10 Reasons Women Orgasm Less Often Than Men.

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Are you worried at your inability to orgasm every time you have an intercourse? Unlike male reproductive systems which are designed to orgasm automatically during intercourse, women can orgasm only from pleasure.

But it may not always be the guy's responsibility, if you aren't ‘tipping over the edge'. Studies show that to climax, the brain also needs to be sexually stimulated! Don't worry, i'm are not suggesting some kind of weird foreplay involving the brain, only that we women need to keep away from things that may turn us ‘off'.

Ten Reasons Why That Orgasm Is Proving A little Bit too hard to Achieve;

(1) Still Learning How To Orgasm: It's rare for women to orgasm during the first time they have sex or even during their first time with a specific guy. Every woman's pleasure points vary and even an experienced guy will not easily be able to manipulate them to climax. It works best when you know your pleasure points and can guide your partner.

(2) Rushing Through The Foreplay: Well everybody knows that foreplay is important. But what most of us don't know is the amount of foreplay required for women to climax. "Most women need about 20 minutes of arousal time to reach the orgasmic platform. That is; when the clitoris is most sensitive and the body is primed for stimulation.

Many women feel conscious of the amount of time it takes to get fully aroused and often just skip it to please the men. Next time, try telling this to your boyfriend or husband. You'd be surprised at how willing they would be to notch up your pleasure slowly and gradually.

(3) Not Believing They Can Have An Orgasm: If you haven't been able to orgasm ever in your life so far, it doesn't mean you can't orgasm. Anorgasmia or persistent inability to orgasm afflicts only the rarest of rare. Experts suggest that any woman interested enough in sex to want to have an orgasm almost certainly can, given the right situation and stimulation. If you are still worrying about it, just try stimulating yourself to know your pleasure and push points.

(4) Not Enough Clitoral Stimulation: Less than one-third of women can achieve orgasm through penetration alone. Your foreplay should include considerable amount of clitoral stimulation. So make sure you get that, if you want to climax.

(5) Too Distracted:  This happens mostly with mothers, a friend complained of how thoughts of her daily house chores kept popping into her head during sex, thus effectively bunging a spanner in the works.

(6) When She's Too Conscious: Thoughts like ‘What if I am doing this wrong?' or ‘Is my partner bored?' or ‘Am I taking too long?' will deviate you from the path to pleasure, thus dampening your experience.

(7) Body Image Issues: Most women face body image issues that crop up suddenly during sex, especially during the earlier days of your relationship when you are not fully comfortable or want everything to be perfect. Suddenly feeling that ‘my thighs are too huge' or my ‘breasts are too small' will certainly not help you achieve an orgasm.

(8) Still Recovering From Trauma: Sure, you thought that you had already put behind your bad past experience or childhood memories that put you off sex then, but to your surprise, they have surfaced even today, and right in the middle of intercourse.

 It's a brave step to get past your issues to the extent of getting down to intercourse. But your baggage probably still haunts you, so consulting a good therapist is your route now to happier intercourse.

(9) When She's Feeling Obligated To Please Him: While sex is a taboo subject in India, what is worse is that most Indian girls are brought up with the idea that pleasing the man, even in bed, is her primary goal. The ancients always advocated sex for progeny, so only a man's orgasm was given importance. But things have changed since the 21st century. So shake off that habit and pleasure yourselves too.

(10) Worrying About Orgasm: Here's the biggest irony. You spend your entire intercourse and foreplay period worrying and trying so hard to achieve orgasm, that you forget to relax and enjoy sex. Therefore, no orgasm achieved again!


So here they are; If you're a woman and you're finding it difficult achieving an orgasm. Please read through this article again and find your problem and sort it out! Hope this article helps someone out there.. Thank you for reading!

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