TO LOVE A DUKE Chapter 5

Later In The Evening..

Elena and Mirabelle had seen to it that everything was done and in order earlier in the evening. It all had to be perfect because of the DUKE's title, it means that half the ton will be here tonight and everything has to be perfect.  

When they were done, they had looked all around them to inspect their work and they had both shared a satisfied smile, they thanked all the servants for helping out and went to their respective rooms to bathe and change.

Anna on the other hand, was with their grandma all day, laughing and regaling her with stories of everything that has been happening in their lives..

Elena was in the tub of hot water her ladymaid Ruth, had prepared for her, bathing and thinking about the Duke and the ball. She leaned her headand shoulders on tub for a bit to relax her aching muscles and she didn't know when she slept off. Moments later, a cold hand touched her naked shoulders and sbe jumped with a start. 

"I'm sorry my lady, but your grandmother asked me to come and get you. The guests have already started arriving..!"

"They have?" She asked with a surprised look on her face.

"Yes my lady,,!"

"How long was I in here for?"

"I can't say my lady, but it's been a while..!"

She jumped up from the tub.. "Please let's hurry, help me with my dress please.."

Twenty minutes later, they were done and Elena turned toook herself in the mirror. She didn't need a prophet to tell her she's beautiful, her hair they had pinned up into a loose chignon with little tendrils caressing her smooth face.

Her eyes were glowing and her cheeks were flushed with excitement. The diamonds were sparking on het ears and neck.

She turned around and asked Ruth..

"How do I look?"

Ruth was smiling as she said.. "You look mighty fine my lady.."

She smiled back as she replied. "Thank you Ruth.."

Just as she was about to exit the room, her door burst open and her sisters rushed in like the wind wad chasing them.

"Ooh Elena!!! You look divine!!" Mirabelle sais while holding her cheeks with her two hands..

"It's true, You look amazing Elena..!" Anna chipped in

"Thank you. And you two look lovely as well..!"

"Of course we do!" Anna said and they all laughed.

"Okay, okay, okay we really have to go now, the guests in the list have all arrived..!" Mirabelle said

"Everyone?" Elena asked

"Yes Everyone!"

"Even the Duke too?"

"Yes Elena, even the Duke!  He wouldn't want to be late for his own engagement ball now, would he?" Said Anna

"You're nervous aren't you?" Mirabelle asked with a concerned smile and Elena nodded.

"Well i can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees you tonight..!" Said Anna with an evil smile on her pretty face and Elena rolled her eyes at her..

"Anna stop making her more nervous! Now Elena take deep breaths and you'll be fine..!" She did and smiled at Mirabelle

"Alright, let's go!" And they all left the room and headed  down to the ballroom.


Lord Damon Aaron Blackwell. Duke of Blackwell has met a lot of beautiful, exciting women in his life but none has ever made him feel the things he feel with Elena.

This past two weeks that he didn't see her were the hardest times of his entire life, he didn't know it was possible to miss someone you barely know so much. He sees her everywhere, hears her voice in his head, thinks about her every damn time.

Even in the night, all be thinks about is Elena! When he had seen that dress in Madame Charlotte's window, he knew immediately that he wanted to see Elena in that dress and now that he's here in the ballroom, waiting for her to appear.

He can feel his heart beating loudly in his chest, his eyes kept darting to the stairs awaiting her appearance. He picked up a glass of brandy and was sipping on it when he heard a tap on his shoulder. He turned and saw his friend Adam behind him with a wide grin on his face..

Damon lifted his one perfectly shaped eyebrow at him as he asked.. "And what's so funnt now eh?"

"You my friend. You are funny!"

"I am? How so?"

"I've been standing over there at the bar staring at you for quite sometime now and do you know what i saw..?"

"Hmmm pray tell!"

"I saw a man smitten with his woman! I saw a man that can't wait to see his beautiful bride appear.!"

"What nonsense are you talking about Adam? I Lord Blackwell, smitten? You don't know what you're saying..!" He denied..

"You don't need to deny it, i know what i saw. In all my years of knowing you, i've never seen that kind of look n your face before! And you know what?"


"That look gives me hope! It gives me hope that there's still a chance for you to find love..!"

Damon was about to deny everything he said again when he heard Adam gasp loudly.

"What's wrong?"

"Look!" Adam replied pointing up the stairs.

Damon followed his gaze up and there she was, standing regally in all her ensemble, looking like a true queen.

Suddenly it seemed like someone just poured a cold water on the crowd because everyone had suddenly gone quiet, they were all watching, enthralled by her beauty and grace as she descended the steps, her sisters behind.

Her eyes were moving around the ballroom, she was searching for something or someone. And suddenly her beautiful eyes rested on him and she did the unexpected, she smiled at him!

Damon was momentarily speechless, she has never smiled at him and lord.. how beautiful she looks when she does. He smiled back and rushed to her side, he took her outstretched hand and kissed it gently. They both shivered at the contact and he raised his eyes to her.

"My lady, permit me to say that you're breathtaking. I believe you're the most beautiful woman here tonight..!"

She blushed pink as she whispered.. "Thank you my lord, you look dashing yourself..!"

He gave her one of his prized smile and bowed.. "Thank you!"

"Would you like a drink, you look nervous!"

"Yes please, I've never been in the midst of such crowd before..!"

"You're not just in the midst of them my lady, you're actually the center of everyone's attention here..!"

She flushed.. "Oh my, now you're making it worse!"

"I'm sorry,  it's just you're so beautiful. We all have no choice but to look..!" And she blushed again

He offered her his arm and she took it as they both descended the steps. They went to the bar and he offered her a glass of sherry and he took another glass of brandy for himself.

"Have you met my grandmother yet?"

"No, i haven't?"

"This way.," she said and led him over to where she was sitting.

There he saw an older woman, maybe in her late 60s, sitting with her fellow agemates. Laughing and chatting with them, she turned when they came closer and smiled at her granddaughter. Even in grey hair and sagging skin, she's still beautiful..

"Grandma, meet my Lord, Lord Damon Blackwell. My lord, my grandmother, Lady Irene Clark.

Damom bowed, took her frail, soft hand and kissed it lightly, he gave her a charming smile as he said..

"It's my pleasure to make your acquaintance, my lady!"

"Nice to meet you too, Damon!"

He noticed she didn't say 'my lord' and that made him smile inwardly.

"Now i know where your granddaughters inheritd their beauty from my lady.." he complimented her and she actually laughed. All the while Elena stood, staring at him with wonders in her eyes

"Oh he's a funny one Elena, now shooo you two. The waltz is about to begin, its time for your first dance..!"

They both curtsied and went to the center of the room, to join the others for the waltz..

"My lady, may i have this dance..?" He bowed and held out his hand to her.

She placed her hand in his as she curtsied.. "You may, my lord!" He led her to the centre of the room and they started movin to the rhythm of the music.

"You're an excellent dancer.."

"So are you, my lord.Thank you."

"How have you been?"

"I've been fine my lord, just been busy running the estate and with the preparation of this ball of course..!"

"Well i hope you didn't overwork yourself?"

"No i'm fine, my lord.!"

"Everything looks great, you did quite a great job.." he complimented her and her cheeks turned pink.

"Thank you my lord.."

They continued dancing, he knew all eyes were on them both. He could see the ladies giving him seductive glance and smile and he could also see the gentlemen ogling his lady like she's some riped prize to be plucked.

He felt instant rage and his body tensed, how he wish he can shield her beautiful body and face away from their penetrating gazs. He wants to be the only man in the world to look at her like that..

Elena felt him tense and lifted her eyes to his.. "My lord, what's the matter, you're tensed?"

He sighed and gave her a reassuring smile.. "All is well, don't fret!"

"Okay. So how was your journey?" She asked with a serious look in her eyes and the way she said 'journey' made him want to laugh.

"It was fine!"

"So did you conclude your private, personal business?"

Ahaa now the real question begins... "Yes, I did..!"

"Care to tell me what the private business was.."

He laughed out at the question.. "Aren't we curious today eh? Why do you ask my lady? Miss me?"

He asked to throw her off balance and distract her and it worked because she said..

"Miss you? Why ever would I?  I don't know you enough to miss you..!" She denied, looking away

His features turned hard immediately and he gritted his teeth.. "Just as i thought!"

She makes me so mad, would it be so hard for her to admit she missed me? Why does she have to be so difficult all the damn time? Well let's play Elena..

Elena knew she had made him angry but she wasn't about to apologize. She knows she missed him and she had been so happy to see him when she came down. But now she's angry at herself,  how can i allow him affect me so much?

I should hate him! Not get this fluttering feeling in my tummy when he's near me! Or get angry when i see all these young women, smiling and batting their eyelashes at him! Why does he have to be so handsome?

Elena was still thinking when she saw her and she was heading their way. Every eye moved to her direction, Elena didn't know whom she is but she's one of the loveliest creature she's ever seen. She walked over to them and flashed Damon a smoking smile..

"I believe congratulations are in order Dammy?"

Damon released Elena immediately and turned towards the beauty and laughed.

"Goodness gracious! Violet! What are you doing here?"

She laughed as she replied.. "It's my best friend's engagement ball, why shouldn't i be here?"

"When i sent you that invite, i didn't expect you to come. You're always traveling!"

"I know, i know. But when i got the invite i knew i had to be here for you. I never knew this day would come, you my friend are getting hitched! I wouldn't miss it for the world..!" She teased him

All the while they were talking, Elena stood staring at them helplessly. Clearly they had forgotten she's here and she'd really like to know whom she is, so she cleared her throat loudly and they both turned towards her direction..

"My lord, who's your friend?" She asked with an innocent look and forced smile on her face

"Oh i'm sorry my lady, this is my childhood friend. Lady Violet Beauchamp! Daughter of Duke Edward Beauchamp!"


"Yes she's french but grew up in London. Voilet meet my bride to be Miss Elena Clark..!"

Elena forced a smile as she curtsied.. "Nice to meet another one of my Lord's friends..!"

She curtsied too with a wide smile on her face.. "My pleasure to meet you too my lady!"

"So Violet how have you been? Where  have you been to since you left London!"

She laughed as she started telling them stories of the different countries she's been to and her experience there. Elena wasn't listening to her, she was busy staring at Damon stare at Violet.

Its like he's forgotten she's here again and that made her really angry but she wasn't about to show them that. So she raised her face high and smiled through the whole story like she was actually listening.

The next thing she heard was Damon say... "May i have this dance my lady?" To her..

She accepted and they excused themselves and headed to the dance floor. She watched them as he took her in his arms, holding her closer that their body was brushing against the other. They were talking and laughing like old time lovers, he was looking at her with an intense gaze and she was batting her eyes at him and giving him seductive smiles.

Elena was boiling inside and she'll be damned if she knows why. "He said she's his friend right? So i don't have any reason to be jealous or anything?" She tried to convince herself but it just isn't working cos she can't stop staring at them.

"Ummm who's the damsel in your Lord's arms..?" Anna asked beside Elena

"She's Lady Violet Beauchamp, his childhood friend..!"

"Beauchamp? French?"

"Yes and a DUKE's daughter too!!"

"Wow.. she's really beautiful and the way they're looking at each other! A story there?"

"He said they're just friends.."

"And what if they're not just friends? What are you going to do about it Elena?"

"Nothing! I'm not going to do anything. He can do whatever he wants to do!"

"He can? So you won't mind if he maks her his lover? She doesn't look like she cares about propriety to me..!"

"No i won't mind... at all!"

Anna laughed at her answer.. "Oh Elena i almost believe you, but the look on your face and in your eyes say a different story..!"

Elena gave her an exasperated look as she said.. "You don't know what you're talking about!"

"I might or i might not but i have a feeling you like that man more than you care to admit. And i'm telling you now, drop your pride and give him a chance! Before you lose him completely!"

She turned around to say.. "Oh I also heard French women are quite romantic and sweet in bed!"

With that she left her and walked away to rejoin Lord Blackburn on the dance floor.

Elena didn't know why but she suddenly felt like she's suffocating. She needed fresh air, the ballroom was too hot. She looked around for any of her sisters but saw them both on the dance floor. She realize she needed a chaperone but her grandma wasn't anywhere in sight.

So she picked up her gown and left the ballroom.  She inhaled the air when she got out and felt better immediately, then she went to the garden to sit and catch more air. "Oh God what am i to do? It's obvious that i don't hate him. What should I do.."

"My lady, what are you doing here alone?" Asked a strange voice behind her

She jerked around, stood up immediately and saw a gentleman leering at her like she's a piece to pie.

"Um I'm waiting for my fiancee, he'll be here any minute..!"

"No he won't. Because he's still in the ballroom, dancing with that beautiful damsel. Which means you're all alone here..!"

"I don't know who you are but I'm warning you, leave here now!" She said in a steady voice but inside she was shaking.

"And what if i don't leave? What are you going to do?" He sounds really drunk

Before Elena could say another word, she heard the man grunt in pain as someone punched him on his stomach and he doubled over.

"Leave here right now or this next one is going to land on your face. Have fun explaining to everyone how you got the bruise on your face tomorrow..!"

"I'm sorry my lord!" The stupid man said and hurried back inside inside .

"What in the hell is wrong with you?" He exploded.

"Why do you keep putting yourself in danger like this? Do you wish to be raped or disgraced? What are you doing out here all alone?"

Elena cringed when he said rape, she knows she's wrong but he didn't have to shout at her like that. So she shouted back..

"I needed fresh air okay, i was suffocating in there. I didn't see my grandma or my sisters, so i came alone. It's not my fault that there are many perverts in the world today. Stop shouting at me, i'm not a child..!"

They were standing face to face, staring at each other and they were breathing hard from shouting.

Suddenly Damon grabbed her and sparks flew as their lips met. They kissed with a hunger neither can explain, Elena moaned loudly and pulled him closer by his coat. He picked her up in his arms as they both continued kissing.

She moaned her protest when he stopped kissing her and stepped back. She opened her eyes slowly, looking at him with confusion in her eyes..

"Let's go inside Elena!"

She jerked out of that trance immediately and asked


"I said let's go inside, i don't want you catching a cold out here..!"

He stretched his arm and she took it and all the while. Elena kept asking herself why he had stopped kissing her,he's never stopped before. So why stop now..

Is it possible he doesn't want me again? Could it be Voilet?

Damon had stopped kissing her not because he didn't want her again. He had stopped because he didn't want to lose himself in the kiss.

He hadn't planned on kissing her again soon, it's just seeing her out here looking so beautiful and ravishing, he just lost himself.

And that won't happen again, if they're going to do this again. It has to be when Elena finally admits she wants him, him and no other..
Till then.. no more kissing!

To Be Continued..
I won't blame you if you don't really like this chapter, I'm not feeling too well! Make una manage am like that.. And forgive any typos

Thanks everyone 


  1. Elena and her games, she betta come out of it oo, the French girl is in town so the Duke might jst use the girl 2 make Elena jealous.

    Btw Sassy abeg u hv 2 proof read jorr, whether u feel the story or nt it doesn't mean u hv 2 be careless like tht naa...*ok kill me!!!

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    Elena Elena Elena !

    Things of the heart are not really straightforward, why ?

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    Sassy mama Pele o. Get well s9on dearie

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    GWS Sassy

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