To Love A Duke Chapter 6

Recap: The engagement ball, Elena met Lady Voilet, the Duke's french best friend. She gets jealous and he kissed her...

[The Wedding Day]

It was dawn, Elena had spent the whole night tossing and turning on her bed. Today is her weddin day, today she becomes his wife, his lady, his duchess! Today she becomes his forever and ever! 

A tiny part of her is nervous and excited whereas the other part is just sad! Sad that she's getting married but not to a man she loves and really wants to get married to! She sighs deeply and got up from the bed..

She strolled to the big window of her bedroom and stood looking out... searching for the unknown. "Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of one's life! Why then do i feel like weeping? Is it because I don't love him or Is it because I miss my mama and my papa so?"

She heard a knock and Ruth came in carrying her bath water..

"Morning Missus..!" She called out

"Morning Ruth.!" Elena replied.

Ruth went to prepare her bath, she put some lavender scent into the water and Elena got in.  She allowed Ruth to bathe her while she shed a few tears. Ruth didn't say a word, she continued bathing her gently like a child but her eyes were filled to the brim with tears of her own.

She wiped the tears off the sleeve of her long dress and continued washing her Lady's hair. Ten minutes later and they were done, she towelled Elena dry and they went into the bedroom. When she saw her dress laid out carefully on the bed, Elena smiled.

Indeed Madame Charlotte had outdone herself here, the Duke had ordered for the best and the best is here. Elena couldn't help but love the dress and it's design. So soft, so beautiful, so delicate. Ruth helped her into her delicate, new undies. She wore her 18-inch corset to making her curves to stand out prominently, then she helped her into her dress. 

Elena went to the mirror to look at it and she wasn't disappointed with what she saw. The white silk taffeta sweeps around her feet like a waterfall, the bodice of the gown had the finest floral design. Detailed perfectly down to the last flower, completed with a stomacher that consisted of three hundred diamonds and forty freshwater pearls. 

She sat on the chair facing the mirror while Ruth combed out her hair till it's shinning and then pinned it up into a tight chignon, leaving small, curly tendrils around her face. Ruth added a little colour to her cheeks and her lips, then picked up her tulle veil made of lace and velvet and pinned it in place by an array of soft white roses, with a large bouquet of fluffy white feathers. 

Finally Ruth brought out the diamond necklace and earing the duke had bought for her for the wedding and clasped ir gently around her neck and her ear. Ruth looked at her in the mirror and gave her a wide smile..

"Here you are my lady, you're perfect..!" 

Elena forced a smile and got up nervously from the chair. Indeed she looked perfect, but of course she's marrying a DUKE, so she has to look perfect. Her door busted open and her sisters and grandma walked in. They all stood transfixed for a moment, looking at her in the dresss.

They all had tears in their eyes as they came forward to hug her one after the other, she hugged them back and tears threatened to spill but she brushed it off before it'll ruin her make-up. 

"You all should stop it, you're going to make me cry and ruin my makeup and i don't want that, Ruth worked really hard to make me look beautiful, please don't mess it up..!" Elena managed to whisper bravely. 

They all nodded, wiping the tears from their eyes and managing to smile at her. Her grandma was the first to speak..

"I only wish your mama and papa were here today to see you wed. To see what a beautiful young woman you've grown up to be!"

Elena lowered her eyes as the tears threatened to spill again.. "I wish so too, grandma. But i'm happy you're here..!"

"Elena you look so beautiful, so a queen! I hope my future husband can afford a beautiful dress like this with all those diamonds.." Anna said and we all rolled our eyes at her.

"It's time my love..! Let's go down.." grandma said and Elena nodded her agreement.

She clenched her fist to stop her shaking fingers, her sisters helped her hold her flowing gown as they went downstairs and walked to the terrace door that led to the garden, where the wedding will be taking place. Elena looked around, everything looked so beautiful, almost perfect. Mirabelle had outdone herself here..

A harp started strumming soflty, it's bitter-sweet melody mingling with a violin and cello. She took one step at a time, drawing closer to the Duke and the priest. Hushed whispers dies down as silence elapsed across the room. Over a thousand pairs of eyes were focused on her every move, taking in each step she made.

But Elena only saw the Duke, he had a small, encouraging smile on his face. A white satin coat was fitted perfectly on him with platinum buttons, his trousers were black and tightly fitted, and underneath his waistcoat, he wore a button up shirt and on his feet he wore a black, Italian leather shoe. 

Elena had never seen a man as handsome as this man standing right before her and it made her nervous of what might happen between them tonight. He took her hand gently in his when she reached him and they turned to face the bishop. They were standing under an arch entwined with stuffed doves and and white roses.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage between Damon Blackwell and Elena Blackwell.." the bishop proclaimed and drifted on to a chapter in the bible. Then some words of wisdoma about how marriage should be about love, trust, friendship, patience, honestly and Unity.

The ring bearer came foward bearing our rings, both unscratched and polished platinum, presented beautifully with cuts of emeralds, sapphires and diamonds, his was more simple and masculine, yet beautiful. 

"Do you, Elena Mary Clarks accept Damon James Blackwell to be your lawfully wedded husband?" The bishop asked..

She swallowed quickly as she whispered.. "I do..!"

Damon smiled as he was asked and he said his.. "I do.," too

They put the rings on thier fingers rerespectively and the bishop said.. "Now my Lord, you can kiss your bride..!"

She licked her dry lips nervously and awaited his onslaught. But she was soundly disappointed when he only brushed her lips gently with his and pulled back. She opened her eyes slowly and gave him a surprised look but he averted his gaze and looked at the bishop as he said his thanks.

They turned around and started walking towards the crowd, the duke was smiling cheerfully as the gentlemen came forward to congratulate him. Elena forced a smile as the ladies of the came forward to congratulate her too. Now she's a duchess, which means everyone wants to be her friend!

Her sisters and grandmother came forward and each hugged her warmly..

"So, what can we get you. Your Grace..?" Anna mocked and suddenly all of them burst into a robust laughter. It was Elena's first, real laugh today and she was grateful for it. 

"Oh Elena, you two are so well matched, and the  way the Duke was looking at you? Lord he wants to eat you up right there on the alter.. " said Mirabelle

"Oh puff,  he's probably acting" Elena brushed her words off while rolling her eyes.

"Oh my love it's true.. I saw it and I'm sure everyone else saw it too..!" This made Elena blush pink and just as she was about to say something else.. 

An arm circled her waist from behind and she knew whom it was before she even saw him. It was no other but the Duke, now her husband. He kissed her lightly on her ear and she  shivered, her sisters and grandmother winked at her as they scurried away. 

He turned her around to face him and he had this intense look in his eyes that burned hers. She gently lowered her gaze as he whispered to her..

"Care to dance..?". She nodded and he led her to the dance floor, where thankfully some guests were already there. He pulled her close to him and held her as they began to move slowly to the rhythm of the music. She put her head on his shoulder as they continued dancing..

He whispered into her ears, "Are you okay?"

She raised her eyes to him.. "Yes my lord, I am!"

"Okay. Have i told you how beautiful you look today?" 

She blushed as she said.. "You just said it..!"

"Yes and I'll say it over and over again. You're the most beautiful woman in the world to me..!"

Elena was momentarily speechless, she didn't know what to say to that. So she put her face on his shoulder again as they continued dancing.

"Everything looks so beautiful, Mirabelle really outdone herself, didn't she..?"

She nodded her head,  "Yes she did..?"

"Why is he being to nice to me today? Why is he saying all these words to me? And why's he looking at me like he wants to eat me up?" "Is he trying to seduce me?" Elena mused to herself. 

Damon has never been this affected by any woman in his life before, she makes him feel things that he has vowed never to feel. She's so beautiful, it drives hm crazy. She makes him want to forget decorum and kiss her wildly here in front of their guests but he didn't want any whisper of scandal near her, so he controlled himself and kept cool.

He led her off the dance floor to the table and they sat down, he forced her to eat a little food and they waltzed again. He danced with her sisters and her grandmother, he really likes her. She's such a funny and good woman. She had whispered to him when they were dancing..

"Now you take care of my girl, love her and protect her! She likes to act tough but deep down, she's soft and loving. Teach her to Love you and she will give you her all.."

"Thanks my lady, will do my best..!" he promised her.

When he came back to their table, Elena had asked him what her grandma had said to him but he had only given her a confident smirk..

"That's our secret!"

"Really? My own grandmother is plotting against me? I'm I'm shocked!!"

And he had laughed at her expression and she has smiled back at him..

Their carriage arrived, signaling it was time for them to leave for his manor, he smiled and greeted his friends and her family. While she did same and they left, her maid Ruth was with them but she was in the other carriage with their luggages.

"Now child you take care of that man right there, learn to love and trust him and you'll enjoy your marriage!"

Elena doubted if she can do any of those things but she didn't argue as they hugged and she gave her grandma a peck on her soft cheek.

Anne hugged her and said..  "Don't miss me too much cos I will be seeing you soon..".  Elena had laughed and nodded her head

"Oh Elena, I'm going to miss you so much here. God save me from Anna's hands.."

Elena had laughed at her last sentence, "Oh Mir I'm going to miss you too, as for Anna I'm sure you can handle her.."

She had waved her hands at them as she entered their Carriage, she sat the the window waving until they disappeared from sight.

Elena's heart was beating in her chest and they left her home, the only home she's ever known all her life and she just wants to cry, she's so afraid of the future and what lies ahead. She has never been to his home before  and she doesn't know what to expect when she gets there... Will they like her? Will she be accepted among them?

She looked up to see the duke looking at her with something close to pity in his eyes and she quickly averted br gaze.

"Elena, it's okay.."

"What are you talking about?" She bravely asked him

"It's okay to feel sad. I just took you away from your home, your sisters, your family! It's okay to cry, i wouldn't think less of you if you do..!"

She averted her gazs again to the window, blinking back the tears furiously, trying to be brave but her tears betrayed her as it started falling like rain and put her face in her hands in shame. Next thing the Duke came and sat beside her, he huggd her tightly and she soobed for God knows how long.

Finally she raised her face to his.. "I'm sorry, i stained your shirt?"

He smiled at her.. "You don't have to apologize, you're my wife now. So i'm expecting more of that!" 

He teased and she blushed and put her face on his shoulder once more. He pulled her closer and held her to him as he stroked her back ever so gently. Elena sighed, enjoying the gentle ministration and that was how she slept off.

Damon laid his head on the back of seat and sighed.. How do i get through this day without kissing her or touching her? How can i live in the same house with this lovely creature and not go mad with wanting her? How do i breathe without inhaling her sweet scent everywhere? God i want her so much? I want to dig deep into her and make her mine forever!! How do i keep to my promise to give her time to get used to me and my person?"

Two hours later, He kissed her on her ear and she woke up slowly..

"We're home..!" He said with a smile and she jerked her head around to look at the house. 

Her eyes widened in appreciation of what she's seeing. Elena had been expecting his house to be beautiful but not this beautiful and big! The servants were all lined up waiting for me to arrive.

He took her hand and led her up the steps to the house, then introduced her to the burtler, the cook, the gardner and so many other servants. She smiled warmly as she greeted each and everyone of them. Promising to learn their names as time goes on and they all smiled back at her and curtsied respectively.

He led her inside and she was awed by everything she saw, everything and everywhere was shinning bright. She felt like she was in a Palace, he is indeed a rich man! They sat down first for a late supper as they were both famished. They ate the delicious meal in silence and when they were done, she praised the cook and she beamed her thanks.

He led her up the stairs to their rooms and pushed open the door for her. He stood aside and waved be In,  she said her thanks and stepped inside the room. She liked it immediately, it was designed in soft pink and white colours. Ruth had already packed her belongings and for some reason she felt quite at home immediately. She turned towards him and said her thanks,  he bowed..

"Enjoy your first night in your home and if you need anything. Anything Anything at all, I'm right behind that door..!". he said pointing  to the Centre door that separates his room from hers.

"Thank you my lord, you have a beautiful home and excellent servants.."

"My pleasure, goodnight my lady"

"Goodnight my lord.. "

Once he closed the door, she let out a loud moan of relief. She doesn't know what she was expecting he might do but leaving so quietly without argument wasn't of them. She was grateful to him for being so thoughtful and at the same time disappointed for some reason.

Ruth came in and helped her out of her dress, helped her bathe and wear her night shift. She yawned loudly and said goodnight to Ruth.

"Ruth thank you so much for everything you've done for me since I was a baby till today. I love you Ruth..!"

"Thank you my lady, I love you too..". They hugged and said their good nighs.

Elena closed the door and settled down in the comfortable bed to sleep but despite how tired she was, she couldn't sleep. She sat awake, wondering what Damon is doing right now, wondering if he's still awake or already asleep.

Before she knew what was happening, her curiosity got the best of her and she went to the Centre door and opened it slowly. She walked in silently and saw him lying on the bed asleep.

 He was bare chested and he looked so handsome and peaceful. She sat quietly on his bedside and touched his handsome face softly and then she touched his beautiful lips.

His eyes flew open and she gasped out loud and tried to stand up but he held her down, not letting her run.

"Elena what are you doing here?"

"Umm n-nothing really, I only came to say thank you for today and for the gifts. I didn't know you had already slept!"

"Really? You know you could've just waited  till morning to say that right?"

"I I I guess so.. "

"Now tell me what you really came here for.. "

He pulled himself up by his elbows and came close to her, his pupils were dilated and his breath coming in short gasps likewise hers.

"Go on, tell me why you're here. Did you come to see if I'm miserable?  Or you came to seduce me? Or to drive me crazy more than I already am? Well I am miserable, here touch it.."

He took one of her hands in a tight grip and led it to his chest down to his waist. Before she realized what he meant to do, he circled his phallus with her hands. His hard, throbbing, big, erect phallus in her hands and she gasped out loud but he wouldn't let go.

"You see what you do to me? See how much I want you? See how it yearns for your touch, for your warmth..?"

He released her hands and turned on his stomach. "Elena please leave my room?"

"My lord?"

"Please get out of my room before I'm forced to break my promise to you. Just go..!"

And she ran out and closed the door. She leaned against the door, her body shaking with fear and excitement. She walked over to the bed and lay down on it, wondering what just happened now! She had felt such excitement when she touched him there and she had felt instant wetness in her woman part.

She didn't want to admit it but but deep down she knows that if he had asked her to stay, she would have!! She tossed and turned till she finally slept in the early hours of the morning!

In his own side of room, Damon couldn't sleep either. He had seen that look in her eyes when she had touched him there,  it was brief but he had seen desire flash in her eyes and he plans on exploiting that look till she succumbs to him..

He smiled to himself,  "Oh Elena, this is going to be fun. Playing this game with you! I'm going to enjoy watching you deny your true feelings for me!"

He layed back down again and slept off..

To Be Continued.. 
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