their faces.

"What is going on here?" I asked looking at them for answers. But no one replied 

"Blake? Amber? Mike? What is going on? Someone please tell me what's happening?" 

Still no one said a word, i looked down on the table and saw a paper there, out of curiosity i snatched it before they could grab it and looked at it. There on the front page is a picture of me, a naked picture of me! And the headline read..


My hand started shaking, i didn't know when i dropped the paper on the floor, i put my cold hands on my cheeks. The tears has already started flowing, they tried to say something but i didn't wanna hear it.

Blake tried to hold me but i didn't want it, i pushed him away and ran. He wanted to come after me but someone stopped him and said..

"Let her be for now! I think she needs some privacy!"

I ran to my room and began packing, i called a taxi immediately and packed everything. My whole body was wracking with the tears, i just knew i had to leave here. I couldn't bear it, the looks, the side talks, the pity in their eyes. How can i face Blake's parents now? Oh God i have to leave now..

I sneaked out through the back and ran out to the gate, i quickly got into my taxi and we left. I sent a text to Amber to tell her i've left. Now that i've found love, I've lost it! How do i lice without him? How?

          [Two days later]

I was lying down on my bed, still wallowing in self pity when i heard a knock at the door. I peeped and saw Blake, handsome, cute Blake. He was holding a flower. I didn't know if i should open or not.

"Baby please open the door for me, it's freezing and i'm not leaving here if i don't see you..!"

I sighed and opened the door and stepped back for him to enter. He walked in and gave me the flower, i took it and put it ina vase on the table.

"Baby how are you?" He asked 

"I'm okay..!" Was all i could say

"Why haven't you been picking my calls, you just sneaked out and left. I have been out of my mind worrying about you, not knowing where you are and how you've been.!"

"I'm sorry..!"

He walked over to the television and put in a music on the DVR. 

"All Of Me" by John Legend. Started playing and he came and pulled me towards him..

"What are you doing?" I asked

"I'm dancing with my lady, the dance we missed at the party..!"

I leaned on his shoulder, tears falling from my eyes as we moved about slowly. When i was done sobbing, he wiped my tears and asked me..

"Do you love me Emily?" 

"Yes i do!"

"Do you want to be with me, Emily?"

"Yes i do!"

"Then that is all that matters to me, forget about Tom and his revenger schemes, forget everything else but the fact that you love me and i love you..! We only need each other, other people's opinion doesn't matter.."

I was still looking, speechless when he knelt down and brought out a case. He opened it and a huge rock sparkled brightly..

"Will you Emily Jones, former escort girl, attorney in the making, the most beautiful, intelligent and hardworking woman on earth, the love of my life! Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

With tears on my face, i laughed out loud and screamed.. "YES, I WILL MARRY YOU"

He put on the ring and it fit perfectly, he snatched me up by the wasit and kissed me silly. Finally he released me and said..

"Btw if you were wondering, my parents and siblings are all on board. They said to tell you, they love you and all your flaws..!"

"Awww thank you, thank you baby!"

"I love you Emily Jones..!"

"And I love you Blake Jake St James..!" He lauged out loud at Jake

"You've scorched me with your love..!" 

I said and we kissed and kissed and kissed..!

            THE END!!!



  1. Ha Sassy mama you go kill somborri with love here one day oo hehe. I absolutely love this story and the ending too. God where's my own sweet, handsome Blake? I'm waiting for you
    Sassy I love you too. I'm waiting for the next story *kisses*

  2. Wow! Didn't want it to end. I can't wait for the next story! Well done ma'am

  3. Beautiful story as usual ur d bomb sassy keep the good work up the sky is ur starting point. I missed this blog like kilode glad 2 b back

  4. Well done Sassy Mum.... I love the story

  5. Didt want it to end bur glad they found luv. Well done Sassy.

  6. Very interesting. I love it. So, what happened with her Law school?

    1. Miss Cute lol at the question. She'll continue with her schooling of course, she's marrying a millionaire so anything is possible! Lol
      Thanks dearie..

  7. I need a Blake in my life *screaming*
    Nice one bae

  8. Beautiful ending. Hmm, I go luv oh.

  9. Beautiful story, enjoyed every bit of it. Kudos Sassy Mama.


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