SCORCHED Episode 6

Happy New Week guys..
Y'all have a blessed week ahead! I dey vex small cos the story i was supposed to post yesterday just vanished from my draft. I'm so pained msheww


I was in my room getting ready for dinner when i heard a knock on my door, i walked over to open it. Wondering it might be, thankfully it's Amber. I die want to be alone with Jake/ Blake, whichever one he is right now. I opened the door wider for her to enter, then i closed the door and went over to the mirror to finish up with my make-up. 

"Hey,what's up..?" I asked her

"Nothing really.. just came to know if you're done dressing up so we can go down together...!" She replied 

"Um okay, where's Micheal? Your new handbag haha.." i teased her

"He's downstairs already, getting to know the parents on his own.. I really hope they like him..!" 

"Me too. Don't worry he's a grown man. I'm sure he can handle himself.."

"Yea i guess so.." she grudgingly agreed.

"Ems i wanted to ask you something too, might sound a little bit awkward but i really want to know.."

"Okay... what could it be.?" I asked innocently, sitting close to her on the bed. 

Although i already have an idea what she wants to ask me and denial is my answer. Can't tell her the truth.. nah

"So um it's about Blake, it's the look you two shared earlier. It was kinda suspicious and i personally felt some chemistry there, my mind be playing tricks of me and i don't want to jump to conclusions.." 

"Which is why i'm here to ask you as my friend okay. Emily have you met my brother before?"

At that moment a part of wanted to just open up and tell her everything but the other part of me couldn't. I'm so afraid of the unknown, so i lied as usual..

"No i haven't Amber. Like i said earlier, i would've remembered the name and the face if i had. So no, we haven't met..!"

"Are you sure Emily?" She persisted 

"Yes am sure..!"

"Okay if you say so. No like there's anything wrong if you two have met, Just checking..,!"

"Okay..." I said getting up. "So how do i look?" I asked whirling around with a smile 

"You look beautiful as always and you know it! Come on let's go before we're late for dinner.."

We both walked down while talking on the way, everyone was already there when we came...well almost everyone! Cos i quickly scanned the whole room, but i didn't see Blake anywhere. Maybe he's just running late like us..

We all sat down and dinner was served, the food is very delicious but i just couldn't seem to enjoy cos I've conpletely lost my appetite...i don't know why!! 

I wanted to ask someone where Blake is but i figured that would seem suspicious and i didn't want that, so i just kept my mouth shut and tried to eat as little as i can. This is my first dinner with Amber's parents and i didn't want to upset them.

I didn't join fully in the conversation, just put in a word or two from time to time, thinking that no one noticed but they did cos Amber's mom asked me..

"Dear are you okay? You look a little peaked and you haven't eaten much from your dinner. Don't you like the food? Maybe they can serve you something else!!" 

"Yes dear, i believe you're right. Are you okay Emily?" Her dad asked too. Both Micheal and Amber turned their worried gaze towards me.

They all looked so concerned and worried that i felt like kicking myself for acting like such a baby.. So i smiled at her and said..

"I love the food Ma, it's very delicious. Just that i don't really have much appetite..i'm sorry. And my head is throbbing a little bit.."

Now that i said it, i noticed that indeed my temple is throbbing, was too occupied with my thoughts to notice.

"Awww, so sorry dear, i guess it's the drive here. Do you need to see the doctor?" Her mom asked again

"Um No. I think an aspirin and a good night's sleep will do the trick..!" I assured them

She summoned one of the maids immediately and she brought an aspirin for me. I took it and said my thanks then go up and said good night to everyone. 

"Thank you Mr and Mrs St James, it was a lovely dinner. I enjoyed the little i ate. See you all tomorrow, good night.."

"Good night to you too dear.." they said in unison

"Ems are you going to be okay?" Micheal and Amber asked..

"Yes i will. Don't worry about me, please enjoy yourselves okay. Night..."

I threw my beautiful dress inside the closet, pulled on my comfty teddy t-shirt and pant, then slid under the cover.  I was still thinking of Blake, wondering where he was when i slept off.


I felt something or someone touch me in the night, i struggled to open my eyes to see whom it was. Lo and behold it's Blake...a smiling, handsome Blake! Just looking at him and i'm lost for words.

He was sitting beside me on the bed, staring at me while i stared back at him. He caressed me face slowly and then touched my hair sofly, testing it's silkiness. Finally he spoke..


"Hi.." i said back

"How are you?" 

"I'm okay..? What are you doing here in the middle of the night?" I asked 

"It's not been long i came back. I asked Stephan how the dinner went and he told me you went to bed early cos you were sick. So i came here straight to see you.."

 That's really sweet of him.. but i would never tell him that. Duh! So i said.. 

"Its nothing serious, i already took an aspirin and i'm feeling much better now. Thanks for checking up.." 

"You sure you're okay?" He insisted 

"Yes i am!"

"Okay then.. I'm happy to hear that.."

"So where were you earlier..?" I just had to ask 

"I was called back to the office at the last minute, It's something urgent. So i rushed to go sort it out, i wouldn't have come back again this night. I just wanted to see you..!" 

I blushed so hard... "Okay.."

"Why did you ask? Did you miss me at dinner?"

This time he wasn't laughing or smiling, just kept looking into my eyes, desire in his. I looked away from him and said.,

"No i didn't! Why should I?" I asked trying to sound brave and nonchalant. 

"Really? You sure about that?"

"Yes i am? So you can go back to bed now, as you can see i'm fne..!"

He didn't move a muscle, then he smiled and did the unexpected. He leaned forward and claimed my mouth with his in a scorching kiss that burned me down to my soul.

I didn't pull away, didn't resist him. Simply because i didn't want to, i pulled him closer by his shirt. Kissing him back with everything I've got. He released my mouth and moved down to my neck and my earlobe. His fingers touch my already erect nipples and squeezed it tight through my t-shirt. 

I gasped loudly ontop of his head.but he didn't stop, the next thing i felt down there was his mouth on one of my nipple, he bit me softly and i felt wetness in between my legs.

While he sucked my nipples one after the other through my t-shirt, his hand went down to my waist. He shifted my panties to one side and dipped one finger slowly inside. My legs parted on it's own and he inserted two more fingers inside and started moving his hands slowly then faster. I moaned loudly. 

He came up to my face and kissed my mouth then whispered to me..

"Raise your hips baby.."

Immediately i did and he removed my already soaking panties slowly. With all his clothes still intact, he climbed under the covers in between my legs and got himself settled comfortably.

He put two fingers and then used his tongue to torture me, by now i was screaming out his name and pushing his head deeper into me. He raised his head with an evil smile on his face and said..

"I suggest you use the pillow. You don't want to wake the entire household. Do you?" He asked one eyebrow raised at me.

He didn't allow me say anything and dug in again, this time with no mercy for me and i had no choice but to use the pillow to cover my mouth.

My whole body started shaking and i knew i was gonna cum amd he knew it too cos he increased his speed licking me up and sucking me at the same time. Then it hit me and i nearly fell from the bed, if not his arms holding me down. I lay down shaking, my breath coming in short gasps, sweat on my bed, my hair a mess and i loved it.

He slid up slowly from my waist and laid down on top of me. I wrapped my legs around him, feeling his erection from his pants. I held him close while we kissed passionately. He kissed my nose, my eyes and finally my lips.

"You're so beautiful! I'm glad i came back today. I wouldn't have missed whatwe just shared for anything in the world.."

"Me too..!" I whispered 

"To think i had planned on not coming for this anniversary at all. I just changed my mind at the last minute and decided to come and here you are!!! I missed you so much, i can't believe it myself..!"

"Then why didn't you call?" I asked

"I would've but i left the country the day after we met. And i came back just two days ago, had planned to call the moment i get back to NY after this whole celebration. And here you are.."

"Yes, here i am! In flesh and blood..!" I said 

"Do you believe in fate Emily?" 

"Umm i don't know. I don't think so...why?"

"I didn't believe in fate too, but us meeting like this? What are the chances..."

"It could be a coincidence.."

"Maybe! I'm just glad you're here. So did you miss me too?"

"Yes i did..!"

"And what about tonight?" He persisted in asking

"Yes i missed you tonight..!" 

"Awww that's the sweetest thing you ever said to me since we met. Thanks baby..!" 

I blushed at his words... seriously what's wrong with me. I raised my hands to his neck and pulled him down and kissed him lovingly. I felt wetness again as he grinded his waist against mine, i moaned into his mouth and raised my waist suggestively to meet his, but he had other plans.

Cos he jumped down from the bed and walked to the bathroom. He came out with a wet towel and wiped me off gently, wiped off all the cum and sweat. He dropped the towel, came and sat on the bed looking at me.

All the while, i had this look that said WTF!!! He threw back his head and laughed at my expression..

"I think you should get some sleep now, you don't want that throbbing to return. Do you?"

"What??" I screamed at him

"I said you should sleep..! Oh please wipe that surprised look off your face, you had it coming. Claiming not to miss me and all...i just had to teach you a lesson..!" 

"Arrrgh you slimy bastard!! So this was all revenge to you?" I screamed throwing the pullows at him. 

"Not at all. That was me teaching you a lesson not to ever lie to me again.." 

"Get out of my room right now! Get out!!!" I screamed and he did was laugh

He pulled me up from the bed and took me in his arms for a tight, warm hug. He kissed me soflty and released me and tucked me in. He kissed my temple and said..

"I'm gonna make this.week so confusing and sweet for you, you won't forget me in a hurry. I promise you. Sleep well.."

He switched off my bedside lamp and walked away, closing the door quietly behind him.

I slept off like a baby, thinking about him and I..


I threw my clothes off and rushed into the shower for a cold bathe. I needed to cool off a bit and it did the trick. 

I believe fate brought Emily and I together again and i'll be damned if i'm ever letting go. It had taken every ounce of self control in me to walk away from her tonight without fully making love to her.

But it's all part of my plan to win her over!! Seduce her till she's mine!! I'm gonna care, cherish and worship her body till she succumbs and learn to care and love me in return.

God help me it works out cos i'm already falling for her and i can't help myself...God help me!!

To Be Continued..
Stay tuned for more!! Hope y'all enjoy it!! Thanks all


  1. I enjoyed it ooooo , more Blake/Emily moment

  2. Awwwwwu new love e sweetooooo.

    Thumbs up Sassy

  3. Choi all this lovey Dovey.. Lemme not talk sha.. Emily mustn't be preggers sha oh

    1. Hehe Amaka okwa ibidokwa ozo!! You haff started again now heee lol
      Thanks o jare

  4. Will u post next episode tonight

    1. Will post tomorrow pls Anon..thank u

    2. @Sassy 2moro don pass naaaa, which 2moro were u talkin abt? Abeg I no wan vex with u coz u wont like it. Iv bn a very gud girl oo

    3. Hehe Mama Mia no vex abeg ooo. I went for end of year party for my children's school oo. Will post soonest!!


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