To Love A Duke Chapter 3

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 Elena got up from the bed... "Enough of these foolish thoughts..!" She scolded herself. 

She took her bath, wore her blue daylight muslin gown, wore her shoe and braided her hair. She heades downstairs for breakfast, her sisters were already awake and eating when she got there and she joined them..

"Morning sister.." Mirabelle called out with a cheerful smile. 

"Morning to you too Mir.." Elena replied with a cheerful smile of her own..

"Where have you been?" Annabelle asked..

"I went riding, i needed to clear my head..!"

Mirabelle gave her a shocked look and Elena rolled her eyes at her...

"Elena!! How many times do we have to go over this? I told you it's not safe, for your virtue and your safety..!" Mirabelle scolded her 

"I know, i know, i know!! I'm sorry, i regret doing it.." she replied looking downcast 

Anna and Mir exchanged a look, they looked back at their sister's face and they asked..

"Elena, what's wrong? Did something happen today..!"

"Hmmm, something bad would've happened if Lord Blackwell hadn't showed up when he did..!"

"Damon? What does he have to do with this? What exactly happened out there?" Anna asked, her eyes almost popping out of her head

"I was riding and thinking about this whole betrothed thing, unbeknownst to me, that vile bastard Lord Grant was following me all along and i wasn't aware of it.."

Mirabelle gasped out loud, she dropped her fork and got up. She came around to Elena's side of the table to hold her hand, she squeezed her hand and a single tear rolled down Elena's face..

"What happened Elena? What did that man do to you?" Mirabelle asked again and her eyes was wet with unshed tears.

"He asked to keep me company and when i refused, his eyes turned as hard as stones, he looked at me like i was dirt and asked how a daughter of a commoner like me would dare reject his offer..!"

"What? That fool..!" Anna cursed, rage in her eyes.

Elena looked at her with teary eyes and continued... "He came after me with rage in his eyes, he wanted to grab me and i dodged him. As i was about to break into a run with my horse, i heard a voice and it was Lord Blackwells'... I was so relieved and happy to see him, i forgot i hated him..!"

Annabelle actually had the gut to laugh. Mirabelle gave her a sharp look and she tried to keep a straight face..

"I'm sorry, i just imagined Lord Grants' face when he saw Damon..!" Annabelle said

"Oh well, he was quite shocked to see my lord, but he dared to ask Lord Blackwell what he's doing here in Birmingham and what's his business with him and I..!"

"And?" Anna urged her on.. 

"Well Lord Blackwell put him in his place, told him I'm his betrothed, Warned him never to come close to me again and asked him to apologize to me..!"

"He apologized, ran off and Lord Blackwell accompanied me home.. "

" Oh Elena! The  scandal!! I just hope no one saw you two alone.."

"Relax Mir, no one saw us. Stop fretting already..!"

Mirabelle breathed a visible sigh of relief and Elena gave her a shaky smile. 

"Thank heavens for Damon, I shudder to imagine what that man could've done to you out there..all alone!"

"Me too Mir, I'm glad you're safe sister, even though we don't agree on many things. I'm really glad you're fine.."

Elena managed a smile.. "I love you too!" 

They resumed back to eating and when they were done, they all went to the parlor to sit and talk. Then Anna asked Elena a startling question.. 

"Come to think of it, I noticed you looked a little flushed when you came to the dinning room. So tell us, what happened on the ride back home with Damon..!"

Anna had a mischievous look in her eyes and a sly smile,  Elena  flushed again and looked away from Anna's penetrating gaze before she replied. 

"Uhh w-what do you mean? nothing happened, nothing at all..!"

"Oh poof Elena.. Now I know you're lying. C'mon tell us what happened, we promise not to tell..!" She teased

"Fine, well nothing happened.. At first! He was so mad at me, he ignored me half of the way home. I said I'm sorry for  putting myself in such danger and he turned back and we came home..!"

"You apologized? Elena you? As I live and breathe!!" Anna exclaimed 

"I realize what I did was foolish, so yes I apologized.. "

"That's a really good thing you did Elena.." Mirabelle said

"Whatever" Anna said rolling her eyes. "So is that all that happened?"

"Well he kissed me at the  stables.."  Elena blurted out, her face pink. 

"What?" Mirabelle screamed at her, looking utterly mortified 

Anna gasped loudly.. "Really? Wow... now tell us everything, how was it? Was he good? Did you kiss him back? Did you like it? C'mon tell us.."

"It was good.. i guess!" 

"Good! Really Elena!! Amongst the three of us, you're the only one that has ever been kissed. It's your first kiss and we just want to know how it was..!" Mir encouraged her 

Elena sighed and gave them a shaky smile... "I wasn't really expecting it, he teased me about being childish again and i threatened to slap him..!" She laughed at the shocked look on het sister's faces

And continued... "He dared me to try and when i raised my hand, he suddenly grabbed me and put my hands behind me. The next thing i knew he was kissing me and i-i really don't know how else to put it, other than  i couldn't stop him. I didn't want to stop him, so i kissed him back and it was great, really great. I liked kissing him..!"

Mir and Anna gasped out loudly again and she blushed pink. 

"D-don't say it okay, that i enjoyed his kiss doesn't mean i like him or that i want to marry him. It was just a moment and it's over, now it's time to face the reality..!"

"Elena! Can't you just try to give him a chance, to get to know him first. You might get to like him more you know.!" Mir tried to cajole her

"No Mir, i won't! And enough of this nonsense talk. Let's talk of something else..!"

Anna and Mir exchanged a worried look for her again and shrugged their shoulders helplessly. 

A knock came on the palor door and it was the James, the butler. He came to announce that the Duke has arrived and waiting for her at the waiting room..

"Thank you, James! I'll be there soon..!" Elena dismissed him

"Yes my lady..!" He curtsied and left

"Elena what's the Duke doing here again today..?" Mir asked

"He promised to come calling on me and you Mirabelle, you are going to be our chaperone today..!"

"I'm sorry Elena, i can't. I already have an appointment with my friends. We all are getting together for some tea today, Anna can go with you both!"

Anna gave Elena a witty smile, like she was challenging her to refuse. Elena dreaded this arrangement, she knew Anna can be such a flirt and a seductress, and she also likes Lord Blackwell. How she wishes she can say No but she can't, so she nodded

"Okay then, let's go see the Duke..!" 

Anna squealed like a cat and literally jumped up from her chair, she couldn't contain her excitement and Elena just rolled her eyes at her and left while they both followed. 

"Good day my lord..!" They all said and curtsied at the same time.

"Good day ladies..!" He bowed with a contagious smile

"How are you all doing..!" He asked looking pointedly at Elena 

"We are all doing great, your Grace..!"

It hasn't been up to five hours since Damon last saw Elena, but just looking at her right now. It seemed like forever and he just wants to take her in his arms once again and kiss her senseless. That's how much she affected him, he doesn't understand this feeling and he doesn't know if he likes it.

One thing he knows for sure. Is that he can't wait for their wedding night, so he can finally make her his. He wants her in a way that he has never wanted any woman before, he wants to protect her from any harm and he couldn't imagine another man touching her. 

Which is why he had been so mad when he saw the the look in that coward eyes when he tried to grab Elena. He had wanted to punch him in the face but as a Lord, he is expected to be a gentleman at all time which is why he had tried to control his anger. He never want to ses that terrified look on Elena's face ever again... 

"My lady, i would like to take you out on a ride. If you don't mind, it's a beautiful day and it's an opportunity for us to try and get to know each other before our wedding..!"

"I'd like that my Lord, Anna here is going to be our chaperone today.." She stressed the word chaperone, so be wouldn't get any funny ideas in his head.

He caught her meaning and arched a perfect brow at her.. "Good, let's go then..!"

They both grabbed their bonnets, said their good byes to Mir and joined the duke in his very beautiful and comfortable carriage. She and Anna sat on the same side while the duke sat directly opposite Elena. Once they had settled in, the driver set off and they went to the park.

"So my lord, Elena told us all that happened this morning with that vile man and how you came to her rescue, i just wanted to say thank you. You're a good man!" Anna said 

"Oh thank you my lady, it was my pleasure. I'm just glad i camw there on time!"

All through the ride to the park, Elena was ssilent. Anna was busy chatting away with the Duke and she took that opportunity to look at him, really look at him. He was way too handsome for his own good, he was wearing a grey coat and a tight black pants and black shinning boots today. 

He had dark locks for hair, rich and full and was comed to the side, he had beautiful green eyes, the darkest green she's ever seen and his mouth was pink and carved perfectly. Looking at his lips reminded her of the kiss in the stables, she shivered just thinking about the kiss and looked up his face to find him staring back at her, a mischievous smile on his face.

"Goodness gracious!  He had caught me looking!" Elena berated herself silently, as she quickly averted her gaze back to the window.

He laughed and continued talking with Anna. The driver stopped when they got to the park and they all got down to stretch their legs. There were many people in the park and among them was Damon's good friend, Lord Adam Blackburn. 

Lord Blackwell and Lord Blackburn laughed heartily and hugged each other like old friends, which they were. This is Elena's first time of seeing the duke laugh and lord was he handsome? His laugh was infectious, it changed his whole appearance and Elena was enthralled. 

He turned around to introduce them.. "My lady,  this is Lord Adam Blackburn, the Count of Blackburn, my very good friend right from childhood. And my friend, this is my lady, Miss Elena Clarks, my betrothed and her sister, Miss Annabelle Clarks.."

Elena smiled pleasantly as she curtsied.. "How do you do, my lord.!"

He smiled back and bowed.. "How do you do..!"

Anna has seen many handsome men in her life but none like this man Adam. He has golden locks for hair, deep blue eyes, tall like the duke and a captivating smile.. She couldn't stop looking and neither could he.

Adam had equally seen and been intimate with quite a lot of women in his life, young, older, harlots, ladies of the ton.. name it! He knows he's an exceptionally handsome young lord, many women had testified to that and he knows he can get any woman he wants, anytime he wants. 

But this little chit of a girl right in front of me just accomplished what no other woman had been able to accomplish. She made his heart quicken in excitement, she is just too beautiful and he couldn't stop staring at her.

Damon cleared his throat loudly making Adam to look up and smile nervously at him. He cleared his throat and bowed to her..

"My pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Clark!"

She gave him her most charming smile and she curtsied too and said.. "Mine as well, my Lord!"

Lord Blackburn reverted his gaze back to Damon's face and gave him a smirk. "So dear friend, this gossip i heard this.morning is true, you are betrothed! And to a commoner! No offence my lord..!"

"None taken. As you can see, the rumor is quite true..!"

"I was shocked on hearing the news and couldn't believe it myself. But seeing her right now, I understand why you wouldn't want to let her go..!"

Elena blushed pink and averted her gaze to the ground. The duke laughed too and warned his friend..

"Mind your words Adam, you're making my lady shy..!" He teased

"Pardon my stupidity my lady.." Adam apologized

'Tis okay my lord.." Elena muttered 

The duke took her hands in his and led her away from them. Anna and Adam had no choice but to follow them but they kept their distance..

"So my lady, how are you feeling..!"

"I'm fine my lord.. thank you..!"

They heard a seductive laugh and they turned back to see Adam and Anna laughing and looking into each other's eyes like they've known each other longer than two minutes ago.

"Hmmm i wonder what he's saying to her..!" Elena muttered looking worried.

"He's probably telling her everything she desires to hear as a woman, did you see that look between those two?"

"Yes i did. It was too obvious and intense.."

"Really intense, i see those two getting hitched..!"

Elena turned her head sharply to look at him.. "My lord, how can you say that? She's only 18 and your friend doesn't look like he's ready to get hitched anytime soon..! I really hope he won't try to seduce my sister and ruin her, because God help me, i will kill him myself..!" She vowed

"My lady calm down, she's old enough to get married and you should know that love works in a mysterious way. You never know what might happen and Adam will never do any of those things, use her and ruin her! He wouldn't dare, so stop fretting..!"

Before they realised what was happening, they had already walked far away from Adam and Anna and everyone else. They were in a secluded part of the park, it wasp quiet anf peaceful here, the birds were chirping and there were trees all around them. 

Elena starting thinking about that kiss again and for the life of her, she couldn't figure out where that thought popped out from. She flushed when she saw the duke looking at her and she looked away.

He stopped and turned to face her... "What are you thinking my lady..!"

"Umm nothing of import, my Lord!"

He gave her a smirk and looked away and she asked him..

"And what are you thinking, my lord!" 

"You wouldn't want to know, my lady!"

"Why?" She persisted 

"Because it's quite scandalous and dirty..!"

"Oh okay..!" She didn't know what to say after that..

"Do you want me to show you, my lady..?"


"Why? Are you afraid you might like it too!"

"Well that's preposterous, my lord. W-why would i be afraid of you..?"

He smiled at her and before she could say a word again, he grabbed her arm and slammed his lips on hers. She moaned with pleasure and kissed him back, she held his neck as the kissed. Touching his hair and finally holding him tightly on his back.

He kissed her neck, bit her softly on her ear and licked her neck. She shivered and grabbed his neck to pull up his face for another kiss. He grabbed her waist and pulled closely to him and grinded his waist to hers, he swallowed her mouth. She pulled her mouth away from his..

"M-my Lord, please you have to stop. Someone might see us."

He raised up his head to look into her eyes, they were both breathing hard and it made him smile..

"What?" She asked.

"Would it be so bad getting married to me? Can't you just try?" He asked while still looking into her eyes and she looked away..

"Okay let's make a truce..!"

"Okay.." she nodded with interest

"We are both in this together, let's both agree to give this marriage our best to see if it'll work out between us alright? Let's just try..!"

"Alright! But on one condition..!"

"Which is?" 

"You won't force me to do anything i don't wish or desire to do..!"

"Like what?" He asked with interest

"Like... performing my wifely duties to you..!"

"Ha, do you despise me that much?" He asked incredulously

"I don't despise you, i just don't like doing things that are against my wish. Like this marriage..!"

That hurt but he didn't give himself the chance to dwell on it, so he asked.. "So how are you going to give me heirs?" 

"I I don't know for now, maybe i'll be able to perform my duties when i've had enough time to get to know you better..!"

"I'm a man and i have some certain needs, what I'm i supposed to do about my needs till then..!"

She blushed at his meaning.. "You can take a mistress, if you want!"

"Really? I can?"

"Yes, you can if you want to!"

"Alright my lady, then we have a deal..!" He said with an angry glint in his eyes..

He took her hand and turned back to the direction they came from, they didn't talk on the way back cos they were both occupied with their thoughts...

To Be Continued..

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  10. The new cover is much cooler and romantic


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