SCORCHED Episode 8

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........Five minutes later after i was done telling Amber the story of my life, she didn't utter a word. I didn't say a word either but deep within me, i was so afraid of what she might day next. I didn't want her to condemn me or judge me, but i also wanted her honest opinion. So i kept quiet and waited.

She turned towards me and i saw tears in her eyes, she pulled me close and hugged me. And that was when the tears began to fall from my eyes too, we cried together. 

I cried for all i've been through, the death of my parents that led me into this kind of lifestyle and for all the disgusting things i've had to do, just so we could survive. Finally we pulled apart and wiped the tears off our faces. 

"Ems why didn't you tell me any of this long ago!! Why?" She asked 

"I was afraid! I was afraid of what you'll think of me! I was afraid you wouldn't fine me worthy of being your friend again! But most importantly, i was afraid to lose you as a friend..!"

She looked at me with rage in her eyes..."Emily how could you even think that of me? I thought you knew me better than that? Why would you even think that i'll ever stop being your friend, just because of the choices you've had to make to survive! How could you Emily?"

"I don't know!! Please i'm sorry, i'm deeply sorry Amber, forgive me please!!" I pleaded with her..

She sighed and turned to hold my hands..."I may be mad at you for a while, but just know that i'm not judging you, i will never do that! You're still my friend and I Love you, regardless of everything!  Okay..?"

I nodded and forced a smile..."Thank you so much Amber, that means a lot!"

She smiled back...."You're welcome! I just wish you had told me earlier, so i could've done something to help you!"

"I knew you would've helped, but i didn't want to be a burden to you. Nor did i want it to seem like i became friends with you cos of your money..!"

She sighed again..."You and your damn pride!!" She said rolling her eyes at me and i couldn't help laughing 

"I'm so sorry for everything..." I said when i sobered up.

"It's okay. What about Micheal? When are you gonna tell him?" She asked with a concerned look in her eyes

I sighed this time..."I really don't know how to say it, gosh he'll be so mad at me!!"

"No he won't!" Mike said from the doorway.

I jumped up from the bed..."Mike how, how, i mean what, what are you talking about?" I stammered 

He came closer and hugged me tight, i hugged him back and we stayed that way for quite a long time. Then he released me slowly and said..

"I'm sorry Ems, i'm sorry for being such an irresponsible brother to you all these years since our parent's death! If i had acted like a man and looked for a job to support us both, i'm sure you wouldn't have joined an agency to be an escort. I'm sorry cos i failed you and our parents..!" He said tears now falling from his eyes.

I rushed and hugged him again, i've never seen Mike cry and its really breaking my heart. 

"It's okay, Mike. I love you and I'll do anything for you..!"

We all sat down and Amber gave me a funny look..

"What?" I asked

"So you and Blake huh? What's the story there?" 

I laughed and blushed pink...I told them how we met at the hotel and how we met here again. I told them everything..

"Wow, such a coincidence!" Mike said..

"I know right?" Amber said. "Well i'm happy for both of you, really!!"

"I'm happy for you guys too..!" Mike said..

"Awww thank you guys so much! You're the best!"

"So i have something else to tell you, it's about Tom. I met him as an escort and not at school..!"

"Okay, continue!" Amber said

I told them about our meeting this morning, his theats and how i'm so confused as to what to do with him.

"Wait! You mean Tom had the guts to threaten you, even after you told him you're my friend?"

"Yes he did!" 

"I see...did you tell Blake about this?" She asked again

"No i didn't!  He was in such a hurry to leave, i didn't have enough time to tell him everything. But i will tell him once he gets back here..!"

"Okay that's good. But till then, don't worrt yourself about Tom. I will handle him, okay?" 

"Okay. Thanks Amber.."

"You're welcome dear, see you later..!" She said and they both got up and left. 

I collapsed on the bed, feeling free and happy for the first time in a long while. I took a nap and then ate my lunch in my room, i didn't feel like going downstairs to eat with everyone. 


Tonight for dinner, i was wearing a strapless white long gown that hugged my figure tight. I put on my make-up and packed my curly hair up with pins. I stood and looked at myself in the mirror, i knew i looked good. I just wish Blake could be here to see me, i heaved a sad sigh and turned to leave the room.

I walked slowly downstairs to the ballroom, many gueste were already here. Everywhere looks so nice and beautiful, i guess all these was done while i was sleeping. But what shocked me was when i went to to the bar to get a drink. 

I turned around to look at the guests and also look for Amber and Mike. I came face to face with two of my steady clients with their wives. They recognized me immediately and both looked away before their wives will notice. I turned back to the bar again...shaking!

I grabbed a full champagne fluit from a passing waiter and poured it down my throat...gosh it burned. But i like it!! How could i have ever thought I'll escape my past? At least i can get drunk and forget everything else happening here. 

I took the second glass and poured it down my throat again, i reached out my hand to take another when someone grabbed my arm. I turned to see whom it was and i saw a dainty little beautiful woman. Surprising that someone so small can have such a strong grip.

"Hello..." she said

"Hi.." i said snatching my hand back. "Can i help you?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact you can. Are you Emily?"

"Yes i am. Who wants to know?"

"Elise Ford. Tom Ford's wife..!" She said calmly, stretching her hand for a shake.

I shook her hand..."So Elise how may i help you? And how did you know me?"

She smiled..."I just wanted to meet you and i'm not disappointed at what i'm seeing..."

I didn't say a word and she continued..."You see Tom my husband is sick! I believe he's obsessed with you, i got to find out about you from his phone. He kept naked pictures of you in his phone, i don't know how he got them.."

"What?" I literally screamed at her

"Yes its true. I searched his laptop and found out how you guys met from the agency and i even know he bought you a car. He sometimes wakes up in the night, screaming your name and since yesterday he came back from his run he has been so happy and i didn't know why.,"

"But seeing you here, right now? Now i know. I deleted the naked pictures i saw in his phone and laptop cos i understand that to you this is a job and not an affair. I'm just telling you this, so you'll be careful. He's sick and dangerous..!"

I was so shocked at her last sentence, i felt compelled to ask...."Why then do you stay with him? Since you know he's dangerous?"

She gave me a sad look and shook her head..."I love him and it's my job to take care of him now that he's sick! Goodnight Emily, take care of yourself!" She said and left.

I held her hand as she was about to go and said..."If what you're saying is true and he's really dangerous, then you know i have to go to the police right?"

"Do what you have to do!!" She said and walked away.

I was so shaken by this new information, i needed some fresh air to cool and compose myself. I got up and walked out to the garden, i sat on the swing, enjoying the breeze and the quietness. Suddenly i felt a hand on my mouth, j struggled to free myself but he's too strong.

He bent and whispered...."Shhhh don't make a sound!!" 

It's Tom again!!! I froze and goosebumps filled my body. He motioned me to stand up and i did, he put his hand over his mouth and said shup up. I nooded and he released me..

"Tom what do you want again?" 

"You Emily, i want you!" He said possessively

"But i'm not yours to take Tom! Please leave me alone!!" I pleaded with him, now very afraid.

"What was Elise saying to you at the bar, don't lie to me or i'll be forced to hiit you..." he threatened 

"Okay, okay i'll tell you!" I begged and told him everything 

"Hmmm so she knows about you huh? That means i have no choice but to take you with me now. Who knows what you both might do next if i let you go!!"

"No, no, no, no Tom! Please i won't go anywhere, i promise i won't say anything to anyone!" I pleaded with him again

He threw back his head and roared with evil laughter, then he came closer and caressed my left cheek. I stepped back immediately, repelled by his touch.

"You're so cute when you beg and i'll like to see more of that later. You on your news in front of my cock begging for mercy! I look forward to it but now we have to go.." 

He came at me and i ran, he started chasing me and i kept running. The music was too loud and there was no one outside here, how is it possible that on a night like this,  no one was outside? I could hear him coming closer, i kept running but i was running out of breath.

I ran and i looked back to see if he's close, then i jammed into something hard. I felt myself falling, then i was grabbed by the arms and pulled up. I opened my mouth to scream but he shut it with his palm whispered..

"Emily it's okay, i'm here! You're safe!" I collapsed in his arms when i heard hia voice. 

I'm safe! Blake is here....i'm safe!" I turned and hugged him

Immediately Tom came to a halt as he saw us..

Blake set me aside and faced Tom like a superhero. 

"Tom, what is going on here?" he asked

"Blake what are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here, you're supposed to be In the city. What are you doing here?" he stuttered

"It's over Tom, it's over! Just surrender yourself and no one will get hurt!" Blake said.. 

Tom roared with laughter again and put his hand in his jacket and brought out a gun. He pointed it at the both us and with a wicked look in hie eyes. He said.. 

 "now we're just beginning. It's not over until I say it is, now hands up both of you right now!" 

And we did... 

To Be Continued... 
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  1. Hmm wahala
    Sassy mind yourself oo, post the next episode faster oo. Thumbs-up

  2. Hmm wahala
    Sassy mind yourself oo, post the next episode faster oo. Thumbs-up

  3. You write a good story, but your delay in posting makes it boring to read. I tend to forget what the storyline is all about. Please i hope you can find a way to arrange the time of posting or tell us when next to expect so we don't keep refreshing to the same old story we have read. I enjoyed it. Thanks.

  4. Tom is such a psychopath.... Sassy Mum pls post the next episode on time... I'm almost forgetting the names

  5. Wow. My mind kept racing to the end. Please sassy mum, try to post early inu. Love this story. Thanks.

  6. Its getting hot. Please post the next tomorrow

  7. #its gttn hot in here... I am gttn so hot# sassy plz post anoda episode tomao. plzzzzzzzz, ayam begging you

  8. Sassy are these White fokes or blakies? I ask bcoz in ma mind I imagine they're white also frm the way they easily forgive and understand sef....ok except sick Tomie

  9. Belinda yeah they're whites.

    Thanks guys... Will post later today.

  10. I love the new twist to the story.... Nice 1 Sassy Mum, I love ur style of writing

  11. Obsession is the most deadly disease someone can have.

  12. Guys pls the story is coming oo,don't know what's wrong with my system. It keeps deleting ny drafts that i saved msheww
    Starting again. Brb

  13. Interesting article

  14. It's really an unpredictable storyline, you can't just tell what will happen next. I love the suspense, keep the fire burning.

  15. Sassy is bea I love this blog die


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