SCORCHED Episode 5

Hey guys..
Sorry it's coming late. Been busy with lots of stuff. I know my apologies are getting too much but i won't stop lol. Hope y'all are good? Okay back to the story.


It's been one week since the night with Jake and i still haven't been able to forget about him. I don't know what's wrong with me, i can't eat well, i can't sleep well without seeing him in my dreams, i keep checking my phone to see if i get a text from my pimp that i'll be meeting with Jake, but none came. Just from my usual clients. 

I don't go out anymore, just lie on my bed all day...thinking about him. It's crazy...i know! Just don't know what else to do with myself. Amber and Michael have both been so worried about me, asking what happened to me that night and what's going on with me but i don't know what else to tell them but 'I'm okay'.

My room door banged open just as i was about to take a nap and i jerked around quickly to see whom it was and its Amber and Michael. They sat down on my bed hand in hand...i gave them a surprised look and got up..

"Guys...what's going on? Everything okay?" I asked

"Yes Ems, all is well...except maybe for you. We just have something improtant to tell you.."

"Okay.. what is it?" I asked curiously 

They exchanged a look and Amber spoke up first. "Well you know the two of us have been spending quite sometime together, Micheal and I..."

"Yeah i know.." i answered nodding. 

"Well... we've wanted to tell you since but we both saw you've been dealing with quite a lot this past week, so we decided to give you sometime.."

"But you don't seem like you're ready to snap out of this mood of yours in a while and we really want you to hear it from us. So we decided to tell you now, hoping not to hurt you in any way with our news.."

"Amber please get on with it, you're making me nervous already. Whatever it is i'm sure it won't be worst than the situation I'm in now..!" I said impatiently.

"Okay.. okay.. Michael and I are dating!" She said as Michael took her hands in his possessively.

I looked at them, from Amber to Micheal and then back, searching to see any sign if this is some kind of a joke but they both looked serious. And now it dawned on me, the lingering look, the secret smiles, the sleepover. And i didn't notice all these have been going on around i'm really losing my touch.

"How long? How long have you two been dating?"

"For two months now. We can't say how or when it happened, it just happened! So we decided not to tell you yet till we're both sure its not just a fling we want. And it turned out its not. I love Micheal, Ems. And i bet he loves me too..!" Amber said..

"Really...?" I asked looking at Michael 

"Yes Ems..really. Truly i am in madly in love with her, with all my heart.."

I nodded and asked Amber. "So he is the mystery guy huh?" 

"Yes he is. I'm really sorry for not telling you earlier! Truly sorry."

"Wow! I'm i'm just really surprised.." i stammered 

I am surprised, but i really hope Amber knows what she's getting herself into with my brother. He is so immature, i hope he's not with her for her money. If he makes her happy then who am i to judge, after all i still have a closet full of secrets myself. I raised my face and smiled at them both..

"I'm so happy for you two..really! You're my brother, you are my best friend, so why wouldn't i be happy for you guys..!" 

They both smiled back at me and said in unison. "Really Ems? You're happy for us? You've forgiven us?" 

"But of course i am happy for you and i havw forgiven you two. Water under the bridge.." 

Amber came closer to me and hugged me. "Ooh thank you, thank you so much. This means a lot coming from you.. i love you!"

I hugged her back and said. "I love you two babe.." 

She had tears in her eyes when she released me. I smiled at her and Michael gave me a tight hug too. "Thank you Sis, i love you.."

"Love you too Mike." I replies

"Well now that that's been settled i have news Ems...!" Amber said excitedly 

"Ookay.. another news?" I asked skeptically amd she laighed.

"No this is a different kinda news. My parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary and of course Michael and I are going.." they exchanged a loving look and smile. 

I'm so jealous right now...ugh

"And i'm not leaving my best friend behind. So this is me telling you formally that we're going to the Hamptons baby..!"

"Really? Oh my God!! That is awesome news Amber..!" I whooped

"Of course babe. Now everyone is going to be there, my brothers too. Now you can finally meet my family and they can meet you both. I can't wait..!" 

"I can't wait to get out of this environment for a while, maybe the fresh air there will help me get my groove back.." i said.

"So when are we going?" Micheal asked 

"The weekend, Ems we'll have enough time to shop and fix ourselves up. Maybe you might even find love there, maybe with one of my brothers..!" She teased 

"Yeah, right! Don't hold you breathe on that one.." i teased her back.

They got up to leave and we fixed tomorrow for shopping and said our goodnights. Amber walked out first and i called Michael back to ask him something. I closed the door when he came in and looked at him with serious eyes..

"Michael you're my brother and I love you, which is why i'm telling you this now. If your intentions towards Amber isn't pure like you claim it is, then please better break up with her right now. That girl is fragile and i don't want anyone, most especially you hurting her. If you do i'm coming for you Mike, i will. So better know what you're doing!" I warned him.

"Ems i understand why you're worried, i haven't always been a good role model to anybody. But i want you to know that i truly love Amber with everything in me and it has nothing to do with where she's from or her money. I believe she has made me a better man and I promise never to hurt her..never..!" He vowed

He looks sincere. I don't know if to believe him yet, i guess time will tell.

"Fine. But just know that i have my eyes on you..always.."

He smiled. "Yes Ma'am.." 

He left and i slumped on the bed, already thinking of what to wear to my first meeting with the St James' family. I feel so excited, i just feel like something good will happen to me there and i can't wait..

Three days later and we're on our way to the Hamptons. Her family sent over a sleek Limo for the ride and boy do i love it!! I loved the country side, the scenery is awesome and the air...ahh. It feels so good and i can't wait to see Amber's home. 

All the way she and Michael have been smooching and all, it felt and still feels weird seeing them together like this, but i'm happy for them. They make each other happy and that's all that matters to me.

Twenty minutes later, Amber came close to me and said... "We're here..! Wake up Emily!"

I jerked awake immediately, seems i dozed off on the way. I looked out the wwindow and i saw the most beautiful sight ever. I was expecting a big house but what i saw made me speechless. It's a white mansion, a beautiful mansion! 

We alighted from the car and Michael and i stood in awe of this house. Amber nudged my arm and said. "Guys let's go in..!"

An older woman and a younger girl dressed in uniforms came and started taking our luggages out of the car into the house. 

Amber squealed like a cat and broke into a run and Michael and i looked up to see a couple coming out from the house. She met them on the step and hugged them both closely, guess they're her parents. 

They laughed at something she said and i could feel their love for their child. How i miss our parents. Amber waved us to come closer and we moved closer to them. She introduced us and we shool hands with them.

"Mom, Dad, these are my friends Emily and Micheal Jones, they're siblings and i'm the luckiest girl in the wprld to have them as friends. You guys, my parents. Mr and Mrs St James.."

I shook hands with both of them and they gave us both a warm smile. 

"Finally we get to meet Emily, it's so nice to meet you young lady. Amber here has told us a lot about you and you two Micheal. Welcome to our home.." her father said..

"Thank you sir, it's an honor to meet you.." i and Michael said..

"Please come in, let's show you guys around.." her mom said.

We followed them inside and we went around the house on a tour. It has a beautiful garden, a golf course, a ver large pool, a very large dinning room,a library, a study, a movie room and 10 master bedrooms! This house is just great, they led us back to the sitting room and we sat down.

Champagne was served and we all sat talking about life, school and almost everything. I have to say her parents are really cool for millionaires. We ate lunch on the patio and sat talking again.

"So Mom where are they? My brothers, thought they'll be here by now..!" Amber asked

"Amber you know your brothers, they're always, always late. But i'm sure they'll be here soon.." her mom said. 

Just then one of the maids came to inform them that the brothers have arrived. Amber smiled and jumped up from her chair and went outside to meet them. Her parents just smiled and shook their heads.

"She loves them so and they love her too.." her mom said with pride.

I smiled and said.. "I understand the feeling, i love my brother here too like that."

Just then the door opened and they came in. We all stood up to greet them, they went to hug and kiss their parents. Amber dragged the younger of the two and came towards us, all smiles. He looked at me and i gotta say he is so cute, he has a charming smile and nice dentition too, he shook my hand she introuduced us.

"Emily this is my younger brother Stephan, Stephan meet my besr friend Emily and her brother who's also my boyfriend, Micheal.."

He took my hand, took it his mouth a dropped a tiny kiss on it. Then gave me a dazzling smile...awww he's so cute.

"My pleasure to finally meet you Emily, may i say that yourea very beautiful woman..!" He said

I actually blushed. "Thanks Stephan, my pleasure to meet you too.." he bowed galantly and went over to greet Micheal. 

Suddenly i felt eyes on me and i turned to see whom it was staring at me and then I and the smile on my face froze! He stood staring at me too, like he just saw a ghost.

Jake! No it can't be! No no no no no it can't be him. But indeed it's him. So he's Amber's brother? I slept with Amber's brother? Oh God just kill me now...why why why.

Amber waved him over.. "Hey come over here and meet my friends.."

He quickly looked at her and smiled charmingly,then he walked over to us. My heart was pounding at his closeness. I forced a smile as she introduced us...

"Emily meet my elder brother and the most eligible bachelor in all of Hamptons, Blake St James. Blake, meet my best friend Emily and her brother, my boyfriend Micheal. We barely shook hands before i snatched my hand back again. I didn't wanna touch him...not yet! 

"Nice to meet you two.." he said, not smiling. Just staring into my eyes.

"Nice to meet you too, Blake..!" I said the name aloud while staring back at him.

At that moment, no one else existed, seems like it's just us two in the room. It was magical once again, someone cleared his throat and we both jolted back to reality.

"Umm do you two know each other..?" Amber asked, everyone now looking at us both.

"No we don't!" I said forcing a laugh, he didn't say a thing. Just asked.

"Really? I could almost swear i've met you somewhere!" He implied..

"I'm sure we haven't met, i would've recognized you and the name if we had.." i replied...

"Okay then, maybe i'm wrong..!" 

"Alright everyone, it's time to head back to your rooms. You all need to rest before dinner.." Their mom said and we all moved to obey her.

Amber and Michael went up together, guess they're sharing a room together. I winked at them as they left.

And their mom said. "Blake could you please take Emily up to the rose room?" 

"Of course Mom, my pleasure. Emily pls follow me.." he said, his eyes twinkling with mischief and i silently rolled my eyes at him.

I wanted to protest but i knew it would seem suspicious. So i kept my mouth shut and followed him reluctantly inhaling his perfume as he went.

He didn't talk to me on the way up, nor did he even acknowledge my presence. I was hurt but grateful, i need to gather my wits first. He suddenly stopped in front of a room and opened it wide for me to enter.

"Your room my lady.." he said, mocking me.

I rolled my eyes at him again as i walked past him, making sure not to touch him. Very beautiful room, i loved it immediately. I turned towards him and said..

"Well thank you for showing me my room, you can go now.." 

Instead of him leaving, he stepped inside and closed the door silently. I raised shocked eyes at him..

"What are you doing..?" But before i could get the words out, he came towards me and took my face in his hands and crushed my lips under his. 

I wanted to push him away, to reject him but alas i couldn't cos i pulled him closer and kissed him back with everything I've got. We stood there for ages just kissing and tasting each other's lips. Then ever so slowly he released me, still holding my hips as he asked..

"What are you doing here Emily..?"

"What are you doing here too Jake?" I asked him back. He threw his head back and laughed.

"This is my house..remember?" I didn't know what to say to him, we both continued staring at each other, then slowly he released me and said..

"You know i didn't want to come back here for this anniversary. In fact i had planned on cancelling. But seeing you here, right now. I'm happy i came after's gonna be a long week baby..!" He gave me a wink and walked out.

I slumped down on the bed as he left, i was smiling sheepishly at his words. Oh it's gonna be a long week indeed!!!

To Be Continued..

If you're a visitor and you're planning on porting over to another ship, please no try am oo i beg you lol. I love you all, please take it easy as you dey vex for me. Hugs



  1. Beautiful..
    Cant wait to see what happens between them. I missed you Sassy mama. Good to have you back. Hugs

  2. Interesting, I knew there was Smthn strange about their encounter. Good job Sassy.

  3. Awww me love where this is heading. I just knew that sure thing is gonna happen between there two. Nice one Sassy

  4. Our Sassy mum don't worry for the love we have for you, we'll be waiting by the sidelines.

  5. A very very long week for them and me too. Lolz. Post another one already please...

  6. I suspected it...gud!
    @ Sassy u kno me I b blog prostitute oo*winks


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