Fun Facts 101

Ermm did you know? I didn't

Pictures that'll make you laugh, smile, sigh, think hard or frown hard lol


                          Oriewgu o


                            For real?


                          True Talk about the attraction tho... not sure about the fertility lol

                          Men! Ewwest

                         Ummm I dunno lol




Gbamest! Lol 

 So Whatcha think?
Which one are you guilty of?

                        Sasssy Mum
                   Thanks for Visiting


  1. The one about Men! So true!! Dunno what's with men and big boots lol.
    The missing someone is true too! The period ewww

  2. Hello "SMB4Real"! have you seen Carina Jacob this year, the last time I visited her blog she nearly killed me with laugh, and now is you turn, I knew that you two have some things in common! but this?

    SMB4real please permit to me leave, see you later!

    1. *SMB4real please permit me to leave, see you later!

    2. Ummm nne what do you mean? I don't get this your comment! Belinda please help me and explain mbok

    3. so sorry dear, all am trying to say is that the post is hilarious. no offense please! thank you for your understanding Cutie berry.

  3. this all true?

    learnt alot from this post

  4. The missing him part.. I concur! Others.. Bleh lol
    Fun facts indeed

  5. hello sassy, just sent u a request on bbm. Do check


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