SCORCHED Episode 9

 Hope y'all are good today? John Juliet dear, i hope you're okay? Back to the story..


I was literally shaking standing there behind Blake with my hands raised high above my head. But Blake on the other hand doesn't look afraid or bothered.

This man before of us is holding a gun for pete's sake and he's crazy too!! So why isn't Blake afraid? I'm worried for him and the both us right now..

"Tom I'm begging you, please drop the gun. Let's talk, i'm sure we can sort this out amicably. No one has to get hurt here..!" Blake pleaded

But the crazy Tom was having too much fun, cos he laughed again said..

"No Blake! The gun stays here, but i agree with you. No one has to get hurt here, tonight. Just hand her over and we'll go in peace..!"

"I'm sorry Tom, but that is one thing i cannot do. Okay let's make a deal, we'll all agree to forget everything that happened here tonight, if you'll just go and promise not to come after Emily again..!"

"Ummm Blake are you okay? He's the one holding the gun remember?" I muttered to him

"Shhh i know what i'm doing!" He hushed me

"Hey no talking betweeen you two here.." Tom roared angrily at us. 

"Blake you're funny...really. You make me laugh, i'm the one holding the gun here, so you don't get to propose any form of deal to me! Understood?"

We both nodded..

"Good. Now Emily i'm gonna count up to three and if you're not here beside me by then, I'm shooting your boyfriend here in the heart!"

He started counting immediately and i moved to walk over to him but Blake held me back on my arm. He was shaking his head at me, his eyes serious and dangerous,

I turned teary eyes at him to plead with him to let me go, but he wouldn't do it, then i heard a gunshot and i saw Blake, my handsome, sweet Blake begin to fall down. I screamed and held him as we both fell.

I heard another gunshot, i thought maybe the crazy fool had shot me too but when i looked up, i saw Tom's gun fall from his hand to the ground as he too fell and there was blood dripping from his shirt, behind him is a police man standing with a smoking gun.

I turned back to my baby on the floor, the tears was flowing as i kept calling him to get up, to open his eyes. But he didn't bulge. I didn't care that there were many people standing all around us but i bent and kissed him softly and called him again.

"Blake please get up, please don't die, don't leave me baby please. I love you, I love you Blake, please come back to me!!"

I watched him slowly open his eyes and smiled a weak smile as he said. "You're so beautiful!" And closed his eyes again. 

I screamed and someone pulled me up, it was Stephan and Mike. Amber came towards me with tears in her eyes too and hugged me, her mom and dad rushed out to see what's happening. 

They looked at him lying down there in the pool of his own blood on the ground and looked at me too. With pain and anguish in their eyes, i fell down before them crying..

"I'm so sorry, please forgive me. It's all my fault, i brought that devil here, please i'm sorry.."

Amber came and pulled me up again.. "Emily it's okay, Blake is not dead! See...the paramedics are here!" She said pointing to them.

I looked down and saw it's true, i watched and waited as they continued checking Blake. Then one came towards us and said..

"He sustained a grave wound on his stomach from where the bullet hit him, but the good news is that the bullet went through. It's a clean wound, so we'll need to perform an immediate surgery on him to get the bullet out. He'll be fine!"

Everyone of us breathed a sigh of relief, they wheeled him away into the van. They asked who'll be going with him in the van to the hospital and they all looked at me, i entered the van and held his hand as we left.


One hour later, we were all sitting, waiting for the doctors to come out. They had given me Blake's jacket to wear over my dress as it's stained with Blake's blood.

I couldn't look her parents in the eye, the guilt is killing me. I was trying to drink a cup of coffee when the doctors came out. We all jumped up to hear what they have to say...

"So doctor, what's the news?" His mom asked first.

"Ma'am he'll be fine, the surgery was successfully. He's heavily sedated now but he'll be okay when he wakes up...!"

"Oh thank God! Can we see him now please?" She asked

"Umm actually you can't see him now, until tomorrow. The only person that can see him is Emily and that's because he kept calling her and asking for her all through surgery. So she can stay with him tonight till tomorrow. Goodnight all.." he said and left.

All eyes turned on me..."Please ma, you can go and see him. I can see him tomorrow!" I said

"It's okay Emily, you can go in. We all want him to be comfortable, so if you're the one he wants now, then so shall he be..!" She said and they all nodded

"Just tell him if he wakes up that we all love him..!" I nodded and walked away. I washed up a bit and walked into his room.

He was sleeping when i got in, but his breath is steady and his temperature is fine. So i sat down on the chair beside him and waited...

I must have slept off cos i heard someone calling and when i opened my eyes, i saw its Blake calling me, pointing to the glass of water on the table. I rushed over to his side and gave him some, he drank small and laid back down again.

I dropped the glass and stood there, looking at him. He managed a small smile and i smiled back, i don't know what happened but i started crying again. He lifted his shaking hand and wiped away my tears and whispered..

"Shhh it's okay baby, stop crying okay. I'm okay"

I nodded and smiled a shaky smile... "Im just so happy you're okay. I was so afraid to lose you!"

"But of course i'm okay, nothing's gonna happen to me. I'm not going anywhere for a long time.."

"Okay, your family asked me to tell you they all love you..!"

"Thank you baby.."

"You're welcome. Now sleep, so you'll get better soon. Okay?"

"You'll be here when i wake up right?" He asked

"Yes I'm here, i'm not going anywhere either.." i said staring lovingly into his eyes.

"Gud.." he smiled weakly and slept off

I kissed him lightly on his forehead and tiptoed out to the reception to tell his family that he's okay. They smiled their gratitude and left to go home and rest.

The next day, many people came to visit...important people in the state. They brought flowers and cards and among them was Elsie Ford, Tom Ford's wife.

She was looking so sad and unsure if she'll be welcomed or not. But Blake beckoned her to come in and she dropped her flowers on the table and sat down.

"Blake i don't know how else to say this, just know i'm sorry for all the pains my husband has caused you.."

"Elise it's not your fault, no need to apologize on his behalf..!"

I looked at him and i saw what a compassionate, nice and warm human being he is, little wonder i'm so in love with him.

They talked for a while and she told us Tom was bruised by the bullet at the thigh but he's ok and at the jail, awaiting trial. I especially breathed a sigh of relief at that particular news. She left and more people came.


One week later and we are on our way home, Blake had insisted on getting discharged cos he's so tired of everyone fawning over him him like a child. He even managed to get up and sit on the bed on his own once, just to prove a point. Although that little stress hurt him, but he didn't care, i really admire his courage.

The doctors gave us instructions on what he's to be eating for a while and how he's to be taking his drugs. He was wheeled straight to his room to go rest and have dinner to take his drugs cos it's late. And i managed to slip out to my room to take a shower.

It's my first good and real shower in a week and i absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. I was brushing out my tangled hair when Amber knowcked and came inside my room, she sat on the bed and said hi..

"Hey, what's up?" I asked her

"I'm cool. Just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being such a good friend and girlfriend. I don't know what we would've done with Blake is you hadn't been to take care of him in this trying time. So thank you..!"

"Amber!! There's no need for all of that, if i hadn't been here, maybe he wouldn't have been shot in the first place...who knows? But i'm just glad we're over that phase and he's getting better by the day..!"

She got up and hugged me.. "Well i wouldn't like to keep you a moment longer, he's asking for you...again..!" She said and left with a wink.

I walked over to his room and knocked, he asked me in and i opened the door and walked it. This is my first time of being here and i looked around to see it, it was nice, sophisticated and manly! He beckoned me over to the bed..

I walked over to the bed and sat on the bed beside him, he touched my face lovingly and asked me to get in.

"What?" I asked...

"I said get in. Come here!" He stretched his arms forward

I shifted the covers and slid in beside him. He raised my face towards his immediately and mouth in his and kissed me. I moaned softly and kissed him, oh it's been so long. I missed this..

"I've missed you so much! I've missed being close to you like this, kissing you and making love to you..!" He said while staring deep into my eyes.

"Me too, i've missed you so much. But well have to wait till you get better..!"

"Ummm No, i disagree with that. I've been protesting to be discharged cos of you, i would've ran mad if i had slept in that hospital bed one more day without you beside me!"

I blushed at his words.. "So what are you saying?" I asked

"I'm saying that now that we're home, i'm not waiting one more minute, we're gonna make love tonight. One way or another!!"

"Umm baby, you're not serious! What about your wound?" I exclaimed

"I am very serious!" He said and took my hand and led it down his tummy to his already hard dick and let me touch him. He said...

"See that? That's what you've been doing to me! Come on squeeze it, touch me..!"

I squeezed him hard and i heard his breath catch and i felt wetness between my legs.

"But baby, how are we gonna do this, without hurting you or reopening your wound?" I asked worried for him.

He smiled a charming smile then... "Oh stop being so modest! It's simple, you're gonna do all the work tonight while i lie back and enjoy every minute  of it. Let's just call it your revenge for the other night i punished you!" He teased

And i blushed and blushed and blushed! He took me by the waist and hoisted me up, and i straddled him carefully and smoothly so as not hurt him. He removed my tee and my bra and pushed my head down for a kiss and whispered...

"Let's begin work!"

And we did...All night long!!!

To Be Continued??
Next Episode coming tomorrow! Thank you


  1. ...and they lived happily ever after....

    1. Belinda what's that? Why evils na? It's like you hate happy endings abii
      Mind yaself oo lol

  2. Love nwa ntiti.
    SaSSy thanks for the episode

    1. Lol @love nwantiti
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  3. Thanks momma. Can't wait for d rest

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  6. Will post tomorrow! Been so busy today to complete the story, so I'll complete tonight and edit tomorrow. Thank you and goodnight

  7. Just dey kill me with suspense

  8. Hmmmmm sweet, can't wait for d next.

  9. And they did it all night. That was so sweet. #bushhinseriously#

  10. Hello sassy yea am good my phone got spoilt I just fixed it

  11. Hello sassy yea am good my phone got spoilt I just fixed it


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