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So while we're we're waiting for the next fiction story, there's a real life story I would like to share with you guys and as usual your contributions and comments are needed... 

So here goes.. 

"My dear I have never been good at making friends, I have heard many stories about women hating on each other, deceiving each other and betrayals. So I have opted to stay on my own but it gets lonely sometimes. Now two years ago, hubby introduced me to his friend's wife and we kind of clicked at the first meeting. She's beautiful and sexy (so I thought) and she acted like she liked me too. We keep in touch every now and then and see sometimes and she was one person I thought I could call a friend. Until two months ago when I snooped on my hubby's phone and saw this woman has been chating, sexting and fucking my husband for all these years and I never suspected. I'm broken each time I remember this, I decided never to confront her about this, not because I'm a coward but because I believe I have no issue with her. I confronted hubby and as all men do, he apologized and swore never to have anything to do with her again(who knows). He has been trying for to change but I still haven't haven't been able to forgive both of them or even forget. I keep asking myself,  how they could be doing this behind my back and in my face pretending to love me? I feel disgusted when I imagine them together.  I get to see her on week days cos my kids and hers go to the same school, I froze her out and she's been in a  confused state ever since then, I can see the look in her eyes. I feel this rage when I see her, I feel hurt and I feel like lashing out at her but I don't cos I want to be the bigger person here. Please help me get through this, how do I get over this anger? How do I forgive? Is it even possible to forgive? I'm hurt and I need help. Thank you... "

Hmmm I  really feel her pain and I honestly don't know the answer to these questions. If you have dealt with such betrayal before, please help this woman get over hers! God bless you all and thank you as you contribute. Gracias


My Fellow Women Let's Be Wise And Shine Our Eyes ooh.. Predators Everywhere! Tufiakwa to that woman, and she's married oo. I'm pissed mehn.. 


  1. Ouuch I understand how it hurts
    That's why I keep my female friends at an arms length.
    Dear I loved how you have been handling this iSsue, you are a strong woman.

    1. Yes Vivian, she's really strong. I admire that.. Thanks dear

  2. See what women go 2ru, n if the case was reversed yo hubby wudv sent u packing. The lady claims 2 b yo friend abi, so as a friend jst do a friendly confrontation and see the reaction.... anyway yo hubby might stop committing adultery with her but he might start with another woman, he don atart he don start and won't stop until drastic measures are taken!!!!
    *my 20c.

    1. *Smh* my dear, some men are something else. This woman is beautiful and everything good, why would he cheat on her? It's such a pity..
      Thank you

  3. Chai women dey suffer!! Evil friend! God punish her there.. My dear i admire your strength and courage! Don't confront her, keep doing what you're doing to her. Pray over it, i'm sure with time you'll get over the anger! Pele

  4. May God grant you grace to forgive her

  5. I can perfectly relate with what she is going through. My hubby's old classmate who happens to be a friend of mine also cheated with my hubby. I didn't confront her when I found out. I confronted my hubby and after he apologized I told him the only way peace can reign is for him to call the woman in my presence and tell her it is over btwn them otherwise I will go straight to the woman's husband with the text message and nude she sent to my hubby and I really meant it. He did call her and told her I know everything and that he is ashamed of himselF and will not want to see her again. The next month she packed out of our neighborhood in shame.

  6. Married men prefer cheating with married women. So,if you see any married woman close to your hubby,pls do something FAST.

  7. Lool Sassy is just telling a story, it didn't happen to her. Please oh I cover my darling's home with the blood of Jesus.
    Honestly, this is why I don't encourage snooping, sometimes, ignorance is bliss.


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