TO LOVE A DUKE Chapter 4

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They said there goodbyes to Lord Blackburn and got into the carriage to leave, Anna was hesitant to go but she knew she had no choice.

Adam was looking at her with such an intense gaze that made even to shiver, he promised to call on her the following day and she beamed like a little girl that just won a big prize. 

Lord Blackwell and Elena were both so quiet on the ride home that Anna became uncomfortable with the silence, she kept looking from one person to the other but none looked at her or even acknowledged that she was there with them.

She knew something was wrong and she can't wait to find out what it is! In the meantime she looked out the window, thinking of what a handsome man Lord Blackburn is, she's never felt such spark for anyone before except Adam. And at that moment, she knew he was special!

Elena was looking at the duke from the corner of her eye, wondering why he's so silent! Usually he and Anna would be chatting and laughing by now, but he didn't even seem like he noticed they were there. 

She looked out the window thinking about what had happened between them at the park, the kiss, the truce and her conditions! 

Had she done the right thing? Telling her husband-to-be to get himself a mistress! Is that even wise at all Elena? I wish my mother was alive to advise me on what to do...

Damon Blackwell has never been so mad in his life! How can someone so beautiful and smart turn out to be so stupid and stubborn at the same damn time!  How? And to think he's beginning to see a future, a bright, happy future between them! 

This minute she's kissing him widely, the next she's asking him to get a mistress! Damn if he'll ever understand the female mind! Who asks her betrothed to take a mistress if not that she truly despises that man! So she wants to play this game huh? Then so shall it be...

He can't even look at her right now, he just wants to be on his own to sulk, drink a lot of brandy and sleep! Luckily the carriage stopped, signaling that they've reached their house. He breathed a sigh of relief, got down and waited for the ladies to come down. Once they were down, he escorted them to the front door and gave them a perfect bow..

"It's been a lovely day with you ladies. Will take my leave now..!"

"T-thank you my lord, it was a lovely day for me too..!" Elena curtsied and she offered him her hand, he kissed her lightly and she shivered at the spark she felt then.

"It was a lovely day for me too my Lord, thank you and goodnight..!" Anna said cheerfully 

He managed to give her a smile and turned to Elena with serious eyes.. "May i call on you again, my lady?"

"Yes my lord, you may.." Elena replied not looking at him in the face, she was just feeling too guilty. But why?

He turned his back and climbed the stairs down to his carriage. He sat looking at her through the window, how beautiful she is!! He thought to himself..

He was in his study drinking himself to stupor when his butler Henry knocked and came in to inform him that his friend, the Count of Blackburn is here to see him. He was ushered in and he came in looking at the duke skeptically. He poured himself a glass of the fine, rich brandy and sat down on the opposite chair.

"Now what's the problem Damon!!" Adam asked him

"Nothing is wrong, other than the fact that i'm about to get married to a woman that despises me so much, she can't bare to sleep with me..!" 

He exploded as he jumped up from his chair, took his glass full of brandy and poured the entire content down his throat. It burned but he didn't care, next he smashed the glass inside the burning flame of the fireplace. 

Adam jerked back at the explosion he heard...

"What exactly is wrong with you Damon?" Adam shouted at him

He turned around with fire blazing n his eyes and gave his friend a sarcastic laugh that didn't quite reach his eyes..

"My betrothed, my beautiful, smart, stubborn wife to be just told me that i can take a mistress, if i so wish!"

Adam gave him a look that said "unbelievable" but when Damon nodded at him, he sat back down. Momentarily speechless and confused..

"What brought that on?" Adam asked

"I kissed her and she kissed me back, then i told her that i want us to make a truce. To give this marriage of ours a chance to see if it'll work out..!"

"Okay, that's a good one from you. So what did she say?"

"She said she'll only agree on one condition, that i should not force her to perform her "wifely" duties. I asked for how long till i get my heirs and she said she doesn't know, that i can take a mistress to ease my sexual urge until she can get used to me and my body..!"

"Well i'll be damned! I'll be mad if i were you! So what is your plan? You always have a plan, what do you plan to do about this whole thing?"

"I'm going to do exactly as she asked.. I'm going to get myself a lover, a woman who can appreciate me the way i am. That's her wish and so shall it be..!"

"You cannot mean that Damon! You're joking right?"

But Damon turned towards Adam with serious eyes as he said..

"You bet your inheritance i am serious! If Elena wants me, then she has to work and fight hard to get me. I'm done playing around with her..!" He vowed with a hard glint in his eyes..

"Uh oh, Damon i know that look, whatever you're planning, please stop it right now! I beg of you..!"

He actually laughed for real this time... "Oh dear friend, you know me too well, I have a plan alright and you know what? Just thinking about it all right now, i believe i might enjoy playing this game with her. Yes i believe i will..!"

"Okay... So tell me, what's the plan?"

"Oh it's quite simple. Elena likes me, she just doesn't realize it yet and i'm going to help her! It's very simple really..."

"I'm going to make her fall so deeply in Love with me, she won't remember her own name when i'm done with her. Oh yes Adam, i believe i'm going to enjoy this haha ..!"

And at that moment, Adam felt really sorry for dear Elena cos she's in for it. She hurt his pride and for that she has to pay, Damon hates it when he opens up to someone and they hurt him. "Oh Elena, you're in for it now!"


Elena woke up and sat on her bed thinking, it's been two weeks now since the drive to the park and she hasn't set eyes on Lord Blackwell. Not like she really cares, she managed to convince herself. Just that it's their engagement ball tonight and he's supposed to be here, helping out with all the preparations.

He had only sent a note to her a week ago saying...

     "Hello my lady, i'm sorry i haven't been to call on you for so long now, just been busy with business and personal, private matters too. See you at the ball my lady. Yours Lord Blackwell.."

Annabelle had snatched the road to read it and had passed it over to Mirabelle.

"Hmmm i wonder what those personal, private business is about? Perhaps my lord has found himself a mistress already?" Annabelle said, mocking her..

Mirabelle had gasped out loud.. "Anna don't you talk to your sister n that manner..!"

"Why shouldn't I? She brought this on herself with her "oh holy, i'm an independent woman' attitude. The man clearly adored her till she spit out those vile words, now she has to live with the result...!"

With that she turned and walked out of the drawing room and went to her room to take a nap. Elena had been so hurt by her words, she ran out to her room to cry! "She's right, i have to live with the result of my words and actions..!"

Now here she is thinking about him again, wondering where he is and what he's doing now. Just thinking about seeing him tonight, is enough reason to make her smile. Could it be I miss him? Could it be why i feel this joy in my heart? Could it be?

Her ladymaid Ruth came in with her bathwater and laid out her lavender muslin day gown for her. Ruth braided her hair up loosely when she was done bathing and dressing up. She went downstairs to meet her sisters for breaskfast..

"Morning Elena, hope you slept well?" Mirabelle inquired..

"Morning Mir and you too Anna, i slept well quite well. Thank you..!

They resumed their eating and once they were done, they went into the drawing room to talk and sew. It was the only place they could sit as the servants are all busy cleaning and arranging things for the ball. Mirabelle went to help and soon the butler came..

He was bearing a gift on his hand, Elena collected it and she read the note inside..

   "For you my lady, hope it all fits..!"

Anna screamed and tore the gift open, and inside it was the most beautiful tailored gown she has ever seen. It was the deepest red in colour, low decolletage, little emaralds and ruby were sewed into the beautuful material making it sparkle. Matching shoe and a box that contains A lovely set of diamond ring, necklace too.!

Elena actually squealed with delight, she rushed up to her room with everything and lay down on the bed for a minute and day dreaming.

Two hours later, their grandmother came, she'll be their chaperone from now on to every event, ball, picnic, name them..

They rushed to hug their grandma and usher her inside.

"Well, well, well, aren't you all a sight for sore eyes?" She asked them, smiling.

"We missed you grandma!" They all chorused together

They all sat and Anna told their grandma everything that has happened here and all she could say is....

"When I'm i going to meet this gentleman?"

"Tonight grandma, tonight you'll see him. I can't wait..!" Anna chipped in, and laughing while at it.

"Me too grandma, me too!"

Elena said with a beautiful smile on her face! Yes, it's true. She has missed him quite a lot!!

To Be Continued..
I'm sorry if it's shorter than the others, i just wanted to post the one i could be able to type tonight. Next one will be longer than this one okay.. Thank you

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  1. Luv is a beautiful thing, but women r seriously complicated at times. U found luv n ur giving unrealistic conditions.

  2. Elena should tk out the conditions before she gets hurt... Cos this game wnt end well.
    Well done sassy!!

  3. Men and women are both complicated

  4. Hmmm I sense trouble coming! I love the Duke mehn..
    Elena is just annoying me here


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