SCORCHED Episode 7

I woke up this morning feeling on top of the world and at the same time confused. I don't know what to think of Blake or these new feelings he's arousing in me, it's all so new and foreign to me and i'm so confused!! I hate to confused!! It makes me seem weak and i never want to be seen as a weak female.

I jumped down from the bed and quickly brushed my hair and my teeth. Pulled out my sports wear and sneakers from my bag and wore it. Then i put on my earpiece and left the room, i needed to think and when i need to think, i run! It was a bit cold when i got outside but i didn't care, i loved it!

I didn't see a single soul when i got outside in the woods and i was grateful for it. I started with jogging first then moved to running but not too fast, my mind on Blake and I and the Kiss. 

I don't know why but i felt like someone was following me, so i stopped slowly and turned back sharply. I looked all around me and saw no one, i felt goosebumps on my arms and then i called out.

"Hello, is anyone there?" I heard nothing, just the birds chirping. It was so silent and i admit i'm afraid.

Immediately i turned to run back to the house, someone grabbed my arm and jerked me back. He pulled me against his body and as i opened my mouth to scream, he put his hand over my mouth and whispered in my ear..

"Shhhh!! Hey no need for that, it's me..!"

I froze when i recognized the voice immediately, i started twisting amd turning to set myself free..he pulled me closer still and whispered in my ear..

"Promise you won't scream and i'll release you..!" 

I nodded my head and he removed his hand slowly. I rushed out of his arms and turned towards him. I used to think he's cute but looking at him now with that venomous look in his eyes and that smirk on his face....Tom Ford looked like the devil himself to me. I willed my body to stop shaking and asked him bravely.

"What are you doing here Tom? Have you been following me?" 

He laughed at me like i'm a silly child and said. "I live here Emily. So i should be asking you what you are doing here in the Hamptons. What are you doing in the St James' Estate? Who brought a whore like you here?"

Oh i was itching to slap that stupid smirk off his face, but we're all alone and no one knows i'm here. So i kept my cool and replied..

"It's no business of yours what i'm doing here Tommy or who brought me! What exactly do you mean by you live here?" I asked again

"I mean that i live in the Estate next to the St James, we're neighors. And it's my business what you're doing here, a whore like you shouldn't be seen anywhere near civilized people like the St James! So you tell me what you're doing here right now and i promise not to make a scene!!"

Ooh the bastard!! How i hate him? He disgusts me ugh...i can't believe i ever slept with a slimy snake like him. 

"What makes you think i'm coming from the St James' Estate?" I asked, confused as to how he knew.

"Well apart from the St James and I, there's no other Estate here for miles! The both of us share this woods and here you are, out of nowhere. Since you're not from my house, it can only mean you're from there. So tell me what a whore like you is doing here!!"

"Oh Tommy, so now i'm a whore huh? Now you think i'm too cheap to be among "civilised" peeps like you and the St James huh? I can remember i wasn't cheap or a slut when you were groveling, begging i accept your proposal.." I said and threw a mocking look his way.

The smirk left his face and his eyes hardened like stones and his hands squeezed like he wants to punch me and i jumped back out of fear. 

"Don't you ever talk to me about that stupid encounter with you! Now answer my question dammit!!"

"I came here with Amber St James, she's my roommate at school and a friend. She invited me!"  I replied, now very afraid.

He threw back his head and roared in laughter, i didn't say a word. Just watched hm till he stopped laughing and looked back at me..

"So that's how you knew about Elise and I! Little Amber was your "informant" huh? So tell me, does she know what you do for a living?" 

"No she doesn't!" I replied 

"You little gold digger! You're good i tell ya.. how did you manage to weasel your way into Amber's life, to the extent of becoming her "best friend?" Tell me how you did it!"

"I didn't weasel my way into anybody's life okay! Amber and i became friends even before i knew whom she is and i am not a gold digger! Don't you ever call me that!" 

I spat at him, now more angry than afraid of him.

"And if i do, what are you going to do huh? What are you gonna do? Slap me? Tell me what?" He challenged me

"How about i tell the world what a cheating, lying, disgusting bastard that your are! How about that?"

"Oh please girl you got nothing on me, you know it and i know it. Been thinking about it for months and finally it hit me that you were just bluffing. We were always in a secured room, no cameras or video recorder."

"Nothing was ever there in that room, so you have nothing on me! As for the car, i left it for you cos i don't need it, not because i was afraid of you. I'm so rich i can have ten of those and it'll feel like nothing to my account. So don't think i'm afriad of you and your empty threats anymore..!"

"And also don't you forget that you signed a non disclosure agreement at your agency. So even if you did have any thing against me, i'll make sure i sue you until you've spent the little money you've made on your back so far and your reputation i'll make a mess of, you'll never practice law ever in your life. Even if you manage to graduate..!"

Arms crossed on my chest, i stood looking at this man, not knowing what to do or say next. Obviously he doesn't want the car anymore or i would've just given it back to him. But he sure wants something for his silence, so what could that thing be? There's only one way to find out, so i asked him.

"Tom what do you want?"

"Now we're talking! Your body for my silence!"

"What?" I asked iincredulously

"You heard me right. Your body for my silence, you will be at my beck and call, infact you will be my sex slave! I offered you my money, my friendship and my love before but you cruelly rejected me. Now i can have you however i want and it won't cost me a thing. Not a thing..!"

"Is there nothing else you want aside from my body?" I asked, bleeding inside.

He seemed to laugh for ages until finally he repiled. "What else do you have to offer me if not your body? I'm rich, so even if you had the money, i wouldn't need it. So No, there's nothing else i want from you but your body Emily..!"

"That's the deal! Agree and your secret is safe with me, disagree? Then i suggest you best pack your bags and disappear right away. Cos i'm coming for you!"

"I need some time to think about this please.." i begged

"No! I'm only giving you till tonight to make up your mind. Will get my answer when i come over for the anniversary dinner! Okay?"


"Good. See you later and don't even think of doing anything stupid. Be a doll and choose wisely. Bye.."

He turned immediately and ran off deep into the woods. I collapsed immediately he left, all my the anger and fear left me and i was suddenly so exhausted! I usually had an answer to everything but this time i didn't! 

To agree means to be his sex slave forever but to refuse? I could end up losing a lot, like my friends, my chance at being a lawyer and maybe even Blake! Beautiful, sweet, handsome Blake!

Who knows what might happen, he might decide not to see me again when his family finds out and rejects me. He might join them and reject me too...and God knows i don't want to lose Blake! I can't lose him, he means so much to me. Oh God what do i do?

I rushed up to my room when i got back and quickly took my bath. Put on a light make-up and went down for breakfast, they were all seated for breakfast and this time Blake too. I forced a smiled when i entered and they all looked up and smiled back at me too. 

The only seat left was the one directly opposite Blake's chair and i could see the look he gave me when i sat down and that look made me feel hot in certain places. 

"Good morning everyone.." i said and they all replied.

"How are you feeling today?" Her mom and dad asked.

"I'm great, i even went for a run earlier. The aspirin did the trick, thank you!"

"That's awesome news, now dig in. You know you didn't eat much last night!"

And dig in...i did! I was so hungry and the food is just delicious. I tried my best not to look at Blake as i ate, but he didn't make it easy for me. Cos from the corner of my eyes, i could see him staring at me non-stop. I felt like kicking him to remind him we're not alone but u couldn't. So i focused all my attention on my food and joining in the conversion.

I almost jumped out of my skin when i felt his leg on my lap, but i stilled myself not to move to avoid suspicions. Slowly i looked at him to question him with my eyes but he wasn't even looking at me. He was there eating and laughing calmly with his sister like as if he's done nothing wrong!!

I also tried to concentrate on my food until he moved his leg up into the thigh in between my legs caressing me softly. Thank God i was wearing a short, if not i don't know what else he would've done to me with his leg. But i enjoyed the caress though.

Thankfully he got a call, he excused himself and left to answer it. I was so relieved and at the same time missed him...crazy i know!! He came back few minutes later with a sad look on his face...even his mom noticed immediately cos she asked..

"Something wrong Blake?"

"Yes i have bad news, this call was from my manager in the City. He said one of the company's warehouse is on fire and i really need to be there. Mom, dad i'm really sorry but it looks like i might not make it back for your anniversary dinner! I'm so sorry!"

"No son, we understand. This is important and you have to go. Just take good care of yourself and come back when you can okay.."

"Okay, thank you guys so much. You're the best parents in the world and i love you guys so much.." he said pecking them each on their cheeks.

Awwwww so adorable!!!!

"We love you too son! So when are you leaving?" 

"Umm right away, i have to leave now cos i have a lot of paper works to take care of. I'm gonna go pack now.."

He looked straight into my eyes as he said this and felt like he was telling me something. I didn't have an appetite again after he left, we all finished with breakfast and went into the sitting room together. I got a text from an unknown number and it read...

"Come to your room right now!!" 

Immediately i knew it was from Blake, i faked a call and excused myself. I ran up the stairs to my room and he was there waiting when i got in. 

"Lock the door..!" He said and i did.

"Come here.!" I walked over to the bed where he was sitting and hugged him. He put his head on my breast and hugged me back.

"Will you be my girlfriend Emily Jones?" I pulled away from him, shocked!


He pulled me back in his arms again and said the words again..

"I said will you be my girlfriend Emily Jones?"

"Why? I mean you know what i do for a living?"

"Why? Okay let's see. Umm you're a beautiful, exciting, brilliant, intriguing, vibrant, young lady. I really like you and desire you, you make me happy and we connect! So tell me why not?"

"As for what you do, i say bravo for being determined and going after what you want...your education! I don't and will never judge you cos you did what you have to do to survive! I'm proud of you and what you've been able to achieve so far without anyone else's help..!"

"That's the kind of person i want as my girlfriend. That's the kind of person i see myself being with! And so i ask again, Emily Jones will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes! Yes i will!"

"Sweet..!" He got up and kissed me tnederly. I kissed him back and we held each other clksely. Not wanting to let go.

"We'll tell the family when i get back okay. I'm sorry for leaving again, i wish i could stay to see how beautiful you're gonna look in your dress tonight..!"

"I wish you can stay too but i understand you have to go. It's important. So we'll see when you get back okay. Will miss you!" I said shyly

"Will miss you more.." And we kissed again..

We froze when we heard a knock on the door...

"Emily you there?" It's Amber

"Yesss i'm here! Any problem?" I asked her

"No, just checking on you. What are you doing in there and why's your door locked?" She asked turning my doorknob again

"Umm i'll be right there!" I faced Blake and asked.. "What should i do?" 

"Let her in.."


"I said let her in, it's about time you started tellinh her the truth. You have to trust that she's your friend and will understand your own side of the story. Just trust her okay and stop lying to her and everyone else..!"

I nodded and opened the door for her to let her in, she gave me a surprised look when she saw Blake in my room. 

"Come in Amber. I believe Emily has a lot of things to tell you..!" 

He came over to me and kissed me soflty and then whispered. "See ya girlfriend!" And left.

I closed the door after him and sat on the bed, patting the space near me and asked Amber to sit.

"Please sit, let's talk!"

And she sat slowly...facing me with a hurt look in her eyes. And i started talking...all the while thinking. "I hope she'll forgive me!"

To Be Continued..


  1. ...and the old fool called Tom had 2 show up!? Anyway its gud tht Blake oredy know wat she does 4 a livin/abi 2 survive.
    Hmmm Amber?..Happy I gues

  2. Awwww I was So taken with this episode that I don't want it to end.
    So Tom showed up , is like he wants a scandal

  3. Hot episode. Next please...
    Tom should get a life and focus on his home. Blake is such a sweetheart mehn Ems got nothing to be worried about

  4. Tom go to hell already
    Blake is so so romantic. My kind man. I love this story die. Thanks Sassy

  5. Blake And Emily..I love
    Tom or whatever is a big good. Like what da fuck is his problem?

  6. Sassymom how are you doing?

  7. I love this episode. Thanks Sassy mum

  8. Hmmmm. Wat happens next?


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