What Would You Do If...(2)

Hi sweeties;

I have another real life story to tell you guys and I really hope we all learn a thing or two from this story.

This happened to a dear friend and she's the saddest mother now, I'm going to cut through the whole story cos imagining everything she told me, it drives me crazy!! Here goes..

  "I am currently at a loss at what to do now, the next step to take now. I'm a mother of two kids; a boy and a girl. I work so my husband's nephew lives with us, he's 16 and we have a nanny too, but she doesn't live with us. I have always seen him as a good boy, so i never suspected anything. I came home from work one day and whilst bathing my 5yr old daughter, i noticed her private was paining her, so i asked her and she said her uncle ****** put something inside her weeweee. We went for tests and it was confirmed there had been penetration. My world crashed all around me, we locked the idiot up but later released him and sent him packing. Because he's family, everything was done in hush hush, now i can't help blaming myself. If i hadn't been working, maybe this wouldn't have happened! If we hadn't trusted that boy, maybe it wouldn't have happened? How do i tell my daughter she's no longer a virgin when she grows up? How do i ever forgive that boy..? How do i stop hating him for doing this to my child..? Is it even possible to forgive or forget..?"

Hmmm it's so sad really!! How do one ever forgive something like this? I really hope this won't affect this child in any way...  I really do!

Which reminds me of something else.. I was at the salon last month, two beautiful little sisters were there to weave their hair. Their mom dropped them and went home to do some housework(what i was told by the hairdresser oo). 

So one not too clean, dirty moustache looking guy like that appeared and called one of the girl's name. She jumped up and went to hug him, they said he's their church member. He took the little girl in his arms, was singing and dancing with her and touching her all over too. 

It's a crazy world we live in now and No One can be trusted again. I was so uncomfortable with that scene, i almost shouted at him to leave that child alone. I mean she's not your relative, stop that yeye play abeg!! I was wondering if her mom was there, would she have allowed that dirty stranger to be touching and playing with her child like that?

As for me i won't oo, I don't trust you. It's as simple as that! Call me a shrew or whatever, i don't care! You never know the perverted thoughts that might be running through that man's mind and you wouldn't know what he's capable of doing if he's alone with that child!

Mothers it's our duty to protect our children, we owe them that! Call me whatever, all i know is. The heart of man is wicked and evil! Let's all be careful whom we trust and allow close to our children! 

Sassy Mum
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  1. Ooh my God!! Wtf??
    I don't even know what to say cos i wouldn't know what i would do if i'm ever in that kind ofa situation. Evil child he is! The mother should just take heart.. It's well

    Sassy i support you on the other story, i'll never let any motherfucker i don't know near my kids. God forbid bad thing

  2. My dear, this is very sad indeed. He goat and animals in form of men parading themselves looking for children to Defile. What a disgrace and shame. That nephew should be exposed to every relation concerned instead of doing a hush hush, because he might go and Defile another cousin. Incest and abomination. What a curse upon him, God forbid bad things. He even needs Deliverance. How can he even imagine sleeping with his cousin let alone a little girl for that matter. That guy is evil and should be excommunicated by all relatives. Ajo ife.


    1. My dear evil children everywhere now. None are too be trusted again oo. But as for not doing it hush hush, remember this is Naija and how it has always been. Exposing him means tarnishing that child's image and future forever. She'll always be referred as the one that was raped as a baby! I hate it but it is what it is..
      Thanks for being here..

  3. I'm tempted to say...I'd kill...but um a Christian. So I'll report the case to the police n make sure the idiot rot in jail.

  4. Yo story: I dnt like it when men over touching female kids like tht, stranger or nt I jst dnt like it.

    1. I hate it with passion too my dear, some mothers are really trying oo hmmm

  5. Evil boy!! God punish him there...chai! Such a pity
    Will never allow any son of a bitch near my children when i get married. Relative or nah

  6. This is one. Of d reasons i'hv decided 2 work 4 myself when am done with my school so I can have tym 4 my family. I just pray the little girl doesn't become addicted when she goes up

  7. Terrible and heart breaking.

    I can't even start to imagine what the mother and daughter will be passing through , ahhh this world is full of evil

  8. D psychological trauma is all I can imagine, it's only God dat can protect our children.

  9. Bastard!! Wu cares abt relative, I will castrate him nt myself bt set him up. I'm nt married nd I alredi act like a mother hen wen perverts come near my nieces acting nice...
    No family especially 'male' can live with me ones I'm married. No tym for 'its d devil's work'.
    Your friend shuld pls tk heart and try as much as possible to forget and also educate her child on things like this. This is a lesson to us all... I'm so bitter right now!


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